Which Brand is Your Favorite? I’ll Tell You Mine!

Hybrid Fitted cloth diapers are in a dead heat competition with my Ragababe Easy AIOs right now. Ragababes are my go to any time we leave the house and about half the nights.

But, for daytime use (and the other half of the nights) I reach for my squishy, uber cute print hybrid fitteds.

A hybrid fitted cloth diaper is a fitted which means it is not waterproof. However, with the addition of a hidden polyfleece layer it is not necessary to put a cover on it during 90% of the time you use one.

The polyfleece layer pushes the moisture back up into the absorbent soaker keeping the outside of the diaper dryer for longer periods of time.

Does this mean you can cut down on your diaper changes to 3 or 4 a day?? NO!! It simply means that your child can wear a breathable diaper around without having to worry about getting your lap or furniture wet.

For naptimes and nighttime I add 1 or 2 Ragababe doublers (any thin hemp or bamboo doubler will work) to a hybrid fitted and I may or may not put on a pair of longies on top. In the morning the outside of the hybrid fitted is not wet. BUT, Camden has no liquid intake at night so his output is lighter.

Over the last couple of months I have amassed a variety of hybrid fitted brands. In the following video I will show you what the insides look like and special features that each have.

The video is lengthy at almost 18 minutes but you will have a good understanding of each brand displayed. I include websites below each brand along with any special notes.

Brands in the video include (in order of appearance): Narabums, Monkey Rumps, Tangerine Baby, Dolce Baby, Macaroni Baby, Bouncy Bums, Little Fancy Pants, Muffins n Mayhem, Little Seedlings, Twinkie Tush, Dillicious Dipes, 4Ward Thinking, Southern Comfort, Little Boppers, Short Rounds, Wiggles, Baby Doll Diapers.

Below the video you will find a few comments on contrasting features shown and personal fit findings.


Most of the diapers are one-sized with a Fold Down Rise (FDR).

Why is a FDR more common than a Snap Down Rise (SDR)?

Because of the amount of material on a hybrid fitted having a SDR can add a significant amount of bulk to the front of the diapers. A SDR is much trimmer when you are considering a simple PUL cover or pocket diaper.

FDR also adds bulk though. The bulk is at the waist. FDR can also cause a problem if the snaps are exposed (not covered by the soaker) and leave red marks on the baby.

We’ll see when the baby comes how the one-sized diapers with the different rise options fit. At this point with Camden I don’t need either.

Another feature that can cause bulk are front-snapping closures.  The vast majority (almost all) of hybrid fitted brands close in the front.  This allows for great cross-over ability.

The alternative is a side-snapping diaper.  Side-snapping diapers are almost always sized diapers and give baby a trim, “like a glove” fit.  As mentioned in the video, side-snapping diapers are great for baby’s that need a different snap setting for thighs and waist.

Our 3rd child, Paisley, was a perfect candidate for side-snapping diapers.  She had a smaller waist (tighter snap setting) and big chunky thighs (loose snap setting).

Noteworthy fit comments:  Macaroni Baby  and Dolce Baby are smaller one-sized choices, Narabums has a very narrow crotch at 4 1/2″, Tangerine Baby has more rise than most of the others, serging provides better containment but is not as gentle as turned and topstitched.

Why do I choose to use Hybrid Fitteds?

  1. I love the variety of prints.
  2. Cotton and bamboo fabrics are soft and natural.
  3. Breathable.
  4. Gentler on thighs because of #2.
  5. More freedom with laundry due to absence of PUL.  Less likely to “ruin” the functionality of the diaper.

Which is my favorite??  Little Fancy Pants by far.

Which is most absorbent?  Southern Comfort or 4Ward Thinking.

Check out my bloggy friend’s extensive review of hybrid fitteds that she conducted over the month of September.  Adventures In Fluff: September Fitted Diaper Event.

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21 Responses to “Which Brand is Your Favorite? I’ll Tell You Mine!”

  1. Angeline Says:

    I have 3 brands so far, grovia aio & hybrids, bumgenious 4.0, Thirsties AIO& duo diaper and honestly I like all of them for different reasons. If I had to choose just one it would be Thirsties duo diaper for fit and ease of stuffing.


  2. Bre'elle Allen Says:

    I have yet to buy any cloth diapers! I am starting out today!!! I am looking at econobums and other diaper covers as prefolds seem the way to go for me!


  3. Katherine V Says:

    my favorite is Softbums still! my very first cloth diaper and still my favorite. :)


  4. Theresa Says:

    I’m due for my first baby in February and am trying to learn as much as possible. Blogs like yours, especially ones like these, are so incredibly helpful!!!


  5. Jessica Says:

    I read on Orange Diaper Co that laying a fleece liner on the bottom of a fitted diaper kept the absorbency within the diaper. Have you tried this to compare with the performance of the hybrid fitted? I’m curious to know as I don’t have any hybrids, but I do have fitteds.


  6. Chana Putnam @ Adventures In Fluff Says:

    That So Co diaper is to die for! I’ve always wanted to try a diaper with a swimsuit material on the outside. I’m curious how it would feel and hold up. I really like some of those side snap diapers too. My little guy has HUGE thighs so he could use some wiggle room. Now I’m going to have to watch it again and take notes on which ones I need to get my hands on. : )

    OH, love your kids too! They’re so helpful.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      The SoCo is amazing. I’d totally buy 4 or 5 identical ones if I had the opportunity. You can’t be swimsuit material when it comes to no fading and pilling. I’ve washed it several times (a couple of times with a HOT rinse) and it looks brand new.

      The kids are *always* so helpful lol but they do add to the background noise.


  7. Amber Says:

    Do you think you might have time to do a review on how your nanas bottoms have held up? The only review I could find was from 2008 and it mostly said they were having a sale and that you were gonna have some in the stash for new baby. I would be so appreciative to find out how they have worked! Thanks :)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Amber, I didn’t like Nana’s Bottoms for the newborn stage. Too many leaks. However, many many moms who use Ragababes get Nana’s Bottoms to fill their stash (since NB are less expensive and easy to get plus you can get customs done).

      I would not recommend bamboo for a sewn in soaker (takes too long to dry). I’d go with birdseye or sherpa. Also, if you want a stay dry feel go with suedecloth or microfleece for the inner.

      They are very easy diapers! I prefer the touchtape for simplicity.


      • Amber Says:

        Thank you so much for this review! I was trying to find a cheaper AIO for the newborn stage because I have small babies and don’t want to use sposies for three months. Guess ill keep looking :)


  8. Karianne Says:

    They all seem pretty much the same to me… Specifically what is it with Little Fancy Pants that you like so much (I haven’t tried them yet)?
    I have tried Little Boppers – I really like them but the fabric on 2 out of 3 really faded the first time I washed them :-( I also find the elastic much tighter than on any other diaper – how are they compared to the other hybrid fitteds?
    Thanks! Karianne :-)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      They all vary slightly in the combination of rise, snap placement and elastic tightness. LFP are my favorite because they fit Camden the best. As with any other cloth diaper system or brand buying one and trying it out is the only way to know if it will be right for your little one. As far as fading, it is really hard to know what knits will fade and pill. I have 2 diapers (different brands, same knit) and I am so scared to wash and use them because I don’t want it to fade or pill! I need to get over the hump and remember they’re just diapers.


  9. Autumn Beck Says:

    AppleCheeks and Chelory are both great diapers!


  10. Tara A. Says:

    I’m so addicted to hybrid fitteds and fitteds. :) I don’t know how I went without Hyena cart for so long. ;)


  11. The Old Adventures of New Christina Says:

    We do EC, so I keep it simple and cheap (prefolds/covers or trainers). But I would love to try hybrids for a future LO – make sense in so many ways.


  12. Caitlin Says:

    Is that your daughter helping you out?! That’s awesome!


  13. Stephanie Says:

    Would love to try a hybrid fitted, but we are definitely an AppleCheeks family here!


  14. Athena Says:

    Still Loving Chelory!!! But would love to try a hybrid fitted.


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