Which are better: Flip or GroVia disposable inserts?

As I was mentally getting prepared for my upcoming vacation I realized that I didn’t have the Flip disposable inserts that I thought I did.  I gave them to a friend and never reordered more.

What’s a girl to do?? Yes, I could have easily packed all cloth but there are a few reasons why I am not.

  1. Really old and rickety washing machine in the beach house.
  2. Washing machine is filled with sand.
  3. Water is ridiculously salty.
  4. I have 5 children, myself, husband and 4 other family members going with us.  Laundry still has to be done and the last 2 years washing cloth diapers has led to a major backup.
  5. I need data to answer my blog post question: Which is better Flip or GroVia inserts?

Once I realized I needed more disposable inserts (late Friday night) I immediately turned to my local cloth diaper store, Go, Baby, Go!

It’s not “local” but close enough.  Turns out Liz, owner of Go, Baby, Go!, was going to a family reunion in a small town that would enable her to stop by my small town on the way home!

Delivery to my doorstep! Love it!

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Go, Baby, Go! is where I’ve always purchased disposable inserts.  I’ve used Flip before on camping trips and have always had success with them but the I prefer the original design.

GroVia are more user friendly because of the curvature, gatherings and sticky tape to hold in place (I’ve already learned NOT to use the sticky tape on exposed PUL!).


I tried out the disposable inserts all day today and I’ll be honest, I’m frustrated.  Am I not smarter than the GroVia? That sticky tape has me regretting buying a whole 50 pack!

I used the sticky tape on THEIR shell and it STILL left this HUGE sticky mess.  What did I do wrong?

Camden is asleep tonight in 2 Flip disposable inserts and I’m happy. My pendulum has swung back to preferring Flip disposable inserts.  They are less disposable diaper feeling, softer—waaaay softer, and they last longer before gel crystals begin creeping out.

Both Flip and GroVia disposable inserts do their job well.  My criticism is in the tiny details.  For the very temporary time I plan on using them I’ll be happy with either…

but I’m using Flip first!

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37 Responses to “Which are better: Flip or GroVia disposable inserts?”

  1. Stephanie Shumway Says:

    Came across this review while trying to determine if i should stay with Grovia or try the Flip disposable inserts. Although I love everything Grovia i do not like the price. But i will say this they have since changed the sticky tab problem and i don’t have that problem anymore. But your review has prompted me to try the Flip! Thanks :)


  2. Noelle Says:

    I recently started a cloth diapering business and I sell gDiapers gRefills. Tarin, I would be happy to ship them internationally to you in South Africa! Just email me at info@differentdiapers.com with your address, what size you would like (S or M/L), and how many packages you would like of each one. Feel free to browse my other products at http://www.differentdiapers.com., too!


  3. tarin Says:

    Does anyone know of an online store that sells gdiaper inserts and will ship internationally. I used to buy from nickisdiapers, but they don’t stock them anymore. I live in south africa. Thanks in advance


  4. Jen Says:

    I’m a newbie here, but mothering mag had a lot to say about the gDiaper “biodegradable” inserts. — the fact that they do not decompose at the rate they say they did, and about their content… Check it out.

    Thx for all the info about other sposie insets. DH is def intimidated by the prospect of diapering our not yet 1st born LO!


  5. Rozi Says:

    I forgot to mention, I can’t say about Flips as it was not available to me.


  6. Rozi Says:

    I used the GroVia diposables when on vacation, my baby was 8 months old then. I had to make sure she’d get changed every 2 hours, she starts leaking after 2.5 – 3 hours. I just laid the disposable insert on top of a pocket shell since I was already aware of the stickiness of the tabs. I was surprised to see bits of the gel beads on her, I thought with all this awareness of regular disposables leaving gel beads on babies, surely companies like GroVia would’ve made sure that wouldn’t happened? Another thing I was surprised with was there were times when I was changing her and the used insert would fall onto the ground and it broke into chunks and pieces, had to pick all that up. I didn’t really complain because I figured since its life expectancy was only 50-150 days as it says on the box so it is it’s nature to break apart so easily.

    I used it for night time as well while on vacation with a change at midnight and again at 6am and it worked with no leaks.

    I would use them again as it is the lesser of the two evils between it and a regular disposables, as I don’t feel so bad when disposing the GroVia inserts as I know they’ll break down within 2 months. But I wonder whether it’ll make a lot of difference since baby is older now…


  7. Liz Says:

    I was glad to read that a few people talked about the gDiaper disposable/biodegradable inserts. We’ve tried the gDiapers and the Flip diapers, and have found that we LOVE our Flips, but when we need a disposable option, we love our Flips with the gDiaper disposable inserts. They’re a fav – especially for babysitters and those not comfortable with cloth; also for camping and backpacking, as they’re biodegradable! Definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried them and are looking for a disposable option. Also, we have never had a leak with them – even over night. LOVE our Flips… and our gDiap inserts, when needed!


    • Rebecca2 Says:

      This was one of the reasons we chose the gDiapers even though we use the cloth inserts most of the time we do use the disposable inserts at night and have never had a problem with them. We have not tried another shell/cover because our son is an almost 50 pound 10 year old and the XL g’s are really the only thing that fit well and don’t really look like a diaper. I am hoping that they will decide to make a “youth” size before he grows out of the XL as I don’t want to put him in plastic diapers…..ever again! even though I know I could make some “g” type covers myself in a bigger size, his special needs trust pays for things like this, but won’t pay me to make them (I will if I have no choice though!). Also to reply to another post of why I choose the disposable g insert over just disposable diapers even though they are just as expensive if not more expensive….to me it is just the responsible thing to do…..not about the money at all, but the “green” factor. You know Diapering Responsibly, it makes me feel better about the whole thing because my son has been in diapers for 10 years and will likely be in diapers as long as he lives and since we try to live as sustainable as possibly, that is very important to us ;0)


  8. Morgan Says:

    My thinking has always been that if it’s not a compostable insert (and I’m not putting it into a biodegradable bag so that it can in fact decompose at the landfill – as opposed to being trapped in plastic and never breaking down), then I might as well use disposable diapers while traveling. BUT I’ve found Broody Chicks disposable diapers that are COMPOSTABLE and it’s amazing (available on Amazon)! We travel with these guys as an alternative to cloth (as well as a few compostable bags to put the diapers in and then toss into a dumpster) and I love the solution.


  9. Arikan Says:

    I have used both Flip and GV disposable inserts, and I am also voting for Gro-Via. I really like the leg elastic and that it is wider than the Flip disposable. I also feel that Flip inserts are too long.
    The thing I noticed though, that I have to set my covers on a smaller setting than what we usually use with washable inserts, and that way the inserts don’t move arount so much.


  10. Gina Turella Garcia Says:

    I’ve been using GroVia for a 10 months and have NEVER had gel beads on my son. Not even one! I prefer the GroVia inserts to the Flip because they are much less bulky and don’t move around or bunch up. I choose to use the adhesive and generally don’t have a problem. If for some reason the adhesive leaves residue on the shell, that can be easily remedied with a little bit of Goo Gone. I’d also like to add that the Flip disposable inserts, while made of sustainable bamboo viscose, do not say they are biodegradable or compostable like the GroVia inserts. The GroVia inserts work best in GroVia shells. I have used them in Flip shells and did not have the success I have had with the GroVia shells. Every CDing mom has different needs so some will like the GroVia inserts, while others will prefer the Flip. I just think it’s best to make an informed choice.


  11. Becky Says:

    I have used the GroVia inserts for a while now when we are traveling or out for an all day adventure. I like them. I usually just expose a small amount of the sticky part, leaving the little sticker covering half on/half off, and then stick it in teh GroVia shell. If you are able to, it helps if you don’t rip it out of the cover too fast or right after taking it off. If it “cools” for a minute or two, it pulls off much better as the baby’s body heat seems to make it stick more. I also use just a little bit of GooGone if there is resude on my diaper (put a dab on a piece of paper towel and then rub it on the sticky gunk to remove it) and NEVER had a problem with using it. Overall, I like them, but they are definitely expensive and I wish they were more affordable!


  12. Andrea Says:

    I use the gdiapers and flips in my normal rotation. I’ve never used the flip disposables but the stay dry inserts are so absorbent!! On the the other hand, I didn’t totally love my gcloths because they sweat so much, they bunch, and I have to change them so often but I’ve always preferred the G’s because they’re so trim. I almost stopped using them because of the leaks when someone gave me some disposable refills and more gcloths. These gcloths, I followed washing directions more closely (no detergent) and they’re more absorbent. I noticed the refills are WAY more absorbent!! In fact, once my daughter leaked and I did the math- she hadn’t been changed in 5 hours


  13. Ellie Says:

    I recently used the GroVia inserts on a trip and they worked really well for me. I didn’t have any trouble with them sticking. I’ve also had good success with the gdiaper inserts…Thanks for the review!


  14. Lilli Says:

    Hi Autumn. Thank you for the review. I am really on the fence with the disposable insert/cover options and was very excited to see your review this morning. I do have a few other questions: You have used the Flip and Flip disposable insert successfully before while traveling (camping)… the common complaint I’ve read is about slipping and bunching. Was this not a problem for you? If so, how did you keep them from bunching up and did you use more than one insert at a time? Also, how many Flip shells did you take to rotate? I have two Flips that i bought for my 1 yr old daughter when we started cloth diapering her but I never used them with the disposable inserts (they seemed to always be sold out). We are expecting baby #2 and I have now bought two Gro-Via shells and just don’t know if I should try the Flip insert in the GV shell or get the GV disposable insert. I read Shawna’s review at http://styleberryblog.com/the-grovia-hybrid-cloth-diaper-review-plus-fuzzibunz-vs-grovia-flip-vs-grovia and she’s a fan of the GV insert BUT she never used the Flip insert with the Flip shell so I don’t have the comparison of both systems in their entirety. I just don’t know what to go with and would appreciate your further feedback.


    • Lilli Says:

      Just found this on the Gro-via website:
      Use: Simply lay/spread your BioSoaker® in your GroVia® Shell or favorite diaper cover and fasten on baby. Use sticky tabs to adhere to cotton underwear as trainers!
      Apperantly the sticky tabs are to be usedonly to attach to cotton underwear as trainers… so this maybe why so many are experienceing issues with the tabs leaving a sticky mess even in the gro-via shells. If you would love to hear how you feel about them if you don’t use the sticky tabs and just lay them in thier covers. Oh and to add to the disposable insert list… I just remembered Charlie Banana also makes one. I tested these when they first came out and with thier pocket diapers i wasn’t a fan… maybe I’ll try them on my Flip covers. Can’t wait for baby to get here so I can start the testing… :-)


  15. Erica Says:

    I use my Grovia covers and disposable inserts when traveling. I actually prefer their disposable inserts to their cloth because the disposable has great coverage and holds A LOT! I have quit using the Grovia covers and cloth at home because of several different reasons but I love taking the disposables with me on trips, my mom will even use them and trust me…that speaks volumes!


  16. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for this review! I am curious about flip, I don’t see them much around here (California, Bay Area) but may order some to try out. I have been using grovia inserts as my disposable option(when I know my baby is due for a nasty poo, when I’m out of the house for a while and don’t want to lug a
    bunch of cloth) for about five months now (my daughter is now eleven months) and I didn’t even know there was gel in the inserts! I wonder why the discrepancy? Also, it’s gotta be better than the name brand gel cuz it’s biodegradable/compostable, right?
    I haven’t minded the sticky issues, every once in a while get a bit of residue, but generally not a prob.
    On a side note, my favorite go to diapers are grovia all in ones, I LOVE these diapers! Cotton (mostly organic) against skin, trim fit, great absorbancy after first week of use and reg washing…


  17. Genevieve Says:

    Can’t stand the flip inserts — they are too long and narrow. I used the GroVia inserts (without the sticky tape!) from the beginning with meconium (sp) poop as a newborn and love it. Flip is NOT better than GroVia, sorry. I reach for the GroVia first every time.


  18. Jennifer Says:

    I prefer the gdiaper inserts (not their covers) due to the ability to flush them. Makes me feel a lot better that I am not throwing anything away.


  19. Liz Spillmann Says:

    Hey Autumn, it was awesome to see you again!

    My customers seem to prefer the GroVia inserts in general, mostly because of a) the adhesive and b) the gussets. When diapering a breastfed infant, the flat-panel type disposable inserts don’t always hold in the mess, leaving you down a cover in your rotation. For older babies and toddlers, most inserts work well across the board.

    I wanted to mention that some of my customers have had tremendous success sticking the GroVia inserts into ANY kind of (empty) pocket diaper when you’re in a pinch for traveling.

    If there is any stickum residue left on the fleece or shell, you can use Goo Gone or any other natural orange oil stickum remover to get any residue off the fleece of the diaper, and then treat the diapers with a teensy application of Dawn to degrease. It seems like work but for a once in a while trip to avoid using disposables, it will work!


  20. Necole Says:

    The GroVia inserts specifically state not to use the sticky stuff in the diapers, it is for putting them in underwear when training your lil one. Also, I have never used the flip inserts so I can’t say on those, just what I know about the Grovia which I end up using for daycare.


  21. Brooke matherne Says:

    I have been doing my own testing on these three disposable inserts. My number one is the g insert, but not in their cover. I hate their cover; it’s the Velcro it really doesnt stick. I use their inserts in my covers ( usually Thirsries ). The reason they win for me is that they are sized and completely biodegrade. It is nice that you can get them so many places now too. Next I like the flip insert. It is softer than all the others but so long. I’m not a fan of that. It holds a lot though I have used this overnight with out leaks. My latest test has been with grovia inserts. I’m not a fan. They are very disposable like, isn’t that what cloth diaper families are frying to get away with? I’ll be honest the real reason I will not suggest these to a customer is my daughter was covered in gel beads. When I say covered I mean covered. It was only about an hour in and they were everywhere. I didn’t know there were that many. I think the important thing to remember with inserts is your brand doesn’t have to go in that brands cover. Use whatever inserts you have on hand and stick them in covers you already own. Disposables of any type not your thing give flats a try. They travel well and wash up in the sink if needed.


  22. Erin Says:

    I’ve never used them myself, but I’ve read elsewhere that the sticky tabs in the Grovia are intended for use only when using the inserts inside underpants, such as during potty training. Apparently Grovia doesn’t even recommend using the tabs in their own shells.


  23. Desi Says:

    I have only used Flips disposable inserts but I like them. I keep them on hand for my 2 year old twins. They get rashes easily and I can use the inserts with whatever rash cream I like and not have to worry about it. We are getting ready to go away and I will be using the disposable inserts on the twins and their 5 month old sister.


  24. Rebecca2 Says:

    That is odd that you are having such trouble with the velcro on the gdiapers as we use them and have never had a problem and I know they will send you replacement velcro if you do have a problem. We exclusively use g’s for our 10 year old disabled son….but now that we are adopting a special needs baby and don’t have smaller sizes in the g’s (because they weren’t around when our son was little) we are looking at what is out there for us when the new baby gets here, but still leaning towards the g’s


  25. Nicole Says:

    We don’t really use the adhesive. I use one side and even then I flip over some of the edge of the diaper so just a little of the adhesive is exposed. When using the grobaby/via covers it is very important not to stick the sticky bit to where the snaps are!


  26. Caryn Says:

    We prefer GroVias to Flip. Our daycare does not allow cloth diapers, but will allow hybrid systems. We’ve tried gDiapers, GroVias, and Flips. The gDiapers and GroVias are a hit, Flips were a flop. Now that LO is a bit more mobile, daycare said that the inserts would shift around quite a bit, since they really aren’t anchored will in the back. Even though we get tacky residue on the GroVias, they stay put and never leak, making them a fave with the daycare.


  27. Jackie Says:

    I think not too long ago someone posted on the Grovia Facebook page about the same problem. Evidently your child’s body heat can help the adhesive to become more sticky. If you have the time, and a place to lay it down for a few minutes, let it cool down after you take it off the stickiness should be much easier to manage.


  28. Laura G Says:

    I too use gdiapers and love them. I find both the disposable and cloth inserts to be very absorbent. I have four of them in my cloth diaper collection and use the disposable inserts for trips and when my mom watches my little one.


  29. Susan Says:

    Why do you feel it is better to use inserts as opposed to just going with standard disposables when you’re away on a trip? This is my husband’s question. He couldn’t see spending the extra money on the inserts (GroVia, specifically), compared to disposables. They’re actually quite a bit more expensive! Is it because there is less waste? Are there other benefits? Thanks!


  30. Lauren Says:

    I know you were answering a specific blog post question, but what about the gdiaper inserts? I mostly use my g’s w prefolds in them but we use the inserts when traveling and they work pretty well I think! Would love to hear your opinion on them mainly Bc I enjoy your blog and your well thought out opinions on everything. Have never used the flip or grovia inserts but am def curious as to how they would compare.


    • Rebecca Says:

      I never had a problem with g disposables on trips as far as leaks are concerned. My concern with gdiapers with the velcro. It is by far the worst out of all the diapers I’ve tried. I tried a velcro comb and everything but the velcro does not last at all. I’m expecting again and I’ve already gotten rid of my gdiapers. I’m looking for another option for vacation trips also. Flip is better than Grovia? Thanks!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Brooke gave an excellent review above. I may have to check out the g inserts on another trip.


  31. Jenn Says:

    I think the flip sposie inserts are incredibly soft as well but am I the only one
    Who notices that they bunch in the middle!? I got them when I was at a national conference so my teenage sitter wouldnt be so squeemish about changing little ones diaper and they so frustrating for her (and myself) when they would be bunched to the center :-/ but much better than crunchy diapers :-) the sitter actually breathed a sigh of relief when I showed her the inserts were disposable – she exclaimed,”they’re almost like “real” diaper!” and I thought if by cloth you mean “real” then yes ;-)


  32. Mary Says:

    I’ve never tried Flip disposables, but I’m a fan of g-diaper flush/disposables. I used g-diapers almost exclusively with my daughter because access to a washing machine was spotty, but have switched to cloth for number 2. I still have a bunch of the g-diaper inserts and they work great when cloth is not happening. And I agree re: Gro-Via inserts and regretting purchasing a 50 pk. Love, love, love the Gro-Via shells, but the inserts (cloth and disposable), not so much.


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