Which is Better Fuzzi Bunz or Charlie Banana?

**CONTEST CLOSED!** Congratulations, Amanda Cramer!
Fuzzi Bunz and Charlie Banana cloth diapers are very similar.  But, their differences will leave you grabbing for one more than the other.

One of my readers (I love you guys!) informed me that Charlie Banana was created by a former employee of Fuzzi Bunz, hence the similarities.

Update: I received an email from Carolyn Sutton, PR for Charlie Banana with this information-

The owner of Charlie Banana was actually never an employee of Fuzzibunz – I hate for people to think that! She actually used to work with them internationally, but never for them or as an employee.

I have several of each and I’ll share my preferences:

QUALITY: About the same except for snaps.  My Fuzzi Bunz have perfect snaps that actually snap crisply.  Charlie Banana’s are hit and miss. Yes, I can still snap most of the snaps but it’s a weak snap.  Inner microfleece pills the same.  Fuzzi Bunz provides you with a replacement elastic, CB doesn’t.

FIT: Pretty much the exact same. Camden has a belly and big thighs, both fit him snugly yet comfortably. I would give the nod to CB for trim, cute, just-the-perfect fit look.

COLORS: I *love* the Charlie Banana Tutti Frutti pack I have.  The colors are bold, bright and fun: Black, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Orange.  Fuzzi Bunz has great colors as well but package it up, put it in a box and I’m more likely to say “Awww, how cute.” Also, if you order a Fuzzi Bunz pack off of Amazon (not sure about retailers) you aren’t guaranteed the colors shown :(

COST: Charlie Banana 6 packs are $109 on Amazon (this seller has them for $98.99), while Fuzzi Bunz 6 packs are $116.

EASE OF STUFFING: Fuzzi Bunz are a smidge more narrow. I can still stuff 2 microfiber inserts plus a Hemp Babies in one but it’s tighter.  I like the pocket opening on the Fuzzi Bunz because it’s loose and in the back.  Charlie Banana’s are front pockets which is fine for stuffing, it’s the unstuffing that irks me.  Does no one else’s kid cover the front pocket with poop??  Even though I hate pulling inserts out of a front pocket diaper, I would have to say that it does look nicer having it in the front.

EASE OF USE: Both are equal at snapping on Camden, aside from the clean “pop” issues with most of my Charlie Banana diapers. While they are both easy for me, every time my husband and daughter put one on Camden they forget to snap all the snaps. Drives me crazy but of course I smile, say thank you, then take him somewhere to fix it.

FUNCTION: No leaks or wicking with either. I always have 2 microfiber inserts in them at all times. Even when the inserts are soaked I don’t have leaks, okay so maybe there’s a little wetness at the legs when I don’t change Camden in like forever :)

And the winner is…It’s a very tight competition!  I vacillate between which is my favorite.  I think I’d have to give Fuzzi Bunz the blue ribbon. I wrote that last night and look at me, I’m changing my mind! I used FB and CB all day carefully noticing everything.  In the end Charlie Banana wins my heart.

Can you really love to put a diaper on?  Yes, I think so.  I actually enjoy choosing a Charlie Banana from the basket.

I still prefer a Fuzzi Bunz or Rumparooz for nighttime but during the day Charlie Banana is my choice.

I can’t stand it. I’ve been sitting on this post waiting for a sponsor to get back to me but I’m impatient. So, the giveaway’s on me!!

Do you want to win a Charlie Banana??  I’ll buy one winner, one solid Charlie Banana diaper!!!

Entries are simple. (Make sure you are a subscriber)

  1. Which color Charlie Banana cloth diaper would you choose?
  2. What is your favorite thing to do when the kids have gone to bed?

I’ll choose a winner on Monday, July 4th.  All my readers are eligible. Yes, even those living in Siberia :)


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400 Responses to “Which is Better Fuzzi Bunz or Charlie Banana?”

  1. Julia Says:

    I love the Good Bye Disposable Hello Cloth diaper, or Hot Pink, or the Butterflies! Ahh!! I can’t choose!

    My favorite thing to do after the kids go to bed is to lay my head in my hubby’s lap and have hime rub my head/play with my hair!! So relaxing!! All the cares of the day fade away and I usually fall asleep while he is reading or watching tv or something. When he is ready to go to bed he wakes me up and off we go!

  2. Amanda Says:

    1. Royal Blue
    2. Sleep! Baby is just 8 weeks, so we’re still figuring out the whole resting thing…

  3. Melanie Says:



  4. Michelle Says:

    1 ) Butter

    2 ) Watch a movie with my hubby, craft or bake!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Christine Says:

    1. Red

    2.I like to read or knit during nap time

  6. Vickie Says:

    1. Orange

    2. Catch up with my hubby and snuggle with the pups. And try to avoid housework at all costs to provide my undivided attention.

  7. tiffany u Says:

    when the kids are in bed I surf the web :) which is how I am here now! lol


  8. tiffany u Says:

    love the black diaper cuz itll go with anything!

  9. Hannah Says:

    I love to get a bowl of icecream and either watch a few shows or a movie on Netflix or just go online and catch up on stuff. Or sometimes just read a good book if I have one I’m into at the moment! Anything that doesn’t involve spit up. d-:
    And I would love the lavender CB diaper. So pretty!

  10. emily Says:

    My son would love the under construction one. “TRUCKS! Vroom, vroom” I love to catch up on email, blogs, and TV after the kids go to bed and I have picked up after the twin toddler tornado.

  11. Angela H Says:

    When the kids go to bed, I love to pour myself a glass of wine and sit out back and relax! Oh, or work on my blog… or MAKE my hubby give me a massage *wink*
    thanks for the chance!
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  12. Angela Heffner Says:

    I am an e-mail subscriber! I love the hot pink CB diaper! I think this is because I have 2 boys and long for a little girl!
    Thanks for the chance!
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  13. Sarah Says:

    1. Black
    2. My favourite thing to do is to upload and organize the photos/videos taken of my family during the day. It doesn’t take long, but for the time it takes, I get to reflect on the day passed and thank God for the blessings of today.

  14. Trisha W. Says:

    This may be a duplicate entry for what I like to do when my kids are in bed.

    I like to catch up on my e-mail and peruse Facebook. I also enjoying relaxing a bit while watching TV and perhaps folding some laundry.

  15. Rozi Yunos Says:


    Have a cuddle with the husband and catch up on the events of the day as he comes home late most of the time, baby and him are lucky if they get to see each other before she has to go to bed…

  16. Trisha W. Says:

    When my kids have gone to bed I like to catch up on my e-mail and things like Facebook. I also will unwind and watch some TV while folding laundry.

  17. Trisha W. Says:

    I love the Butterfly print that is on sale, but if I have to pick a solid I might like to try the Sage since I don’t have a diaper that color. Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. Melissa Says:

    1. This would be my first CB – I’d pick ORANGE!

    2. Being 8.5 months preg-o, my favorite thing to do these nights is eat ice cream that my hubby has fetched from the nearby ice cream drive-thru!

  19. Jennifer Says:

    –Read blog posts :)

  20. erin Says:

    I am so excited entry is easy. I can never enter any of the giveaways because I don’t have facebook and have never been on or understand twitter. My favorite CB color is black because I don’t have black. Acctually I don’t have too many colors as I would love to cause I love color in my stash but black seems to be a cool addition. What I do when the children go to bed is share my heart and soul with my loving listening husband and finally after a long day hear his heart.

  21. Lindsay Says:

    I love the Shanghi green! So far, we have only used Fuzzibunz OS and love them, but after looking at your review, I would really like to try out Charlie Banana : )

    After our daughter goes to bed, my honey and I love to play games (esp. Dominion!), grab a late-night snack, and snuggle in bed while we share our hopes, dreams, and stories from the day.

  22. Tawnya Says:

    Love the orange and turquoise colors. Favorite thing to do is read a book or watch tv with my hubby, sometimes have a nice glass of wine.

  23. Katie M Says:

    If I won I would like a unisex color, preferably hot: red, orange, or yellow!

    When my sweet baby boy goes to bed I like to curl up with a good book, a favorite blogger, or my precious husband!

  24. Tomi Says:

    Drink a glass of wine and curl up with my hubby to watch tv. Its really up to him. He is deploying in the fall so I just try and spend as much time as I can with him. I think my baby girl would be so cute in pink.

  25. Sarah B Says:

    love the classic red CB… and when my daughter goes to sleep, I love snuggling with my husband and watching a movie or tv show. :)

  26. Lindsay Says:

    Ohhh, I’d love to try a Charlie Banana diaper for my new son. I’ve never seen them here in Canada.
    I think that I’d choose the black one…you don’t see that very often. Very classy, like a tuxedo :-)
    If I get time to myself once the kids are in bed before crashing myself, I like to spend my time sewing (while So You Think You Can Dance is on in the background).
    Thanks so much!

  27. Michele Leake Says:

    I have one 3 week old grandson and two more daughters expecting this year. I used cloth diapers on all six of my children and have convinced my three daughters to use cloth. So we are avidly reading all the reviews to decide on the best options. Loving cloth diapers seems crazy, but we do!
    My favorite color is butter. Beautiful and sweet like mother’s milk:).
    My favorite thing to do when my grandson goes to bed (since he
    lives with us) is to read and them pray for all my precious family.

  28. Shawnda Mills Says:

    I LOVE the Turquiose color. I have been wanting to try CB for a while now. After the Babe goes to bed I rinse out his diapers from the day, wash all the bottles , clean up my sons play area and basically gear up for another long day tomorrow.

  29. Angela Says:

    1. I wouldn’t care what color it was. Anything to help my stash grow. My husband might not like seeing our son in neon pink though :p

    2. What the kids are supposed to go to bed. On the rare night that we aren’t dead tired by the time we get all 5 of them settled we like to curl up and watch a movie, read together, or if we are feeling extra energized work on one of the many home improvement projects we have to do in our new house.

  30. Charissa Says:

    I’ve been itching for the red CB, Fingers crossed!
    Well with a newborn, After bed I either go right to sleep, or finish the laundry and play games on the ipad with my DH. Looking forward to a someday when I can actually watch a movie or something longer. :)

  31. Athena Says:

    I would love to try the under construction print~first time cloth diaper user!
    My favorite thing to do once the kids are in bed is relax on the couch with my best friend in the world my husband, and relieve stress by kicking back and watching a movie together :)

  32. Jackie Says:

    The cloth diapers made now are so nice, but one favorite of mine is a Biobottoms wool cover -a first purchase in 1990. I started using CDs in 1989, I admit I could have just used prefolds over the years, but I really, really like cloth diapers! I’ve gone back to disposable from time to time, but always come back to cloth! When my older sisters had babies and I was a young girl, that’s the way it was, flats we folded, pinned and put on the plastic pants. I loved this! (Of course I wouldn’t want to take the time for that now). But CD’s are so healthy and fun (sounds crazy I know) and there’s always a new or a tweaked improvement and something I’d like to try to make myself! And they have gotten easier and easier to use and wash, I really wish everyone would give them a try!
    I’m expecting my tenth baby (our 13th) I bought some Bum Genius AIOs (Lg), a couple Flips and BG seconds pocket diapers for our last baby to add to the prefolds and Gerber wraps and a few Bummis super snaps (we do EC) the new diapers were great and still in great shape, but I’m wishing I’d bought OS! I would like to try a Charlie Banana, the “Goodbye Disposable…” is cute, I think I like the Butterfly the best (it hides the snaps)! =) which I like, it doesn’t look as industrial.
    When the kids are all in bed, my husband is usually quickly falls asleep too, if not he will often read aloud to me! If he’s asleep too, I love to read, read, read!
    I enjoy your blog/site very much. Sorry for the long comment, I’m in my 36th week and feeling nostalgic I guess. :)
    Thanks, Jackie

  33. Sara Says:

    I like the bubblegum pink color!

    As for what I like to do after the kiddos are in bed…well, I used to enjoy snuggling with my husband, watching TV or just chatting. However, since the birth of our 3rd daughter 3 weeks ago, the only thing we do after everyone is in bed is go to bed and sleep ourselves!

  34. Ashley Bureau Says:

    hi Autumn! If I could choose a solid color CB I’d have to go with Black (or Turquoise if they were all out).
    When my daughter goes to bed, I LOVE to kick my husband’s butt at Settlers of Catan! :)

  35. Jenny Says:

    Color choice – Aqua

    Once the kids are to bed sometimes I go to bed also just to catch some extra zzzzzzzzzz’s. Or I read a book. :)

  36. Diane Says:

    The butterfly design is adorable! But if it has to be a solid color, I would love to have a hot pink CB.
    After the three kids are in bed, I usually like to sleep (being pregnant, that always sounds like a good idea!). Often though, my husband and I stay up a little late watching sitcoms on Netflix. It is like our nightly mini-date.

  37. Manda Says:

    I would pick the butterfly print!
    My fave thing to do when my baby is tucked in for the night would be fiddle with my nikon camera (shutter speeds,f-stop) and take photos of random things, my husby and a sleeping baby if I’m feeling confident! When I grow up I want to be a photographer lol ;p
    -email subscriber

  38. Audrey M Says:

    Im horrible at making descisions… and ALL the diapers are cute. But I guess I would choose under construction or shanghi green.
    I subscribe! aasdfjkl_@hotmail.com

  39. Audrey M Says:

    There are a lot of things I like to do when the kids go to bed… read, watch tv, read emails and blogs, exercise. Not enough time in a day :)
    I subscribe! aasdfjkl_@hotmail.com

  40. Stephanie Says:

    I would choose Hot Pink!!! I would LOVE to try these dipes out! Thank you for the opportunity! When my babe goes to sleep (and if she lets me leave her side) I like to get crafty! Right now I am working on making her a wool cover! If she doesn’t let me leave her side I like to surf the web uninterrupted!

  41. Jessica Donnelly Says:

    Well, if a solid color then Black, as I have other colors and black goes with everything. But I really do love their Under Construction print. And the Turquoise is nice too.

    My favorite thing to do when the kids are in bed is to spend time with my hubby or read. I also like to catch up on e-mail, which is how I saw this!!

    I LOVE CB diapers!! :)

  42. Lenae Says:

    I’d love the Butterfly print, but since you said solid, I’d go with Hot Pink. I love pink, and am passing the love on to my daughter. After the kids are in bed, my husband and I snuggle and discuss our days bible study and catch up on the happenings of the day. Aside from first thing in the morning snuggles with my babies, this is my favorite time of day! Awesome giveaway!

  43. Tanya L Says:

    Once all the kiddos go to bed it’s my computer time! Point in case, I’m reading your blog now :P

  44. Tanya L Says:

    I’m a subscriber :)

    Its so hard to choose, I love the Butterfly diaper but the Hot Pink is super cute too!

  45. Kate Says:

    I would love the sage!

    I love to work on photos after the baby goes to bed.

  46. Leah Vachani Says:

    I would choose black :) Call me weird, but that is the one color we don’t have in our stash, and I’ve never seen it in a cloth diaper color before!

    Favorite thing to do once the baby is in bed is have a beer and sit on the couch :)

  47. crystal Says:

    i would choose goodbye disposable hello cloth. after my son goes to sleep me and hubs try to catch up on snuggle time which ends in him both crashed out and me reading your blog or getting on facebook lol

  48. Brandi Elam Says:

    My favorite thing to do after the big kids go to bed is sit with hubby while we both surf the web: him reading news and me reading blogs and entering giveaways! Of course the baby is usually still here nursing or asleep in my lap (like he is now!)

  49. Brandi Elam Says:

    I would probably choose periwinkle. I don’t have any diapers in that shade yet. But I also love the orange! So hard to choose!

  50. Annaliza Says:

    I would choose the Royal Blue. My favorite thing to do is get on the computer and read about cloth diapers!

  51. Jessica Says:

    I love the yellow!!! Remember me the sun…
    And just wach tv, talk with my husband and preparing everything for the next day…

  52. Vashti McMurray Says:

    My favorite thing to do when the kids are in bed is snuggle with my hubby and or a bowl of ice cream and watch a movie <3

  53. Whitney Says:

    My favorite thing to do when the kids go to bed is to get on the computer :).

  54. Vashti McMurray Says:

    I would choose a Red Charlie Bananna! Thanks for the chance, I’ve been wanting to try them for a while :)

  55. Whitney Says:

    I love the under construction for my son.

  56. Thyme Says:

    After the kids go to bed, I like to watch TV with my hubby or read books, or blog. Basically we just relax and talk all night :)

  57. Thyme Says:

    I would love the ORANGE! :)

  58. Candace Says:

    I like to surf the web (and actually read things that I can’t focus on w/ two kids during the day), talk to my hubby, or read a magazine. Unfortunately, I usually end up doing laundry or dishes instead.

  59. Candace Says:

    I would choose RED!

  60. Amelia Says:

    Oh, and I like to watch Netflix with the hubs or read after my little guy goes to sleep. I usually end up picking up the house or finishing other chores, though

  61. Amelia Says:

    I like the shanghai green. I have never tried a Charlie Bananas but would love to!

  62. Linda Hawes Says:

    When the LO has gone to bed, I love to cuddle with my hubby! :)

  63. Linda Hawes Says:

    love the aqua print.

  64. Jenny R Says:

    I would love the black! I have all the other boy colors already and I love them.

    I like to read blogs when my LO goes to bed….which is exactly what I’m doing now!

  65. Stephanie Says:

    I would love the butterfly or hot pink!

    My favorite thing to do, once the kiddos are in bed, is sit on the couch and watch the news, and the TV show “Parenthood” with my hubby. : )

  66. Kari Says:

    I would love to have a red one…GO BIG RED!

    I like to spend time with my husband or if he’s not home just lay and read.

  67. lindsay Says:

    If it’s early enough I love to sit on my computer and catch up on the blogs in my reader :)

  68. lindsay Says:

    I would love the Aqua one! :)

  69. Melissa Says:

    1. I don’t have any CB but would love to try them. I really like that black!

    2. My FAVORITE thing to do once my LO has gone to sleep is call my friends and family. My husband is in the Air Force and we do not live close to either of our families. I love to catch up with them and tell them about the new things my LO is doing/learning (he just turned 5 months)! When I don’t do that I send them many pictures of him.

  70. Gina Roby Says:

    I would have to choose baby blue and my favorite thing to do when they are all fast asleep is go potty ..in complete peace.

  71. Sara Says:

    I love the black, actually!!! It’s rare to find a solid black diaper…kudos!

  72. Gretchen Kingsley Says:

    My favorite thing to do after LO is down is to sip a glass of red wine with some dark chocolate with the hubby on our porch.

  73. Gretchen Kingsley Says:

    my favorite is the baby pink…oh, so sweet!

  74. Trisha Berens Says:

    When kids are in bed I like to spend time with hubby, get on the computer and I actually like to pick up the most when they are asleep. Nothing to stop me or make a mess behind me faster than I’m picking it up. :)

  75. Jen Says:

    I’d like a black one. None of those yet! :)

    And after our little lady goes to bed I like to brush my teeth. (Can you tell she’s still a newborn?)

  76. Trisha Berens Says:

    love under construction

  77. Hannah M Says:

    I love the Turqouise color!

  78. MiMi Chavez Says:

    After all the kids have gone to bed, I like to snuggle up with the hubby and either watch things on Netflix and Hulu or watch him play games LoL. I usually end up finishing some housework before I sit down to relax though.

  79. MiMi Chavez Says:

    “Goodbye disposables hello cloth” is my fave print, but for a solid colour I’d say it’s a tie b/n Black and Hot Pink…I guess if by some chance I won you’d hafta pick for me LoL. We have one in “Butterfly” already and love love love it.

  80. Heather Sidell Says:

    I would have to say I love the Shanghai Green with Periwinkle being a very close second. Favorite thing to do once all are tucked into bed is to get in jammies and crawl into my adjustable bed, raise the head and feet, pop in one of my favorite Jane Austin dvds and have a little snack that I don’t have to share with anyone – usually an apple these days. Sound pretty pathetic now that I type it, but yes, that makes me smile and even giggle. :) And my dh watches with me – he says it puts him to sleep fast. LOL.

  81. Maria L. Says:

    We’re adopting a baby girl & I’m imagining her in the butterfly diaper!

  82. Sarah Says:

    I really like the black and don’t have a black diaper in my stash yet. When my little guy finally hits the hay I enjoy watching some HBO with my hubby!

  83. Denise Says:

    I would love a hot pink diaper! I like to spend time with my husband after the baby goes to sleep…maybe with a little glass of wine :)

  84. Janise McKenzie Says:

    What I like to do every night after I put the babies to bed, is to take a nice long hot shower to wash away the spit ups, drools, and opps. Ahh, how relaxing. Six more hours to go though. :-/
    I would love the black, please.

  85. michaela Says:

    i would love an aqua diaper.
    after the baby is asleep i like to sew and spend time with my husband.

  86. Megan Meredith Says:

    Orbit looks so fun, but black would be great too and for both kids….SURPRISE ME!
    Toss up between snuggling with my honey and computer time. Hard to type while cuddling 6 month old girl and my 2 year old thinks HE is supposed to do all of the mouse clicking and typing. HA!
    email subscriber megan at corvette museum dot (com or org!)

  87. Becky M. Says:

    I like the under construction prints.

    I only have used Fuzzi Bunz and I am hooked. I keep thinking I should try other brands, but why, I am so pleased with FBs.

    My hubbie and I watch episodes of Ice Road Truckers after my little on goes to sleep. I am hooked more than my hubbie. Alex is my favorite. I think I just like their accents, aye.

  88. Andrea B Says:

    I would choose black-I don’t have a sleek black diaper yet ;)

    Sleep! First time mommy to a 5.5 week old :)

  89. Amanda K. Says:

    1. Hot Pink!
    2. Eat ice cream without having to share!

  90. Jen Says:

    My favourite thing to do after my son goes to bed is catch up with blog posts that I subscribe to on my Google Reader, like yours!

    Thanks for this giveaway! I would love a white Charlie Banana diaper (and for the record, I’m like you and don’t like unstuffing from the front but I agree it looks better).

  91. ashley Says:

    I love watching a movie with my husband. We can watch something he enjoys for a change and have some quality snuggle time

  92. ashley Says:

    I would love the turqoise

  93. Marion Says:

    I would choose Under Construction. All my kids, boys and girls (I have 4 and a 5th on the way) love trucks and building machines. :)

    When my kids go to bed I love to sit with my husband on the couch and watch something on Netflix. I guess it feels like every night is a mini date night.

  94. Katherine Claytor Says:

    When the baby is asleep, I like to get online. I try not to over do it with the computer while she’s awake, but I’m addicted…

  95. Katherine Claytor Says:

    I’m a huge fan of black diapers! I would to try a Charlie Banana one!
    I’m an e-mail subscriber: kayclaytor@yahoo.com

  96. Natalie Says:

    I’d get the Shanghai Green!

    I subscribe via email natalie (dot) chilicki [at] yahoo com

  97. Heidi Says:

    -love the black!
    -due in October, so I can’t quite imagine what it will be like yet. but I’m guessing I’ll want to do the same thing I do now, hang with my husband watching the DVR and eating ice cream. :)

  98. Anna Case Says:

    I’d love either the aqua or the under construction. We are expecting our first boy to arrive in September. We get very excited about everything blue and “boy”.

  99. Anna Case Says:

    I generally try to read a little while before I zonk out for the night. Since I’m 7.5 months preggo with #3, I’m usually sleepy before the kids are. If I’m really lucky I get to sneak some ice cream in with my reading.

  100. Rachel N Says:

    Favorite thing to do once the kids are in bed???
    Well, I have a 17 month old and a 4 week old so the little guy never really goes “to bed” but once the big one is sleeping and the little one is napping I try to enjoy some time with my husband, or if he’s not around I usually just veg out on the couch for a bit.

  101. Eva Says:

    I love the Black! I have about 5 FuzziBunz and now I am dying to try a Charlie Banana! My favorite thing to do after my baby goes down is to spend time with my husband!

  102. Rachel N Says:

    I would choose a black diaper or a shanghai green… hmmm

    I subscribe to your posts by email

  103. Whitney Kocher Says:

    Butter yellow! I have the two pinks & the apple green and I love them. So cute on my little one.

    Sleep! I’m a first-time mom to a 6 1/2 week old so when she sleeps, I sleep! I can’t wait for the time when she goes to bed before me and I actually want to stay up (I used to be such a night owl!). Then I’d probably read. Or look at cloth diapers on the internet. ;)

  104. Jessica Sullivan Says:

    I like the construction one. And when the kids are tucked in bed for the night my honey and I like to just spend time together, reading books, snuggling watching a movie. Really whatever.

  105. LisaK Says:

    I would love to try a Charlie Banana diaper. I would choose aqua. I like to relax in bed and check facebook, e-mail, and blogs after the kids are in bed. Thanks!

  106. Veronica Lester Says:

    I would love a black diaper, but the periwinkle is adorable! I cannot purchase any new ones for a long whilse and I just bought 6 fuzzibunz during their buy 5 get 1 free!
    Since my little boy is 5 months old, he’s just only recently started going to sleep before me, some nights, and I LOVE folding the clean Fluff stash that I have so far. :) So cute!

  107. Shelley Says:

    I would choose red but all colors are great!! Once the boys are down I like to either read, watch tv or play xbox (love the lego harry potter or pirates game) with my husband. So basically I like to unwind and relax :)

  108. Ann B Says:

    I would love to try a Charlie Banana diaper! My son is crazy about tractors do I would have to choose the “under construction” color if I had a choice.

    When our little one finally hits the hay, my sweet husband and I like to reconnect and catch up on our days, then snuggle up to a good movie or sit out on the patio and chat.

  109. Jennie A. Says:

    I would love to try a periwinkle Charlie Banana dipe!
    After the kids are in bed I love to spend time with my hubby, catch up on my shows, and RELAX! :)

  110. Laura Says:

    1. I would choose “orbit” because my husband loves all things related to space, and I think he’d like our little boy to be interested in that, too.

    2. At night I generally rush through a few chores, take a shower, and then relax in front of the TV for a little while.

  111. Amy B. Says:

    I think my favorite color is the butterflies (although it is hard to pick!).
    My favorite thing to do once the kids are in bed is get on the computer and read emails, FB and check up on the blogs I read!

  112. Becca Says:

    I love the turquoise!

    We love to watch movies or curl up with a good book!

  113. JoAnn Pereira Says:

    I would choose a solid red CB.

    After our little man goes to sleep I would love to say I catch up on reading and sleep, but I usually wind up doing the laundry and the dishes, but when I feel really adventurous…I cook dinner!

  114. Camille L Says:

    I’m still 2 1/2 months away from my due date. However when he does arrive, I’ll probably enjoy a little quiet time with my husband once he goes to sleep!

  115. Camille L Says:

    I really like the black Charlie Banana cloth diaper!

  116. Koren Says:

    I would love an orange diaper!
    My favorite thing to do after the kids are in bedis catch up on my SO day and watch TV together ( mixed in with some housework of course)

  117. Emily D Says:

    I would pick the red. I think the butterfly is really cute, but since we don’t know if baby (due in 5 dys!) is boy or girl… solid colours it is.
    Currently what I like to do after the kids are sleeping… is walk the dog, have some raspberry leaf tea- anything to get this baby out on time!

  118. Shiree Says:

    I would love a black diaper.

    My favorite thing to do after the kids get in bed? Probably take a walk or read a book.

  119. Jenny B. Says:

    I would love a Shanghai Green. I like to hand out with hubs and/or read a book after my LO hits the hay. Thanks! :)

  120. Debra M Says:

    Love the construction CBs. Those are awesome. Usu. I am washing diapers when everyone is in bed. Not my favorite thing tho. I guess I like catching up on blogs and just vegging on the couch, watching TV, eating popcorn and throwing some to my neglected dogs.

  121. TaraLucida Says:

    After baby’s asleep, I like to eat some ice cream and watch a good movie or show with the hubs. Although last night I read a novel for the first time in over a year–couldn’t put it down till I was done! Felt nice.

  122. TaraLucida Says:

    I would love to try an aqua Charlie Banana Diaper. I did think they looked very similar to FuzziBunz in the pictures, but didn’t realize they were SO closely matched.

    And yes, I do agree that the front pockets sometimes get covered in poo and don’t like unstuffing those! … but then, so does the back flap on the Rumparooz and BumGenius 3.0’s.

  123. Wendi Says:

    My favorite thing to do after the girls are asleep is to spend time with hubby and eat a quiet snack.

  124. Wendi Says:

    I’d choose the butterfly diaper.

  125. Julie Rosinski Says:

    My favorite thing to do when the kids have gone to bed is have a glass of wine or beer and watch Sex and the City re-runs!

  126. Julie Rosinski Says:

    I would choose a red diaper because I don’t have any diapers in that color!

  127. Jill Says:

    once my child is sleeping, I try and watch a little DVR’d tv or talk to my husband if he’s in a talking mood. I do cloth diaper chats on Mondays, too.

  128. Jill Says:

    orange or red. either one.

  129. Erica S Says:

    I love the bubblegum! Having a little girl in August and it will be our first experience with cloth diapers.

    After my son goes to bed I usually finish the laundry, tidy-up the kitchen, and then spend time with my husband.

  130. Anne Winter Says:

    All the colors and prints are ADORABLE but I would choose the aqua because it’s just the color I’m obsessed with right now (in fact, our nursery is aqua and yellow). As for what I do after the kids go to bed… well, I’m pregnant with our first baby so we have no kids (minus the dog and cat) yet but I’m looking forward to SLEEPING and maybe having a little cuddle time with my husband–though sleeping will probably win out those first few months!

    I’m thrilled to start cloth diapering our new little girl when she arrives. We’ve decided to start out with prefolds inside Flip covers (as an economical starting place) but I’ve been considering Fuzzibunz and Charlie Bananas for more security at nighttime. Any opinions? Guidance for using prefolds with Flip covers? Thanks for any input you can give me!

  131. sandy Says:

    Oh i would love the black diaper! My favorite thing to do is have a glass of wine with the husband out on the deck!

  132. Marcela Says:

    I actually would love the *Black*
    I love to have my quiet time and read my bible when the boys are in bed. If I’m still awake after that reading and working on blogs are also a favorite!

  133. Jessie S. Says:

    Oh and as for what I do when my LO’s asleep…well clearly, I read your wonderful blog! :)

  134. Jessie S. Says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I LOVE my Fuzzi Bunz but have never even heard of or tried a Charlie Banana! I’m so excited to get one. I would definitely choose the Turquoise color for my LO’s tushie! :)

  135. Rose Rickard Says:

    I love the Shanghai Green! If I’m not doing household chores after babies bed time you can find me reading.

  136. Heidi M. Says:

    I would love the black :) My favorite thing to do is hanging out with hubby and peruse and mark craft projects I would love to tackle :)

  137. April G Says:

    My favorite thing once the kids have gone to bed is to lay on the couch and read a book while my husband watches sports or plays video games. :P Unfortunately, my babies aren’t great sleepers yet, so the post-bedtime “me” time is pretty limited still.

  138. April G Says:

    I’d choose Hot Pink! I love it, and my baby girl doesn’t have any bright pinks in her diaper stash. Her twin brother has a brown Fuzzibunz, but we’ve never tried a Charlie Banana!

  139. Keri B. Says:

    Like many others posted, after the tots go to bed, it’s time to hang out with my spouse. I usually crochet a bit while we watch a show together, but at least we’re in the same room, right?
    Oh, and unload/load the dishwasher. I can only do that task when the 1 year old is sleeping or he will beeline into the kitchen and literally climb in!!

  140. Marlea Kobylarek Says:

    I would pck the hot pink because I love when my Julianna looks like a little girly-girl!
    When Julianna’s finally in bed & I’m not so tired that I want to fall in bed too… Hubby & I like to cuddle up with a glass of wine on our deck & discuss what lucky parents we are to have a beautiful daughter.

  141. Keri B. Says:

    I like the black one best. I’ve always wanted a nice black diaper with BLACK snaps in our stash! :)

  142. Elisheva Meier Says:

    I love to catch up with a good book and a bowl of ice cream:)

  143. Cara Says:

    I would love an aqua one. I’m not due until dec and am slowly building up a stash of diapers. I assume I will want to snuggle with my husband on the couch and watch some tv after the kids are in bed since that is what we do in the evenings now.

  144. Elisheva Meier Says:

    I would choose the bubblegum.

  145. Marie Harris Says:

    1. I love the Under Construction print. I also like the red, it is so bold.
    2. My favorite thing to do after the kids are in bed is watch a tv show with my husband and just relax.

  146. DanaV Says:

    I would definitely choose the hot pink.

    And my favorite thing to do when my baby goes down for the night is grocery shopping! It’s so relaxing when I can go by myself and just wander the aisles!

  147. Valerie M. Says:

    “Under Construction” is so cute!
    After the kids go to bed, I usually relax with my husband watch a movie or something like that.

  148. Billi Briski Says:

    I’d like to see hot pink on my little man! when he goes to sleep before I do (which is rare) I like to research cloth diapers/diapering. I’m a newb and am quickly becoming addicted to cd’ing!

  149. Maria Flores Says:

    I love fuzzibunz:)And I really love the look of charlie banana!I am a fan of Aqua!

  150. Carmen Shepard Says:

    Oh, Black!!
    Once the kids go to bed I do nothing or dishes or laundry ;)

  151. christi hedrick Says:

    I have been getting my feet wet with the whole cding thing… and I am frustrated! First I tried prefold with Thirsty covers and those gave my little guy a raging diaper rash…apparently he can’t stand to have wet against his skin. Also tried the Kissuluvs with the same result. Now I am trying Rumparoos and having leak outs every single time…even though I am changing him about every two hours. So I am hoping that the right diaper will solve my woes…
    My favorite thing to do currently is sleep or zone out in front of the TV….when I get a little down time after the kiddos “go to bed”
    I would love to try out the Royal Blue

  152. Brittany Calvi Says:

    Ooooh a Royal Blue one. So pretty =)

    Kids are in bed, hubby and I snuggle up and watch a show or I read and he plays some kind of hunting or baseball game on his iPhone. Just some alone time together.

  153. Amanda Kohl Says:

    I have been cloth diapering my 9 month old for the last 3 months. We are on a very tight budget and so I started with the Econobums with prefolds. UGH! it was a lot of work. I recently received a donation and was able to purchase several Grovia and I love them but we also got 2 free Bitti Tutto’s and I love them too. I did a lot of research but I think you have to try them out and see what is best for you. I would love to get the chance to try a Charlie Banana for free if I win one. I love their colors but the Shanghai Green is so cute!
    As far as after my little one is asleep I SLEEP! He is still nursing and I still up every 2 hours! But I know it is what is best for him and I am dedicated. :)

  154. Amy Says:

    I would like a butterfly one, but if it has to be a solid one then I would choose bubblegum.
    My favorite thing to do once the children are asleep is to spend time with my husband; either reading a book to each other, watching a movie, finally having a good uninterrupted conversation, or spending time being intimate.
    PS- I thought I posted this last night but I can’t remember, didnt find my post on here, and I think I fell asleep.

  155. Crys Says:

    I am a fan of orange, so I would probably pick up an orange one if I were trying them out.

    My favorite thing to do after the kids go to bed is have some alone time with my hubby.

  156. Jocelyn Groff Says:

    1. Ahh, I love the “goodbye disposable, hello cloth” diaper! That one is technically not a color though, so I suppose I’d pick aqua. I’d love to try a Charlie Banana, as I’ve only tried Fuzzibunz. Our stash is compiled mostly of flats, as they are the trimmest and cheapest :)

    2. I do my dd’s last feeding at 10:30 and then she, the hubby, and I go to sleep at 11. But sometimes if I’m lucky she’ll start an evening nap at 8 0r 8:30 and I’ll be able to play a game of Back Alley or Poker with our housemates :)

  157. Kara Says:

    I like the aqua for sure!

    And I still have a month to go before I have my baby, but I’m pretty sure my answer to that for a little while will be SLEEP! :)

  158. Amy H Says:

    Its a tough decision on which color I’d pick. I don’t have a black, white or orange diaper and would love each color!

    After DD goes to bed I love doing all sorts of things! I either sew, read, watch tv/movies, play around online, call some friends or sit on the porch with my husband in the crisp night air and just talk. :)

  159. Cyndel J Says:

    I know I said I would like the orange but I looked on their site and I LOVE the black! So I’m changing my color!

  160. LizzieAnn Says:

    Periwinkle diapers are cute! I haven’t seen that color on other brands much. After the baby’s down it’s time to snuggle with the husband and maybe watch some MasterChef on hulu. Husband time is the best!

  161. Rachael Says:


    Hubby is an astronomer, so we are all about all things outer space.

    After the kiddo goes to sleep — he’s currently 6 weeks old — I sleep. He’s still nursing every 2 or 3 hrs at night and through the day, so I have to work hard to get sleep.

  162. Liz Says:

    1. We had never used anything but Flips, and I researched other options forever (I love the Flips, I do. I just wanted to see what else was out there!) I went with the Tutti Frutti pack and EVERY SINGLE TIME the hot pink is clean, it is on our Little Dude’s booty! There is just something about a little red-headed orangutan baby walking around a la Don Johnson in Miami Vice. It makes me laugh every time he runs around the corner.

    2. When he’s in bed we are either catching up on a favorite show or sitting on the balcony enjoying the beautiful San Diego evenings with a glass of wine. Summer is wonderful!

  163. Tonya P Says:

    I’d have to say I really like the shanghi green. Thanks for the superb review. I’m just getting my feet wet with cloth diapering and have tried out some pockets and prefolds and working on figuring out my stash.
    Thanks also for the giveaway! If I win then I can try out a CB diaper!

  164. Alyson F Says:

    I love the bubblegum!

    After the kids are in bed, I catch up on my DVR’d shows :)

  165. Tori Says:

    I would choose the baby pink, since I am just starting my diaper stash for my soon to be daughter…

    When my other two children go to bed, I like to sit on the couch and relax. Sometimes just to enjoy the quiet or to watch something on tv.

  166. LesLee Says:

    I ALMOST bought the Charlie Banana pack when Amazon was doing the 20% off coupons but I didn’t…now I wish I had! If I could pick one I’d go with the turquoise.

    When my kids are asleep I usually work on laundry then go through Spots corner on HC. Then I check out diaperpin.com for some sales and of course blow insane amounts on time on DS. Very rarely do I ever actually buy anything, I just like to look. My husband is a cop and works nights so I have a lot of alone time. I wouldn’t say time well spent but I enjoy it!

  167. judi Says:

    My baby only goes to bed an hour before I do and I have teens in the house too. I am often hanging with older kids just before I go to bed. Ideally, I spend 30 minutes or so playing on Facebook and then get ready for bed and spend 15 minutes or so reading in bed before lights out.

  168. judi Says:

    I like the royal blue the best.

  169. Denise G Says:

    I would choose either the Bubblegum or the Butterfly!

    My favourite thing to do is catch up on Facebook and surf the net. I always end up staying up too late playing on my iPhone!

  170. Lilliana Says:

    Thanks for the review. I have both diapers as well… and yes they are both so very similiar but for me the winner is FuzziBunz. The front pocket thing is part of it but really I prefer FB because I can size both the legs and the waist with the adjustable elastic and with CB I can only size the legs. Also I do love the overlap snap on CB BUT like you I have experienced some trouble getting some snaps to close properly. I also like that the elastic is replaceable in FB and I don’t have to know how to sew to do this. Overall I love the fit on both the tiny newborn and the potty training toddler.

    My favorite thing to do when the kiddos go down for a nap is to read… really read anything from blogs to books I love reading.

    I like the CB GN colors (I have a white, butter, and sage) but my favorite is the BLACK because it goes with so many outfits.

  171. Katie Sutton Says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a turquoise charlie banana diaper because it’s so stinkin’ (pun very much intended) cute!
    My favorite thing to do after my sweet daughter goes to bed is 1) watch a Parks and Recreation with my husband, then 2) look up coupon deals and make a streamlined grocery list. Reading that back makes me laugh at my awesome momness these days. Haha. Thanks for your site, Autumn!

  172. Kim W Says:

    When DD goes to bed we like to stay up and catch up on our favorite pvr’d tv shows and movies.

  173. Julie Says:

    I’m really loving the black diaper!

    My favorite thing to do once my (almost) 4 month old has gone down for the night is to sit down with some cookies and milk. No wonder the baby-weight isn’t coming off too fast!

  174. Tammy Says:

    Butterfly is my favorite CB color. Now that it is warm out, I love to sit outside with my husband, have a glass of wine and have a conversation (that is not in code in front of our 5 or 1 year old).

  175. jenn lankford Says:

    My favorite thing to do when my kids go to bed is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I want to just sit down and DO NOTHING!! hahaha….Do I ever do that?? OF COURSE NOT….there’s always something to do, right???

  176. Kristen Dreaper Says:

    I can’t believe they have a black diaper! I love it!

    My favorite thing to do is when LO is in bed is take a long shower and pamper myself.

  177. Kim W Says:

    I think I’d have to pick turquoise. Hard decision though!

  178. jenn lankford Says:

    AAAAAGGGHHHH…..TOO hard to decide, but I think I would go with the AQUA~~ :)

  179. Brooke Says:

    My first baby is still in utero, but I would imagine that we will do all of our movie watching after bedtime.

  180. Brooke Says:

    I love the Orbit print – that would be my choice!

  181. Knocked Up and Nursing Says:

    I like the black one.
    my favorite thing to do once the kids go to bed is to sit down with my husband and watch a show. We’re big sci fi geeks so we’re watching Battlestar Galactica right now.

  182. Julia Says:

    I love that under construction print, and also the aqua CB diaper.

  183. cecelia Says:

    I really like the green.
    Lately when my dd goes to bed I finish my cleaning, research making cloth diapers and do a little bit of sewing. and when my hubby isn’t asleep before our dd I spend time with him.

  184. Jacki cooper Says:

    I love hot pink!! I went totally safe with colors and I’d love something fun! My husband and I like to whip up something sweet, turn on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and pretend that we can dance as well as them. Otherwise I sit and do homework all night!

  185. Julia Says:

    Win the little one goes down my favorite thing to do is sleep!

  186. beth Says:

    i would love to win an orange charlie bananas diaper! what a vibrant, gorgeous color!! i have some fuzzibunz and love them, and have heard great things about charlie bananas!

    i’m still going to sleep with my little one- nursing him to sleep most nights- but when he corks off before i do i love watching him sleep :) , reading and journaling.

  187. Kristin Says:

    I love the black diaper. It’s just a little different.

    With seven children under 14, and three in diapers, I am rarely without a child even at night, but if I am so blessed, I like to snuggle with my husband and plan projects for the coming weekend.

  188. Cyndel J Says:

    I would pick ORANGE! I love orange. I’m excited I’ve been wanting to try a Charlie Banana!

    My favorite thing to do depends day to day.
    Sometimes I sew diapers or work on a quilt…or knit a diaper cover/leggings.
    Sometimes I read, I love reading but have little time to do so.
    Often I spend time with hubby when our 8 week old baby isn’t fussy with colic, which isn’t often of late.
    Or I’ll play the Xbox 360 with my husband, or Parcheesy with my husband and brother who lives next door, lol!

  189. CaseyN Says:

    My little dude is only 3 1/2 months old so once he’s asleep my husband and I like to have some “just us” time. Last night it was cuddling on the couch and watching a movie. :)

  190. Allison Says:

    I would be overjoyed with any pattern! We currently have all BG Elementals (which I love) and really need to add some spice to our stash.

    I really value time spent with my husband after the little one is asleep, even if we are just washing bottles or folding laundry…

  191. Lori Says:

    I’d love to try the black one! I have 10 Fuzzi Bunz one size and love them for daytime use. My little man goes to bed between 5:30pm and 6pm. When he does, I don’t get much downtime. I have to feed our four dogs, feed the cats, and get dinner on the table before my husband gets home around 6:30 or 7pm. After dinner, we spend time together just relaxing.

  192. CaseyN Says:

    I would choose the under construction print. I love my fuzzibunz – they are the only cloth diapers I own. (I only have 6- working on building up my stash) I would like to have diapers with prints instead of just solid colors. :)

  193. Abbie Says:

    I think the aqua is fun and different. After the wee one is in bed, my favorite thing to do is catch up with my husband!

  194. young c Says:

    Ooh, the under construction print is so cute. :) After the baby goes down, if we don’t have house projects, you can catch us watching a TV show together on hulu!

  195. Britt Says:

    I would choose “hot pink”!

  196. Kendra V. Says:

    My favorite thing to do once my daughter is sleeping is hang out with my husband and catch up on the blogs I read!

  197. Kendra V. Says:

    I’ll have to agree with you! I love my CB diapers just a little bit more than my FB! I have way more FB, but I would love to make some additions to my CB stash!

    I’m already a subscriber. If I won I would get either the Aqua or Black diaper although the Lavender is gorgeous!!

  198. Cherie Davenport Says:

    I would love the orange one it is too cute.
    When my daughter goes to bed I like to read. Since she is a night owl and usually doesn’t fall asleep until after 11pm it’s usually only a chapter or 2.

  199. Katy Says:

    LOVE the “Goodbye Disposable…” print. We don’t know what we are having so our stash is all white so far..anything with print is exciting! My favorite thing to do is have a bowl of ice cream with my husband and laying in bed talking without a monkey jumping in the bed!

  200. Serena Says:

    I would definitely choose the RED one.

    When my two wee ones go to bed I try to sneak in some sewing.

  201. Nicole Says:

    I’ve never used a CB, but I LOVE that they include a crossover snap. I can never get the fit right on my son with my FB OS.

  202. Kristin Says:

    It would have to be the ORANGE! I just adore orange on little hineys… and well on everywhere actually!
    My favorite thing to do when my 3 hopefully soon 4 little ones go to bed is to sit on my computer catch up on my mom’s boards, facebook, or pictures. Although sometimes catching up on tv with hubby is a must other times its soaking the day away while having a rare moment of quiet to read my book in the tub…

  203. Julie G Says:

    I check emails or watch a show I’ve recorded.

  204. Janette Says:

    I would choose red, I don’t have one in that color.
    Don’t have any kids to put to bed yet, but I will in about a week (if she’s not too late!)

  205. Julie G Says:

    I would pick bubblegum!

  206. nichole t Says:

    After I get my baby girl tucked away in her crib for the night, I usually like to eat! It’s so hard to enjoy food while trying to keep an eye on a 9 month old. Out of the CB diapers I love the orbit print, but they are all adorable.

  207. Sharon Says:

    1. I would love aqua or shanghai green.

    2. After the baby’s in bed, i love to veg with my husband and chat. (We usually end up talking about the baby!)

  208. Jessica Says:

    I would love the aqua–reminds me of the ocean and it’s a hot hot day here in the midwest today! After my baby is in bed, I finally kick up my feet and eat dinner!

  209. Jamie Says:

    1. I would have to go with Orbit bc my husband and I are into science and learning about space, especially.

    2. I like to crochet, if I still have energy.

  210. Denise Says:

    I would choose black since it’s not such a popular color for diapers! When the kiddos go to bed I like to eat a yummy treat and watch a favorite show. My not-so-favorite thing is to finish the chores that they didn’t let me finish during the day…

  211. Rachel Says:

    I’d pick black. My favorite thing to do when the kids are in bed is read a book.

    I’ve experimented with a few cloth diapers: prefolds with Thirsties covers and Econobums, but I’ve been using Fuzzi Bunz the most and I like them the best of the limited types of cloth diapers I’ve used. That said, I’d be pretty excited to try another type of diaper to compare for myself.

  212. Shelby Says:

    Ooooooh, so hard to choose, but Butterfly is so easy to accessorize with!

    And, relish the quiet, love up the dog, fold a load of laundry and have a beer :)

  213. Leigh Says:

    I don’t have a black diaper yet. Honestly these days I am often asleep before the kids are.

  214. Leah Says:

    I would love a black one….how neat! I have never used a pocket diaper so I would love to try!!!

    Baby cakes goes to bed at like 11 and still gets up to nurse at night so I like to go to bed when I get the kiddos there!!! LOL Not real exciting but I’m ok with it!!!

  215. Erika Says:

    I would pick royal blue because I don’t have a single blue diaper (yet)…

  216. tara Says:

    I would choose the black, after the little people go to bed I catch up on emails and relish the silence!

  217. Julie D. Says:

    I would choose black! I don’t have any black diapers and I think they look super cute – didn’t even know Charlie Banana had black! I only have one Charlie Banana right now – it’s the orbit print I saw in a picture of, I think, Camden when you were showing off newborn diapers?? Anyway, I ordered it off Target.com with a gift card to try it out. I agree with you on the front pocket issue, but it’s nice to have some variety to try! :) My favorite thing to do after the kids go to bed is surf diaper swappers, ebay, and hyena cart because I am absolutely glued to it, so if I do it while the fam is awake I feel like I’m neglecting everybody! :)

  218. PJ Palmer Says:

    I would get an Orange OS Charlie Banana to add to my stash. I don’t have an orange diaper & this orange looks like a nice bright one!

    After the kids go to bed I like to watch crapy reality TV……… my little guilty pleasure :)

    I think it’s so funny you hate the front stuff because I feel the same about the back stuffing! My guy always poops into the back & not the front, so each baby really is different :)

  219. Ashton W Says:

    I like to catch up on crochet orders while no one is there to steal my yarn :)

  220. Ashton w. Says:

    I love black

  221. Donna Jean Says:

    i would like the ORANGE, but the hubby says that he would like the RED – we are torn, so if you choose me, then SURPRISE ME with one of those two colors (really I would be happy with either – and the hubs changes diapers as much as I do!)

    After my son is in bed I like to read (books, blogs, etc) or catch up on FB or watch some TV or a movie with DH.

  222. Elaine Says:

    Lately I like to sew after the kids go to bed. But usually I clean the kitchen, feed the pets, and move a load of laundry. Then if there is time I sit down with my husband and watch a tv show or movie.

  223. Stephanie Says:

    I would choose the butterfly diaper. My favourite thing to do when the kids have gone to bed is to relax with my hubby, playing cards or just spending some quality time.

  224. Andrea Says:

    I would choose bubblegum. After the kids are in bed I love to lie in bed and read. I love the quiet of the day. With lots of little ones running around all day, after bedtime is my quiet time. :)

  225. Elaine Says:

    I would choose the royal blue color because I always like blue.

  226. Kristin Says:

    1. I would choose black because I don’t have any (got lots of brights that I LOVE though). As an aside- I LOVE the construction one for the prints. Perfect for my vehicle-loving son.

    2. I generally do chores after the little one is in bed. It’s hard to get much accomplished with him awake. But, occasionally I turn on the tv since it’s rarely on when he’s awake.

  227. Alicia Says:

    I love the hot pink and turquoise! The Under Construction print is adorable, as well. We don’t have children yet (crossing our fingers for really soon, though!), but I love sitting on the couch with my hubby and watching a movie or curling up with a good book and a cup of tea.

  228. JennYH Says:

    Favorite thing to do is get some stuff done on the computer or sew

  229. JennYH Says:

    I’d choose the shanhai green.

  230. Colleen Says:

    1. The CB Under Consruction is my fav.
    2. After the kids are asleep – (7 p.m.) I love to have a late dinner outside in the patio with my husband and a glass of wine. If it’s an early dinner night, reading, or catching up on chores – but that’s not as fun :)

  231. Danielle Says:

    Well, we are expecting our first, so I think the most awesome thing is sitting up late at night and both of us feeling the baby kick and move =). Nothing like it in the world!

  232. Nicole Says:

    After the kids go to bed I usually relax with hubby and a glass of wine. We read, watch tv, or do chores together. :)

  233. Danielle Says:

    I would probably pick the Black, but they are all so cute!

  234. brooke watson Says:

    I would love a red CB diaper – I don’t have this color. After the baby is asleep, my hubby and I snuggle to chat and give our first born (puppy) some much needed attention!

  235. Natalie Says:

    I would love a lavender dipe! My favourite thing to do when baby goes to bed? After catching up on dinner clean-up and lunch prep, dishes, laundry, etc…. I will indulge in a little TV watching, usually TV on DVD. Just finished watching the entire series of Star Trek Next Generation. Now I am watching True Blood season 3.

  236. Anna Says:

    As always, thank you for the review of these diapers! It’s great to know which brand to try out the next time I have $$$ to spend on my stash :) If I were to buy a CB, I would buy it in Royal Blue or Red. I can’t decide which one. I love bright, primary colors. My favorite thing to do when my son goes to bed is to sit and relax with my hubby, and watch one of our favorite TV shows (which are all reruns because we don’t actually watch that much TV). Usually we are still running around trying to finish cleaning up from dinner, laundry, yard work, etc. So when I am able to sit down with him and relax, it’s magical :)

  237. Nicole Says:

    I love the Under Construction Print!

  238. Rhiannon Says:

    I love having some uninterrupted knitting time when the baby’s asleep.

  239. Rhiannon Says:

    I love the Sage (my poor baby has a lot of sage diapers).

  240. Erika Says:

    Royal blue or shanghai green-both cute and versatile! After baby goes to bed, so do I!

  241. Kristin Says:

    I would choose the lavender. I usually read or play games on my phone when the kids are asleep. I do laundry too. I usually have a load washing when I go to bed. Then I get up before the kids to fold clothes and do the dishes before they wear me out. I love how quiet the house is when I am the only one awake.

  242. Jackie Says:

    My favorite thing to do once the kids (and puppy) have gone to bed is read, in the peace and quiet of my peacefully quiet home.

  243. Kristina S Says:

    Once I put the lil one to bed I’m either online or in bed as well!
    klsiegler at gmail dot com

  244. skai Says:

    whoops- add to that that after the kids go to bed, i can say hello to my husband. but sometimes i like to lie on a bed for a few minutes and do nothing.

  245. Jackie Says:

    I would choose Black because I think it is so Rock and Roll.

  246. Skai Says:

    I’d love a hot pink one- so cool!

  247. Lauren Says:

    I too love the ‘goodbye disposable hello cloth one’ but if it has to be a solid color, that royal blue is GORGEOUS!! and our sweet girl goes to bed pretty early so we like to have dinner and catch up on TV shows and our DVR.

  248. Kristina S Says:

    I would chose a black diaper
    klsiegler at gmail dot com

  249. Kate Charles Says:

    I love to just sit when my kids (2 and 6 mo) are in bed!! I sometimes sew, crochet, read, or work on other crafts but I think I enjoy just sitting the most :-)

    clothmamak8 at gmail.com

  250. Lori Says:

    Getting a snack and hanging out with hubby!

  251. Lori Says:

    I would choose Royal Blue

  252. Kate Charles Says:

    I LOVE the “Goodbye Disposable Hello Cloth” but would love the red diaper for a solid :-) Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!!

    clothmamak8 at gmail.com

  253. April Says:

    Royal Blue. My favorite thing to do when my LO has gone to bed; eat a piece of chocolate then go to sleep too! I have to get up at 5:15 to get to work. I’m a landscape designer and summer brings 12 hour work days, with a breast fed 7 month old that’s not sleeping throught the night yet.

  254. Kate Bader Says:

    After Max goes to bed, we usually eat dinner and then watch baseball (go Red Sox!). Lately, though, I have been listening to the game and sewing.

    I love love love the Charlie Banana “under construction” diaper, but for a solid, I would pick black. I think that is the one “boy” color he has yet to acquire. We currently use BG’s but I have been wanting to try the CB’s. What do you prefer for a swim diaper?

  255. Mandy Sergent Says:

    As I mentioned in my other entry, I’m a first time mama to be so I’m not sure what my favorite thing will be once the kiddo has gone to bed. I’m going to guess that for some time, it will be SLEEP!
    sarg033 at aol dot com

  256. Katy Emanuel Says:

    I am 31 weeks pregnant with our first so once the baby arrives, I will be looking for a chance to read my book once the baby is down!

  257. Mandy Sergent Says:

    If I had to pick today, I would choose yellow. Tomorrow I might choose differently because I find out if the baby is a girl or a boy in the morning!!! I’m working on building a stash for the little one (our first) so I would love to win!
    Thank you for the giveaway chance!
    sarg033 at aol dot com

  258. Amylynn Hint Says:

    After the kids are in bed, Hubby and I like to relax and watch a movie or TV together!

  259. Amylynn Hint Says:

    I would choose black!
    I am a subscriber. : )

  260. Lori Hardy Says:

    I would choose red, since it looks so cute with my newborn’s reddish skin tone! My favorite thing to do once the kids are in bed is to watch my DVR’ed episode of ‘The View’ for that day. Or go to bed myself!!

  261. Dana Says:

    I love the Charlie Banana in aqua!

    Also, I love to sew in my free time. :)

  262. Katy Emanuel Says:

    I would choose Shanghai Green

  263. Valerie Says:

    I like the black and aqua and LOVE Charlie Banana diapers.

    I love to scrapbook after baby is in bed.

  264. Stephanie Says:

    I would love a black one!! I read or talk with my hubby in bed! Great post I have one of each and can’t decide which one I like better:-)

  265. Lindsey Says:

    I think the Shanghai green is really cute! Our little girl is due in about a week, so I don’t know what we’ll do once she goes to sleep (probably sleep too!), but I’m looking forward to finding out! I think we’ll still enjoy reading together.

    Autumn, I’ve found your blog really helpful, as I’ve been trying to learn about cloth diapering so I can start when this baby comes. I check it so often, I feel like I’ve run everything by you before putting anything on my wish list or buying anything myself. Thanks!

  266. Alyssa Says:

    I love the aqua color. And I like to browse online or read a book :)

  267. julia Says:

    I love to sew! After the kitchen is clean and I’m showered, though….

  268. julia Says:

    orange! i don’t have a bright orange diaper & would love to try out CB, too.

  269. Dinika Says:

    Shanghai Green

    We clean the kitchen together (well, at that point he cleans the kitchen while I direct :) and then I love reading to my husband in bed while he falls asleep.

    I have never tried either of them but would love a chance to! I am having big trouble getting my AIOs clean, I can’t figure it out! I find myself sticking to flats and thirsties, but I love the ease of use on pockets/AIO. Baby #2 coming soon, July 21…I should probably figure it out soon, huh?
    If anyone can help, here are the stats:
    Cold rinse, hot wash with det, hot rinse
    Home made soap recipe that came from the pin and rec by diaper swappers and has the same ingredients as Country Save

    Added some dawn to a load and where the dawn landed, it is super white/clean, but everywhere else is grey/faint brown/gross. At least they smell clean now! Kind of…
    DS 13 mo
    Unknown baby due in July

  270. Katie Says:

    I would love a black diaper!

    After my kids are asleep, I like to fix myself a delicious snack that is just for me. I know that no one will ask me for a bite (except maybe a curious husband), and I won’t have to get up and fix more for the little people! I especially enjoy this ritual now that I am pregnant with my third child. :)

  271. Amy Bishop Says:

    1. Black
    2. Sit out on our porch & chat with my husband/bff.

  272. Melanie S. Says:

    I think Shanghai Green would be for us.

    Favorite thing would most likely be: Reading. Not much time for it; but still love it.

    Thanks for the review and giveaway. I’ve wondered about the similarities and differences.

  273. Eanista Says:

    IF I get all 4 ( ages 11, 9, 2, & 2mos.) down to sleep or at least quiet with school being out, I read. Seem to have rekindled my love of reading since the birth of my last LO.

  274. Jen Says:

    I love the butterflies print.

    Sitting down to create handmade cards for family/friends or catching up on scrap-booking is my favorite use of uninterrupted “me time”.

  275. Julie C Says:

    I’d love a red or black CB. After my kids go to bed I love to read with my husband or sometimes we just sit and enjoy the silence.

  276. Mama G Says:

    My favorite thing to do when my son goes to bed is spend time with my husband. Whether it’s vegging in front of the tv, reading a book together, or even doing the dishes together we really covet this time to connect just the two of us each day.

  277. Eanista Says:

    I would love the orange diaper. I have a thing for orange!

  278. Monica Ballash Says:

    I LOVE the “under construction” one but I’ve been wanting a red one for my stash forever so I would go for both
    As for what I do when my baby goes to sleep? Lately I’ve been sewing cloth wipes, but it’s usually hubby time :)

  279. Linda Snay Says:

    Once the kids are asleep, the first thing hubby and I do is sit down and talk about the day. There are only a few hours a day when its just us, so its just perfect. Then I like to read or practice yoga.

  280. Mama G Says:

    Love the Royal Blue CB. I enjoy the bold color.

  281. Linda Snay Says:

    I think I’d like a turquoise diaper for my little girl. Thanks for the great comparision!

  282. Lynn Wilson Says:

    after the kids go to bed it is time for work. It’s hard to run the sewing machine when my little 1 year old wants to play with it. lol

  283. Mel Says:

    I think, the Under Construction are cute. It is honestly hard to choose between that and the spaceship one.
    After the boys are in bed, we either crash into bed ourselves or watch something on the TiVo and fold laundry or some other mundane chore. We are oh so exciting these days. ;)

  284. Lynn Wilson Says:

    I’d love the black. I have tons of colors, but this one is so unique.

  285. Caroline Says:

    a) I would love a Shanghai Green please
    b) Enjoy a non-kid-approved movie and drink a glass of wine :D

  286. Laura Says:

    Turquoise, definitely. I love ocean colors:) reminds me of where i met my love: on the beach! My stash is heavy on fbs, but no charlie bananas!
    After the kids are in bed: reading in bed, crafts and deadliest catch, or time for elaborate desserts!!
    Good luck everyone!

  287. Pat Soliman Says:

    I would have to say that Shanghai green would be my CB solid color choice. As for my favorite thing to do once my son is asleep, I check my emails and/or surf online. It’s the only time he’s not bugging me to let him sit on my lap and try typing on the keyboard.

  288. Nicola Says:

    I love black diapers.

    My favourite thing to do after little man goes to bed is have a hot shower and go to sleep myself.


  289. D Abbott Says:

    Enjoy a glass of wine while quietly sitting and doing NOTHING. Not much free time to waste during the day, so it’s wonderful to have a few quiet minutes to myself before getting back to business. And I’d love a hot pink.

  290. Psychsarah Says:

    I love the Under Construction diaper-a fun print as an alternative to solids. I like to enjoy the peace and quiet before I hit the sack-I’m an early to bed, early to rise kinds gal.

  291. Mrs. Smitty Says:

    If we make it through the girls’ bedtime without the need to pass out from exhaustion, we enjoy some quality cuddle time on the couch, with or without a DVR’d show.

  292. Mrs. Smitty Says:

    I’d love to get the Shanghai Green! I’m a subscriber

  293. Audrey Smith Says:

    I like the red. You said solid, but if I was going to buy one for myself? I would pick the “Goodbye disposable” one, it’s funny! When DS is in bed I like to sew-diapers, of course! I also like to spend time with my hubby! Oh, and read your blog too. ;)

  294. Andrea Wood Says:

    I think black would be nice! My favorite thing to do is to have a bowl of ice-cream with my hubby and watch a movie together. :)

  295. Karisa Says:

    I would pick the cute Aqua color!

    My favorite thing to do depends on the day. Sometimes I like to sit on the back porch with the hubs talking. Other days, all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch TV with aforementioned hubs rubbing my feet/back/anything.

    I’d love to try CB. We’re fairly new to cloth diapering (3 months with my 4 month old) and I started with some FB, adding a few other brands to our small stash along the way, but haven’t tried CB yet!

  296. Anastacia Says:

    1. Shanghai. Green is my favorite- and the name is cool.

    2. I work. Heck, it’s not my favorite thing ever, but it’s what I do when the kids go to bed! Well, that and watch Master Chef on Hulu… okay, that wins. Gordon Ramsey ordering me to make “one exquisite egg!”

  297. Katariina Says:

    THANK YOU! It’s the first time that I’m eligile to win :D I’m the closest to Siberia too, I guess, are there any readers from Russia? LOL
    1) “Under construction” – I have so few diapers with print.
    2) Eat while reading – I love reading (atm I’m reading Terry Pratchett books) and eating peacefully and very slowly at the same time. It’s impossible while kids are awake (5,5 ; 3,5 and 1).

  298. Andrea G. Says:

    Well, my husband and I preparing for our first right now… but after my husband and rest of the family that we have living with us right now go to bed, my favorite thing is to read news articles, read books, blog, etc. Just basically chill out after the daily chores are done lol.

  299. Andrea G. Says:

    Autumn- I subscribe via email. I can’t find your GFC box to double check that I follow lol.

    I would love either a black or red diaper. I love both of those so it doesn’t matter to me which one.

  300. Jen Says:

    I am a sucker for red diapers…they are just adorable!!! Don’t have a CB yet…just got my first FB as a “free diaper with purchase” special.

    Our son is 3 months old and we started using cloth because of my cousin (who introduced us to the pocket dipe) and your website!! Thank you! :) when Aiden’s asleep, I spend time with my sweet husband, check email, social networking, read blog updates or stuff diapers! :)

  301. Lori Says:

    would choose red, it’s my favorite diaper colour! Favorite thing to do: catch up on celebrity gossip :)

  302. Jennifer Sherman Says:

    I love this comparison. I just orderedmy first CB the other day so I’m awaiting it’s arrival. I have 5 FB but they have never been my favorite but are always a good second or third. If I won I’d pick the turquoise color since blue is my favorite color. I have a son now but if the next baby is a girl she’ll be wearing lots if blue diapers! At night (bedsides stuffing diapers) I love to cuddle with my husband on the couch watching TV.

  303. Amanda Says:

    Butterfly cause on sale now.

    Otherwise aqua ;)

    Hmm… Read I guess

  304. Sara Botello Says:

    I would love a black or a bubblegum color Charlie bananas!! They are adorable and I have never used a front pocket before and interested to see how it would work out!

    We love to just snuggle and watch whatever we have on dvr at the time! Maybe have some popcorn and a drink:)!

  305. Tamara Sz Says:

    I’d choose the Red (or the Butterfly, if that’s ok–it is cheaper).

    I love to just sit–and check my email, talk to my hubby, and maybe watch an episode of NCIS :)

  306. Kathy Lisam Says:

    1) I’d love the Periwinkle Diaper.
    2) After the baby is asleep, I love snuggling with the Hubby, catching up on emails, updating my blog, and occasionally some tv.

  307. Katie Says:

    I love the Goodbye Disposable ones. I am a huge advocate among my friends that cloth diapers really aren’t that difficult and super cute.

    After the little guy goes to sleep I enjoy hanging out with my husband and watching a soccer game.

  308. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE all the colors the are to choose from! I love Shanghai Green, but I think I’ll officially go with Turquoise. It’s such a pretty blue! And I can’t talk from experience yet as our little boy is due Thanksgiving, but I imagine that we’ll enjoy doing what we do now, which is watching movies and shows on Netflix. Either that, or get some sleep ourselves, haha! =)

    P.S. This is very generous of you to do this. And I want to thank you, not only for this sweepstakes, but also for your blog which I enjoy reading and makes cloth diapering much less scary and intimidating. So THANK YOU!!

  309. Deborah Uhl Says:

    I get orbit as I am currently making my 12 yo a space theme quilt and my 3 mo stares at all the colors.

  310. Dannika Valenzuela Says:

    I like the butterfly diaper the best. All of the solid colors remind me of the FB. If I were to be lucky enough to win this giveaway, I’d like any of the pinks or purples.
    My favorite thing to do once the kids are in bed is to read a good book, or watch a good movie… undisturbed!

  311. Morgan Says:

    Sage! Love that it’s gender neutral :).have you ever noticed the CB sized diapers run on the huge side? Just ordered a small and it looks like a OS! :)

    I love a good movie at night!

  312. Alix Says:

    I would love a hot pink one, both my daughters would be adorable in it!

    When my two littles ones are sleeping I love to sew. I am relatively new at it so I have been doing a lot of learning making diapers, dresses, bags, etc. It’s a blast! My goal is to be able to make all of my girls’ clothing…we’ll see if I ever get that good :)

  313. Casey Says:

    I would pick the Under Construction diaper. We have mostly solids, so I think a print would be a fun addition :)

  314. brandy mccain Says:

    I think I would pick under construction.
    I surf the net for coupons,free samples, good deals and good ideas on living on a budget.

  315. Melanie Says:

    I love the “under construction” and the red. I love the vibrant colors.
    When the babe is asleep, I love to catch up with my husband and pet the pooch.

  316. Allie Martin Says:

    I gonna pick the red CB. I’ve always wondered about these diapers but stayed away from them because I felt like they were a cheap version of other pocket diapers. My favorite thing to do a night after our son’s in bed is to have a one on one conversation with my husband without any intaruptions from the baby.

  317. Karina Says:

    2. Normally, when the baby is asleep, I read, either the novels I’ve taken out of the library, or info. I need from the web.

  318. Karina Says:

    1. I like the “Goodbye Disposables, Hello Cloth” since I’m in the process of doing just that. :)

  319. amanda Says:

    Thanks, autumn for the comparison!

    I am an avid gDiaper fan, but the generous hand me down of 18 fb has me pulling towards pockets now. I am IN LOVE with my new to me fb!! I would like to try the cb’s too, but we are on a tight budget :( so thanks for the give away!

    I love the orbit one, buti don’t have a yellow g, and all my fb’s are white, so yellow would be great to win too!

    When krynn goes to bed I read blogs, fb, do diaper laundry, clean up the baby tornado, and eat sweets too! Guess that is some typical mom stuff, huh?!

  320. Serena McPherson Says:

    I love the Good bye disposable hello cloth diaper they have. My sister calls me a walking CD billboard so this would fit the bill :)

    My husband and I are currently nerding it up in bed with our laptops watching “Bizarre Foods” together. Lamb organ kabobs anyone?

    PS Autumn, I have a FB stash and I never pull inserts out. Mine come out in the wash every time. Maybe yours would not because you double stuff each one. I feel like you are the end all of CDs but have you tried leaving a couple stuffed to see if they come out in the wash?

  321. Katie Crame Says:

    I would LOVE to try a black OR Hot pink. They have so many cute colors its hard to choose:)

    When my kiddos are sleeping I love catch up on the shows on my DVR! It is then officially ‘mommy time.’

  322. Pasha33 Says:

    I like the aqua for my little guy. And as for after he goes to bed, my new obsession is finding recipes that freeze well, but don’t have any condensed soup or other scary ingredients and contain vegetables, but in a form that my picky husband will still eat. So, I spend a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen. So far, a couple of keepers (I think I have perfected a bolognese that is amazing and seems to improve in the freezer) but quite a few failures too :)

  323. Heather S Says:

    I would so love the black diaper- there aren a lot of them around!

  324. Chanda Dardar Says:

    Turquoise — my favorite thing to do after the children/husband are in bed is read about/look up/research/decide to order/then decide not to order/stalk! cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories :)

  325. Amanda Scoggins Says:

    I love the hello cloth goodbye disposable print! Normally I don’t like words on bottoms, but she would be an ambassador for cloth:) I also love the lavender, my girl looks great in purple!
    My real favorite thing to do when baby goes to sleep at night, eat Ben and Jerry’s! But can’t do that every night :) I either take a bubble bath or watch a movie with hubby or both :)

  326. Heather S Says:

    I have four kids that don’t like to go to bed, so if I won the lottery and could hire a nanny, I’d most definitely choose sitting on the couch watching movies with my sweet husband :)

  327. Jen Huard Says:

    I would go for the Butterfly print-super sweet:) After my 3 are in bed,I pop onto Facebook,while catching up on tv shows I’ve missed during the week.Thanks for a great giveaway:)

  328. Tasha Haston Says:

    I’ve never tried a FB, and only have one mama made one-size diaper – it surprisingly fits my big one month old well already! I love reading your reviews, Autumn – so down to earth and totally honest!

    So, I would pick the under construction print or the orange!

    I love to sew, but have not even gotten to say hi to my machines in a month, little big man is a boobie monster and it’s just easier to come to bed with him. :) but I really need to carve out some time as he is rapidly outgrowing his stash!!!

  329. Andrea Says:

    Turquoise, royal blue or periwinkle…I can’t decide!

    And after the kids are in bed, I almost always get online to read up on all my favorite blogs, or research my latest obsession (which this week happens to be cloth diapers as I’ve just started using them with my 3rd son – better late than never, right?)

  330. Katie Patterson Says:

    After the kiddos are in bed…I like to wash my cloth diapers and get on Facebook.

  331. Erika Argueta Says:

    I would love the butterfly since we don’t have any prints. When my girls 4 years and 4 months go to bed I like to surf the net and catch up on emails!

  332. Amber Dickerson Says:

    The hubby and I listen to music or watch a movie after our little one goes to bed!!

  333. Amber Dickerson Says:

    I would love to have a yellow Charlie banana diaper!!

  334. Katie Patterson Says:

    I like either the Sage or Orange!!! I can’t decide.

  335. Tessa Says:

    1-I would choose black, it would look so cute with my DS black tee and leggings.
    2-I sew, crochet, watch TV or surf the net.

  336. Maia G Says:

    2) I like to enter giveaways after bedtime :P
    mk_mitchell90 at hotmail dot com

  337. Maia G Says:

    I LOVE black! Why don’t more companies make diapers in black?!
    mk_mitchell90 at hotmail dot com

  338. Jamie McMillan Says:

    I would choose aqua. My favorite thing to do when the babe is in bed is a three way tie between facebook, reading in the bath and sleeping :) Some nights I feed the babe, put him to bed and crash right after :)

  339. Carol N Says:

    When the kids got to bed I play online or watch TV then head to bed a couple hours later.

  340. Heather Says:

    I haven’t ever heard of the CB’s til this post but I fell in love with a Fuzzi Bunz the first time I saw one! But the price tag is high for a new cloth diapering mommy on a budget. That’s when I discovered Gogreenpocketdiapers.com. Their pocket diapers are absolutely adorable and are very reasonably priced. Their champ 2.0 has front and back pocket openings and also has double leg gussets (my kids always leak out a leg w/o a double gusset) among many other perks. Might be worth getting one for a review! They are my new favorite pockets for sure!

  341. Carol N Says:

    Shanghai Green is my favorite color.

  342. Amy J. Says:

    1. I’d pick black cause it’s different and I think it would look nifty on DS.
    2. When baby goes to bed I watch tv w/hubby, pay attention to hubby, or enter CD giveaways I never win ;).

  343. Jennifer Says:

    I’d choose the baby pink – because I’m expecting my first baby girl in just a few weeks! :)

    I like to read when my boy is in bed, not much time for that when he’s awake and bouncing off the walls…

  344. Dara Says:

    I would choose bubblegum (for my squishy little girl)

    After we put her to bed we like to snuggle up on the couch or in bed and we talk about the day, check our phones for emails and facebook, then we read (me from my phone and him from a book). While we are reading we share any good points that we think the other would be interested in. It’s really nice to keep this time between each other because sometimes it can be lost with kids.

  345. Jenene Says:

    I’m going to say that royal blue is my favorite, just because I don’t have any in that color.

    My favorite thing to do when my baby goes to bed? Same thing: go to bed!

  346. Tina Says:

    I’d get the lavender, purple is my favorite color! =) iI really like the “goodbye disposable, hello cloth” one too! How cute! After the kids are in bed I like to read or watch tv. Its the only time I can do so uninterrupted with 3 kids under 5!

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I understand! We have a 9, 7, 4, 2 and 5m old. I dream of watching TV but I never make the time. :(

  347. kamri clark Says:

    I would choose black. When my kids are sleeping I like to go to sleep too!

  348. Chantelle Says:

    I have never used either FB or CB so I cant agree or disagree! I would live to add ANY CB to my stash. If I could choose I think I would choose black, because you rarely ever see black diapers. Once I have put my little one to bed I like to sit in the quiet and crochet, go outside and weed my flower beds or watch a movie with my husband! :)

  349. Brittany Higgs Says:

    My baby isn’t born yet, but when he is I plan on doing anything but baby stuff when he’s asleep haha. I’m sure it won’t happen though. I love my “baby hobbies.”

  350. JessicaArizona Says:

    I would TOTALLY pick black! :)
    I either run around getting last minute housework done OR I play on the internet with some oreos and milk! :)

  351. Michelle Says:

    I really like the boy prints. I’m a print junkie. My favourite solid is the Shanghai green. It’s the nicest colour of green. at least as far as I can tell through the monitor. After my dumpling goes to bed I just like to hang out on my laptop.

  352. Heather Prim Says:

    I like the black diaper. After the kiddies are in bed I like to read or spend time with my hubby.

  353. mandy huber Says:

    Lavender or Aqua they are both so pretty but lavender yes I would choose lavender :)

  354. Melissa Says:

    I would have to pick turquoise! It’s so pretty and vibrant! =) After the kids go down, I am on the computer, or watching a tv show. Especially when hubby is gone. If he’s home, sometimes we watch a movie or play a card game. :) I also like to snack on a piece of fruit. Yummmmm! :o)

  355. Samantha Says:

    1. Red – I just like the color.
    2. Sit down, relax, and have a cup of tea, a glass of wine, or a cookie.

  356. Brittany Higgs Says:

    Ok I’m glad you posted about this because I’ve been wondering what the difference is anyway. I totally would have thought that front pockets would be better for pulling inserts out afterward. hmm I guess I’ll just have to try it! Thanks for the giveaway. If I won I’d choose Black!

  357. Colette Says:

    RED! I WOULD PICK THE RED ONE! I read, catch up on FB, watch a movie, take an UNDISTURBED bath (while reading or watching a movie-thankgoodness for laptops!) eat dessert, go for a run if the husband is home!

  358. rebecca Says:

    I would choose black …. You know, for my little guy’s more formal occasions ;)
    When my little buddy goes to bed I like to sew, catch up on work, dance with DH and do a load of dipe laundry!

  359. Jannea sandker Says:

    Turquoise! I love to sew while my husband works on his jewelry that he sells on etsy…but after a little while we watch a movie or a show and eat snacks together. Fun!

  360. Michelle Duenas Says:

    I would choose a girly color, any color. My unplanned twin girls will be born in early October and they will be using my sons hand me downs CD’s. After my son’s bedtime, I get ready for the next day, wind down and get on the computer with my little list of ideas and things I saw throughout the day.

  361. sasha rodriguez Says:

    I would choose Butterfly (because I have 2 girls both in diapers).
    And when they go to bed, I usually sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy my evening til my husband gets home.

    I have not tried charlie banana, but have like fuzzi bunz up to this point.

  362. Lyssa Says:

    id chose a red one-because I love red!
    After the kids go to bed it’s my book, and a beverage-either hot tea if I’m cold-or wine if it’s been a long day.

  363. Karissa Says:

    Hmmm… I’d probably choose black… or maybe red :)

    We have a dairy farm and my husband doesn’t get in from work until late–often after the kids are in bed in the summer. Evenings are our time together, but the work is never ending on a farm, so usually we go out and hoe a couple of rows in our garden and then go out to the barn and feed the older calves and our pig (I know, you’re probably laughing :)

    There’s just something about spending time outside on a cool summer evening with your best friend that makes me love my life and thank God for my blessings. :)

  364. Michelle Marconi Says:

    1. I’d be extremely thankful for any color diaper for my baby boy!
    2. I’m 6 months pregnant with my first, so I can’t answer question #2 yet, but right now I spend a lot of time researching cloth diapers and other things for my new son :)

    Thank you!

  365. Darleen Says:

    This is something I have been trying to decide between myself, Fuzzibunz or Bannanas, as I am looking to add a few more pockets to my stash. I have one cb and feel it’s about the same as my fuzzi’s, tough choice. I love th Aqua color! All the charlie’s colors are so fun and vibrant. When little one is finally asleep I enjoy my quite time with a good cup of tea and cathing up on reading blogs and facebook! Thanks for comparing these two!

  366. Gwen Says:

    2. Snuggle with hubby then go to sleep early!

  367. Anna Says:

    Ooh! Definitely a black one! It’s such a “non-baby” color (as well as my personal favorite). After our son goes to sleep I like to lie on the couch with my husband, fire up the DVR, and catch up on our favorite show, Modern Family. Sometimes we laugh so hard we wake up the baby!

  368. Gwen Says:

    1. I think the Shanghai Green might be my favorite but it’s so hard to choose!!

  369. Jennifer Hall Says:

    I am a subscriber. I would choose Lavender. I usually go snuggle in my bed and either read a book or watch mindless TV uninterrupted.

  370. Annelee Giese Says:

    I would choose turquoise! And after my kids go to bed, I do too.. because I’m TIRED in this first trimester! :)

  371. Teri S. Says:

    I would like the black one! Very cool color. We mainly use FB & Rumperoos, so no black. After my DS goes to sleep, I watch a couple hours of TV and eat chocolate chip cookies. :)

  372. Elizabeth Says:

    I would choose “Under Construction” and it would be the first print diaper my little guy has! So fun!

    When he’s sleeping, I finally catch up on my Google Reader subscriptions and sort through my emails… then I head to bed to snuggle with him.

    Also, I am so surprised I never see reviews from anyone on Tweedlebugs…. I purchased my entire stash of them from craigslist, and LOVE them… they look very similar to the CB and FB… I’ve NEVER had a leak, and they have front AND back stuffing openings… and you don’t have to unstuff them before you put them in the washer – it agitates them out pretty quickly. Plus, they’re cheap! So… I’m really curious to try another brand (the CB, hopefully!) to see how they compare. Have you ever tried Tweedlebugs? Why am I the only one who seems to have heard of them?

  373. JulieK Says:

    To do after kids go to bed? BLOGGING! :) Tweeting, FBing… :) Computer time for mommy! :)

  374. Lisa Says:

    I like to relax and watch tv, read a book and/or check my email and facebook when the kids go to sleep.

  375. JulieK Says:

    I would LOVE to try a CB – I was hoping to get a sponsor for review also but… no go for me too! :) So fun that you’re sponsoring it yourself! :) I subscribe via email and GFC and FB, etc.
    My favorite color would be… Under Construction or Aqua

  376. Darcy Says:

    When my daughter is asleep, I like working on my blog or entering giveaways for fluff :)

  377. Lisa Says:

    I would choose turquoise!

  378. Darcy Says:

    I’m a subscriber! I’d love to get Turquoise!

  379. Effie Says:

    I would choose bubblegum pink!! Love pink on my little princess!

    I spend some much needed time with my dvr after the littles have gone to bed! :)

  380. Heather H Says:

    I would choose a black one. I don’t have any black diapers and it sounds fun! I knit or read when my kids are in bed early enough. Quiet, uninterrupted relaxation! If they fall asleep late, I just sleep when they are in bed! =)

  381. Maritza Villafuerte Says:

    1. I’d choose bubblegum because I also don’t have many girly diapers.
    2. I go on Facebook when she’s asleep!

  382. Meghan Says:

    1. Hmm… I would choose the red, just b/c I have a thing for red.

    2. Fave thing would be to spend time w/my hubby.

    Thanks Autumn!!

  383. Jianna Taylor Says:

    I’d love to win a red diaper since that’s my favorite color and I don’t have any red diapers. My favorite thing to do when my daughter goes to bed is make myself a smoothies and read.

  384. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for the side-by-side review! My only complaint with CB is that I’ve noticed that when my daughter completely soaks an insert, the moisture will wick thru the stitches of the cute little tag they’ve stitched onto the back, soak the tag, and leave a nice wet spot on the back of her clothes…am I the only one who has this problem?!

    That being said, I still like their diapers, and I’d be happy to have one in black. My favorite thing to do once the kids are in bed…sit down and listen to the quiet! :)

  385. Andrea S Says:

    I think I would chose the white one…but since the prints are on sale and actually cheaper than the solids I guess I’d go for the Butterfly Diaper :-)

    My favorite thing to do once our little one has gone to bed is play board games with my husband or snuggle up with him on the couch and watch a nature documentary on Blu-ray :-)

  386. Kelly Says:

    I’d love an Aqua Charlie Banana diaper. I’ve never heard of them, but am always looking to improve and increase my diaper stock! Also, Aqua is kind of a neutral color just in case we decide to have that second little bundle of joy. After Lia goes to bed I catch up on all the stuff I didn’t get done during the day. On rare occasions I will take a nice long hot bath. :-) Thanks!

  387. Catherine Mackechney Says:

    I love the Aqua color CB! After baby goes to bed I used to get some quality time with my husband, but he now works late nights so I just catch up on facebook, tv shows, or chores.

  388. Christine Says:

    When baby is in bed I get to catch up on my favorite shows on DVD or internet.

  389. Christine Says:

    I subscribed via email.
    I like the Yellow.

  390. Christina Gilmore Says:

    ooooooh, I never win these things, but maybe this time will be my lucky try! I would choose either black or aqua!! And my favorite thing(s) to do when my kids have gone to bed is start the dishwasher, then sit down and eat a bowl of ice ceam! ;) There is something relaxing to me about hearing the dishwasher running at night when all is quiet.

  391. Erin Says:

    Yikes–I forget what I like to do….FB, read blogs, and blog! :)

  392. amanda hughes Says:

    I would choose a red charlie banana since I have no red diapers.
    When my kids are in bed I facebook, watch tv or read(that includes cloth diaper blogs). Thanks for the giveaway! I have been wanting to try Charlie Banana!

  393. Erin Says:

    I love the “Goodbye Disposables and Hello Cloth!” TOOO CUTE!!

    I have never tried CB, but I have one FB. Honestly, I much prefer my Kawaii. I only single stuff Kawaiis during the day, and I don’t have leaks. I can guarantee a leak w/ my FB if I don’t change it often.

    I’m a subscriber! Love your blog! :)

  394. Jennifer A Says:

    I’d pick the hot pink because I don’t have very many girly diapers for our newest addition.
    My favorite after bedtime activity is to curl up on the couch with a small snack (that I don’t have to share since the kids are in bed :-D) and a good book.

  395. Dawn Papple Says:

    I disagree for so many reasons…. FBs are far superior.

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