Why Do I Hate Cloth Wipes?

November 7, 2011

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Disposable wipes are the thorn in my side.

Everything else created solely for convenience is easy for me to ignore (doesn’t mean I don’t still use them from time to time, like paper plates).

Yet, I can’t escape the grip of the disposable wipe.  They are easy, they are ready to go, they are portable, they are disposable.

And on the other hand, they are very very bad for my septic system, they leave lint on the cloth diapers if you wash them, they are gross to throw away when the have poop on them, they are a continuing cost.

It’s pretty clear that the negatives outweigh the positives, right?

I won’t even get into the healthiness or lack thereof with disposable wipes.  The ones I use are Huggies. Wow, I sorta shamefully cringed when I wrote that.

You know what’s worse?

I have at least 100 cloth wipes of various brands dispersed throughout the 4 bathrooms in my house.  My kids don’t bathe that often yet I have enough “wash cloths” for them to bathe a couple of times a day.

And even worse, I have plenty of Blissful Booty wipes solution to last me months.

If you’ve been a reader long you know I’ve used cloth wipes off and on throughout the years. (Thought About Using Cloth Wipes? 2008)

The biggest thing holding me up is the lack of a system.

What is your system? Do you use a disposable wipes container and lay them in?

Do you wet each one when needed or are the all moistened and ready to go?

Based on my past limited experience, I prefer them moistened in a box.  However, I know that they can get nasty if I prepare to big a batch.

I ran across a blog tonight that contains a 2 part series called Cloth With Solution 101.  I’ve learned to not be surprised at the irony of “stumbling” across information at just the right time since it happens so often.

Here is an excerpt from Julie of Little Monkey Store‘s blog:

Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to try out a variety of different cloth wipe solutions – homemade, cubes, just add water, and ready to use.  Some of the brands have worked great, some not so great and some work fine. In Part One we’re going to cover the basic types of wipe solution and the pros and cons of each one.

Homemade Wipe Solution

Making your own cloth wipe solution is relatively quick, easy and inexpensive. There are quite a few recipes available online and on our blog to get you started. You can make them as simple as you want or you can use extras such as pure aloe vera gel or some nice smelling essential oils. You control exactly what you add – a huge plus if your little one has allergies or skin sensitivities. In the beginning we made our own in a huge batch every few days since the number of diaper changes for a newborn is huge and we went through a lot of wipes.

The positive of making your own is that you know exactly what is in it and you typically have all the ingredients you need right at home. The con of making your own is using oil. If you use oil in your solution, you will need to wash your cloth wipes separate from your diapers. Oil is nice in wipe solution as it helps the wipe glide better and gives a bit of moisturizing at the same time, but the oil can transfer to your diapers if you wash your wipes and diapers together.

Wipe Cubes

Wipe cubes are handy, all you need to do is add one or two cubes to two cups of hot water, let the water cool down and the solution is ready to use. Cubes are available in all sorts of different scents and formulas. It’s always best to pick up a sample or two to try out first – to make sure that you don’t encounter any sensitivity to a particular scent.

The positive for using wipe cubes is that the cubes travel well as there is no liquid to transport and with wipe cube solution, you can wash your wipes with your diapers. Definitely cuts down on a load of laundry. The downside of wipe cubes is that boiling water melts the cubes the best, but it takes time for the solution to cool down enough to use.

To read Part II about “just add water solutions” and “ready to use solutions” click here.

I think I’m a just add water type of gal.

So, should I do it? Should I re-commit myself before thousands to start using cloth wipes again?  I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe.

*Deep breath* I’m taking the plunge.  At least part of the way.  I will keep the disposable wipes in the car for trips not for running out there and grabbing when needed ;)

Anyone else want to join me?

Oh, and my title?  Nah, I don’t hate cloth wipes, my actions however do did imply that.


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153 Responses to “Why Do I Hate Cloth Wipes?”

  1. Shera Says:

    I’m trying to convert to all cloth wipes… right now we have both + spray bottle of Thirsties Booty Spray. I’m using GroVia wipes and they are just like baby washcloths, so I just ordered a pack of washcloths too. I don’t love it because I’m already used to disposable wipes (my ODD was all sposies ’til potty training) But I also don’t know how to set myself up for an on-the-go solution.
    I also hate having a trash near the changing pad (in the middle of my bedroom) just for disposable wipes.


  2. jodi Says:

    I use cloth wipes I made out of old flannel recieving blankets. I fold them in half and keep them in an old disposable wipe container. I have a big spray bottle that I wet them with right before I use them. I use water, olive oil, baby wash, baby lotion, and tea tree oil as a wipe solution, but you could use almost anything including plain water. I wash the wipes with the diapers. It’s a really easy system that I am very happy with.


  3. Carla Says:

    We’ve been using Cheeky Wipes for a couple of months now.
    I found this an easy solution, better than working it all out for myself :)


  4. Amber Says:

    I use Lisa organically baby wipes juice. No boiling. I take an empty water bottle, pour some solution, add water, shake, and pour into a container filled with wipes. The smell is quite strong so I use much less than the recommended amount. I go through prepared wipes every 1-2 days and have no mold problems even with how humid it is here.

    The only thing I haven’t been able to find now is portable cloth wipes + container that can easily fit in my purse and last all day.


  5. Jackie Says:

    A great tip that (I read at Green Mountain Diapers I think, down a ways in the “how to” section) makes using cloth wipes really convenient at home, is having a coffee carafe “Thermos Pump” to keep warm water in, available all of the time to wet the wipe. I was given one at my baby shower that puts out a stream of water as you push down on the top, it needs refilling about every other day, I love it. I only keep water in it and if a wipe solution is needed, I have a small spray bottle with solution to spray on the warm wet wipe. I keep the wipes in a folded stack with the diapers, quick and simple.

    I will admit a carafe sounded expensive at first but, it is a one time cost, really in the price range of one cloth diaper (excluding flats and prefolds and some exceptions). When you are done with it for diapering it is still very useful for hot beverages. :)


    • Emily Garrett Says:

      This is an incredible idea! I’m going to use it and feature it on my blog – not a big deal but I thought I ought to tell you since you deserve the credit!



  6. Anna Says:

    Hey ! I’ve never tried cloth diapers, let alone cloth wipes yet. I actually have a three-month-old son, my first, and I have become highly obsessed with my research on cloth diapers and cloth wipes !!! I just recently purchased some cloth diapers/wipes online and I am too excited to try it out. But as for the cloth wipes, I would love to make my own solution. Tea Tree Oil sounds wonderful to add to my solution, but a new thought popped up in my head: What about Peppermint Oil? Has anyone ever thought of that? Because I would love to wash the cloths with the diapers, but I’m not sure if the Peppermint Oil would affect my diapers … ?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yes, I used peppermint oil. Yuuuum. Adding essential oil to your wipes solution isn’t going to cause a problem in the wash.


  7. Carly Says:

    I LOVE CLOTH WIPES! I made all of mine out of an old flannel sheet (just cut out squares and sewed a border around them; made about 70 with my friend’s sewing machine — mind you, I didn’t even know how to use a sewing machine before this and it worked out great!). I make my own solution and put them in a wipes container and soak them all at once. It usually works out well to just make a batch of wipes everytime I wash the diapers (e.g., usually make 20-30 wipes every few days). I only have issues if I let them go more than 2-3 days (then they smell musty). I add lavendar oil to the solution and they smell amazing (I hate the smell of disposable wipes and diapers…gross). One thing that might help — I leave the wipes container partly open — they dry out a bit more this way but I think it helps counteract the must/mildew. You won’t regret the switch — they are easy and work so much better than disposable wipes! :)

    P.S. LOVE your blog and have referred tons of friends! :)


  8. Jessica Says:

    I use baby wash cloths as wipes (people kept giving them to me at showers and I hardly EVER use them for baths!). I use the peri bottle that the hospital gave me, fill it with clean water, add a couple drops of baby soap (or whatever kind of soap you usually use in the shower/tub). When diaper changes come around I just spray the water onto the cloth and wipe the bum. For extra nasty poos we use toilet paper to wipe at first so that it can just be flushed, then finish off with a cloth wipe. They can go straight in the pail with the diapers and make it so easy to get the bums clean!


  9. Amanda Says:

    I made all my own cloth wipes and just keep them folded in half, dry in an old wipe container. I keep a spray bottle beside the table of just plain water, and wet each one as I need it. My toddler rarely has dirty diapers that are “that” messy now. He even likes me to spray the wipe so the mist falls on him, he laughs so hard at this that we’ve made it a game.


  10. Rachella Says:

    I use cloth wipes and spray them with water. For poopy diapers I use toilet paper to get most of the mess before using the cloth wipe and just flush it afterward. It seems to work well for use but as a newbie still (my babygirl is 2 months) I am still learning my system too. I find the fleece wipes better as they are a little softer on her butt.


  11. Maggie L Says:

    Dumb newbie question (baby due in April): how many cloth wipes should we start out with? I’m trying to figure out how many to make/buy and want to get started soon. If we go through 10-15 a day, and we do laundry every other day (is that realistic with cloth diapers, or should we be planning on every day laundry? I know, so much to learn!!), that’s…45 or so (with extras)? Anyone have good suggestions for dimensions?


  12. kerin Says:

    I love our cloth wipes, though I have to pester my husband to use them instead of the disposables. I bought a yard of fleece at the fabric store and cut them into rectangles about the same size as a typical disposable wipe.

    I buy the California Baby Diaper spray and dilute it to half concentration. I could probably dilute it further, but I’m happy with that. The bottles normally cost about $10, so I’m cutting it down to $5 per bottle. A bottle typically lasts about a 4-6 weeks and so the expense is really rather minimal.

    Some people spray the wipes and then use on baby. I prefer just to spray the butt directly and then wipe – I think it cleans up better.

    I like cloth wipes better than disposables when using cloth diapers because then I don’t have to throw the poopy wipes in the trash…it’s an extra step avoided (and my trash doesn’t smell of poo!)


  13. Jessica Menon Says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering my nearly one year old from the beginning, and also have been using cloth wipes from the beginning. I guess I just figured if I am bothering to wash the diapers, why not just wash cloth wipes along with them?

    At first I tried a few different booty lusters, potions, etc., but after a bout of bad diaper rash, I just started plain water, and that has worked best for me. I just keep a stack of clean cloth wipes in a little basket by all my changing stuff, and a bowl of fresh water, and wet one when I need and wipe, and throw it in my dirty diaper bag. I think it’s worked great.

    I also travel a lot, so if I am in a place where I am traveling with cloth diapers but may not have water readily available, I bring along a travel size of some diaper spray potion and just use a lot of that with a dry cloth (and once in a while just use the disposable wipes, but I hate using disposable wipes, and hate buying them). If interested in information on traveling with cloth diapers, check out my blog: http://gypsymomma.com/recommended-gear/travel-gear-i-cant-live-without/diapering/


  14. Tracy Says:

    I make my wipes ahead of time. I put a small bit, maybe 1/4-1/2 of a tsp, of California Baby bath soap and olive oil in a reusable water bottle we keep just for mixing up the wipe solution and fill it with water. I think it holds 3-4 cups of water. I have my clean wipes folded in a tupperware container (I use 3 so I can rotate) and just pour the solution on them and squish it in so they are just damp. For the diaper bag I just use a much smaller tupperware container, about the size for a sandwich. Works great and is easy. The olive oil washes right out so you can throw it in with your diapers.


  15. Mandy Says:

    There is an option C. Make your own disposable wipes. It works in this house. the peanutbutter poo for 10 months turned me off cloth – this mamma did NOT like rinsing wipes. There are a TON of variations but…heres ours. I Love these.
    its always easier to watch a video than type while nursing. FYI I do add a little more water, equal ammts of oil and wash, and a couple of drops of tea tree.
    and i do not wait 20 minutes. more like shake for 60 seconds / let sit for a minute then remove.


  16. heather p Says:

    For some reason my husband hates cloth wipes too. I don’t get it. There are so many steps at my house for using them. After changing a poopy diaper, they need to be taken out of the diaper and then put in the diaper Genie, which is gross in my opinion, I almost always get something on me unless I waste more toilet paper to push it down. And he often leaves them in the diaper to be washed, they certainly help make a nice diaper rope if you use hook and loop! Grrrrr. So… How I like to do it is just mix wipe solution in a peri bottle, there’s one upstairs and one downstairs. We use honey chunks. I boil water with my keurig lol, to dissolve it, and then divide it between the two bottles, and finish filling with cold water. These two bottles last me all week. They never stink. But every time I prewet wipes they stink the next day. If I’m going out, I just prewet a few and put them in a sandwich bag, or sometimes I use a little spray bottle.


  17. Corinne Says:

    I have over a dozen brands of cloths and have come to love the fuzzibunz cloths because one side is fleece and the other cotton , both which stay softer when washing with your diapers. Old school wash cloths just get too scratchy when washing with your diapers cuz U cant use dryer sheets or softeners.
    I actually premake solution – favorite wipe cube by monkey doodles so far , and put it in an electric wipe Warmer . You can fit 1o-18cloths in a time , cover them with wipe solution till they’re saturated and turn on warmer. This will last me 3-4 days, clean warmer thoroughly and begin again
    Because the warmer keeps things hot enough to keep bacteria at bay I found it much cleaner smelling and just plain nicer to use than a cold tub of pre-moistened cloths. My little Hayden is so spoiled with her warm soft cloths a cold Huggies wipe makes her nose curl up. YOu also dont need to keep the water running at the sink waiting for it to get warm
    One Cloth vs 6 wipes for a poopy, CLoth all the way!


  18. Veronique Says:

    I am thinking about using cloth wipes on my soon to be born baby. My only concern is the wipe solution. I would like to mix my own but would also like to be able to wash the wipes with the diaper. If I put some tea tree oil in the solution will I still be able to wash everything together without creating problems with the diaper?


  19. Kari Says:

    Just jump in and do it again. I use cloth wipes only, and won’t go back! I use a solution of water with a squirt of baby soap and a squirt of baby oil. It smells so good and works great! I rarely have a poopy that I’ve had to use more than one wipe. I use an old Huggies container and stack them all in there and pour the solution on top. I have thought about changing to a spray bottle, but I haven’t gotten to that yet. Why mess with a system that works, right?


  20. Tomi burgess Says:

    I use California Babies diaper area spray and moisten as needed. I keep that and stack of dry cloths on the table ready to go. I also have a spray bottle and stack of cloths in the diaper bag. It is really convenient. :)


  21. Kelley Says:

    I prefer cloth wipes too. I usually make a batch on the weekend, generally lasts us the whole week. Granted–when she’s at daycare they use their own disposable wipes there, so I think that’s why I only have to make one batch for a week. I pre-moisten them with Baby Wipe solution. Disposable wipes don’t get her bottom as clean, and they are SO flimsy! I’m way more likely to get poop on my hands with a disposable wipe. I make wipes while watching TV, it’s kinda meditative. Fold, spray, fold, spray, fold, spray. :)


  22. Jessica Says:

    I used disposable wipes on my newborn for 2 reasons: I needed the Huggies container for my cloth wipes, & I didn’t have quite enough cloth wipes made to make using them worth while. Fast forward 6 months. I have been using cloth wipes for months now, & I’ll never be able to go back! The disposable wipes are just too darn flimsy… & remembering to gingerly carry one to the trash can so that it doesn’t end up in a zillion pieces in my diaper laundry is just WAY too involved for my frazzled new mommy brain! :) I thought I would like the convenience of having my cloth wipes pre-moistened, but in the end that system required too much work. Now, I have a small spray bottle that I make my own wipe solution in about every 3 days. I do add a small bit of essential oils & have never had any trouble washing the wipes with my diapers. The wipes are folded in my handy Huggies container so that they pop up just like disposable wipes & I can just grab & go. When baby needs to be changed, I grab a wipe, spritz to moisten, & voila! I don’t have to worry about keeping up with the damp environment of pre-moistened wipes. Take the plunge, Autumn. You know you’ll love it once you find the system that works best for your home!


  23. Heather Says:

    I actually prefer cloth wipes. When my son was a newborn I used the wipes warmer, but I switched to a small crock pot with solution in it so I could just wet them as needed. Now I only use wipes if he poops. I will use a dry wipe with a spray solution I have when he pees mainly because it gets the smell off his skin and it will be wasted if I don’t. When he poops I use a washcloth because they’re larger and I wet it with warm water and Dr. Bronners peppermint soap. It takes poop off like nothing else! AND they just go right in the diaper wash! I used disposable diapers and wipes for a week when we lost power for 6 days a couple weeks ago. I was SHOCKED at how fast that tub of wipes went and I found that they didn’t get him nearly as clean as my cloth! I’m a cloth girl all the way!


  24. crystal Says:

    ps we NEVER roll our wipes to put in warmer. we grab handful,rinse in water(or solution) as i said, and then put in warmer as they are scrunched up in my hand.DONE. they never smell funky ever. we dont use the antibacterial pad that goes on the bottom either bc that was causing it to smell funky. plus i was worried about the crap in it. we have a diaper genie beside dresser with wipes and dipes and we toss all in there …..im telling you…sooooooo easy!


  25. crystal Says:

    super funny!! you use cloth dipes yet cant be inconvenienced with the wipes LMAO thats like saying you cook all organic food yet you do it on a teflon pan in the microwave LMAO or like feeding baby only organic free range yet slathering them EVERY night with paraben/phalate lotions and soaps at bath time while they chew on their BPA toys in the warm bathtub to leach into their skin and mouth tee hee hee
    we totally are addicted all the way around. we have a wipe warmer. grab a handful of wipes from the drawer,wet with water,or with solution we made and store in old pop 2 liter bottle (castile soap just a squirt,water,couple drops of tea tree oil) then plop the handful of cloth in to the warmer after gently squeezing out wipes in sink but leaving really damp. done. grap a dipe from the dresser, grab a wipe from on top of the dresser in the warmer and clean bum bum! when we go out i do have a few dry wipes in bag to wet with water but NORMALLY 99% of the time i use paper towels from public bathroom that i rinse in water just prior to laying son down to change him. wipes are so toxic with all the chemicals, and not to mention such a waste of time! give cloth wipes a (nother) chance LOL!


  26. hannahmama3 Says:

    Could someone explain the “healthiness or lack thereof with disposable wipes”? I know Autumn didn’t want to talk about that in her post but I could really use some more info about it. Thanks!


    • crystal Says:

      some wipes contain mineral oil (which is a known carcinogen) also chlorine, and fragance(which is nothing but chemicals to make the smell)—here is some info that explains better ,
      “The material used in baby wipes can be made from silk, cotton, polyester, wool, rayon, polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene – or a mixture. Price conscious consumers are likely getting a product that’s predominantly plastic – which is derived from crude oil(which means they are not biodegradable and made from a known carcinogen)…
      Wipes can incorporate quite a chemical cocktail, including ingredients such as:
      – Sodium diamphoacetate (?)
      – coco phosphatidyl PG-dimonium chloride (?)
      – propylene glycol (known carcinogen)
      – hydroxymethyl cellulose(not so bad.nothing found)
      – methyl and propyl paraben (mimics estrogen in human body)
      – triclosan (causes thyroid problems)
      There’s not only implications for human health with some of these chemicals, but as waste products, they can be toxic in aquatic and land ecosystems.”
      (above taken from http://www.greenlivingtips.com/articles/304/1/Greening-baby-wipes.html)
      heres a cool site i found http://www.healthy-communications.com/5cancercausingchemicals.html
      and you should ALWAYS check your baby stuff on here (and adult stuff)…http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/—its a non profit org and tells you what is in what and why it is bad (ie carcinogen,cell mutation etc)
      so hopefully that answers your question. not to mention the cost.cloth is so easy. gah…so easy AND so healthy!!:)


  27. Mathilda Says:

    I made my own cloth wipes using flannel. I cut them into 8 x 8″ squares and finished the edges with a sewing machine. I fold them like the disposables and put them in a huggies dispenser. I use a spray bottle with water to wet the wipe before using. I have tried wetting all the wipes in the container but found that it was harder to dispense and I needed two hands or all the wipes would come out. I also find that cloth wipes do a much better job cleaning bums than disposables.


  28. Susan Says:

    I’m not sure the statement about oils in wipe solution causing problems w/ diapers is true. I make my own solution and use vegetable based oils and they wash out fine. I’ve had no repelling nor any buildup. Plus if oils in wipes cause a problem then they’re would also be that same issue with CD safe diaper creams which often do get on the dipes if you don’t use a liner (which I don’t) and I’ve had no repelling nor any buildup from the oils in those either. Secondly lets look at the science behind cleaning. If we wash with soap or detergent in the case of CDing then the detergemt binds with the oils and dirt in the diaper, breaking them down and get washed away with the water. Plus we use hot water which usually aids in this process. I believe that the oils get sufficiently washed away in the hot wash if you use a detergent with a surfactant. The problem is that many CDing mothers have been told to use more natural detergents that don’t have a surfactant and then to use only 2 tablespoons or some small amount like that, thus there is nothing in the wash to sufficiently wash away the oils. I use liquid Tide F&G (non ultra). I use up to line 2 for my full load and do an extra short wash with warm water for my extra rinse. Everything including the oils in the wipes gets washed clean and my dipes are super clean with no stink, no ammonia and no repelling.

    I just wanted to put this out there as another opinion so others may not be detered from using healthy and beneficial oils in their homemade wipe solutions.


  29. Rachel C Says:

    Oh ps I do strip my diapers a lot so maybe that’s why I dont have problem with the oils. I wash once with cloth diaper approved detergent, once with vinegar, once with water only. Sometimes I skip 2nd step. The Grovias are really absorbent so that might be why I feel like they need this.
    And if it’s a really messy diaper, we sometimes do use a little toilet paper since we use liners and they can be flushed together easily. I’d be afraid to flush a disposable wipe. We keep a little bowl for the liner and a role of tp in the changing table. But lately we’ve just been using straight cloth, not much of liners either.


  30. Rachel C Says:

    I hate disposable wipes, they are gross, full of gross ingredients too. Here is my system. I use a wipe warmer for just water + essential oils. Mainly I use tea tree oil for disinfecting and a drop of lavender just because. I use prince lionheart warmer because it opens nicely for easy access. the water does get gross- that is why I don’t put the wipes in there, I hate having to wash them when I haven’t even used them yet. Every two days you need to change the water. I open it, dip my cloths in it, wipe, throw in diaper pail with my diaper inserts (I use grovia hybrid diapers). Then I just dump the whole thing in the washer after a poop and wash them all together. Honestly it is VERY easy, much easier than where to put dirty nasty poop disposable wipes after.


    • Sarah Says:

      Best idea ever! Using the warmer just for the water! I have the same warmer, and I have just stopped using it because I got so tired of wetting the wipes and rolling them almost every night. I have reverted to disposable wipes because of it. But I have noticed my daughter prefers the cloth wipes…I’m going to try it tomorrow! Daisy’s butt will be so happy!

      BTW, I used oils in my wipes and never had a problem with the wash.


  31. Tammy M. Says:

    I prefer cloth wipes, but the disposables are more convenient. Mostly cuz there’s more of them in a container. We are trying to figure out what my daughter is allergic to, so we are eliminating many things from her diet & from her skin. She is in cloth diapers and when all the wipes are clean, we use cloth wipes. I really like the “baby” washcloths for this purpose. They are soft on one side and small pile terry on the other so they get her really clean and we just use 1 cloth where we used to use 3!


  32. Ann Marie Says:

    We use cloth wipes, we have since we started cd’ing 4.5 years ago. All we do is keep the dry wipes in an old plastic sposie wipes container along with a small squirty bottle of water and wet the wipes as needed. I tried keeping a whole batch moistened at once but they would get nasty smelling after a day or so. This way has worked out much better for us.


    • Katy Says:

      Such a good idea. I keep ours in an old sposie wipes box also, but wet a handful at a time to use throughout the day…and have noticed they kinda stink! I will start keeping a squirt bottle nearby to wet one at a time. Thanks!


  33. Karissa Says:

    I always wash my wipes with the diapers and I use oil in my solution. No issues. I used to use olive oil but switched to coconut oil. It is divine! Before I used it, I read that coconut oil washes clean so it is not a problem. Not sure if it is true, but I haven’t had any issues. Nor have I had issues with the tea tree and lavender oil that I use in it. Coconut oil is supposed to be excellent for diaper rashes and at 18 months old, my son has never really had a rash!


  34. Casey Says:

    Ok, I just want to clarify….I’ve read some comments that say NEVER wash cloth wipes with diapers if you use a solution that has oil in it…but several posts with moms who say they’ve never had a problem washing the wipes and dipes together, even when using a solution with oil. What’s the consensus?


  35. Audrey Says:

    I LOVE cloth wipes! I just got done telling my husband that if I had to choose between cloth wipes and cloth diapers I would choose cloth wipes! I do use both full time though. I have flannel wipes (that I make myself, I am going to start selling them at simplycloth.etsy.com). For the wipes solution I use a 97 cent spray bottle that I got at the store and put a little bit of baby wash in the bottom and then fill it up with water the rest of the way. When needed I spray my baby’s bottom with the solution and wipe it up with a cloth wipe! What took me like 3-4 disposable wipes (messy diapers) now only takes 1 (very rarely 2) cloth wipes. The solution being in the spray bottle keeps me from having to “make” wipes on a daily/every other day basis. I do not have to patients to take the time to get wipes wet and roll them up, etc. So, anyway, this is what works GREAT for me :) Thank you for your blog and wealth of information, and good luck at your new endeavor of learning to love cloth wipes!


  36. Cyndel Jones Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    I love cloth wipes…hate disposables, especially since they smell so chemical and feel so soapy and I don’t like the way my hands feel after I use them, I got to really appreciate this when I drove 800 miles with my mom…who loves the cloth too! She talked me into taking disposables because I was planning on taking cloth wipes and she didn’t like how much room they were taking up. I told her I wasn’t willing to spend the money so she came home with a pack of wipes…grrr. Any way I HATE that I have to throw them in another container or separate them before putting them in the wash as I hate washing them they have soooo much lent. I use solution only because it was given too me (by you actually now that I think of it…thank you!) I can’t afford to buy it and I don’t want to add oil as I don’t want to wash them separately, so when my solution runs out I will use only water.
    I use mostly baby wash cloths that I bought for at 2 for a quarter, and some home made wipes that were given to me as a part of a diaper trade, because the mama decided the trade was unequal.
    I also use a peri bottle at home and a spray bottle while out. I use to pre-moisten and keep in a wipe box for night changes but he doesn’t need night changes so i don’t do so any more, great system 4 a newborn though.
    I used to wet them and keep them in a zip lock for the diaper bag. However when I found them smelling sour after forgetting about them going no where for a week or so several times, I stopped wetting them and just adding a water bottle to the bag.


  37. Hannah Says:

    I change my 18 month old in the bathroom, so I wet the cloth wipe just as I go to change her. Then, of course, I just throw it in with the cd for washing.
    I tried making a solution and storing all of my cloth wipes with it in a disposable container, but it got to be too much of a hassle. I’ve found wetting the wipe down as I go to change her is easy-peasy AND cheaper :)


  38. Kulia Says:

    I have to admit I too have been using disposables for the last few months’ :( this post makes me want to try again. I had a great system, lever thermos full of warm water and home made wipes made from my husbands old shirts & boxers, old flannel boxers are great! But most of the time we do what they do in a lot of warm weather countries, we merely wash his bottom in the sink. He stays super clean, never gets a rash, loves the water, and honestly it’s less of a mess. I wash sink & disinfect with 7th gen. spray after and use a hand towel to dry. Btw hes 16 mos & we still do this. If possible we do it when we’re out or use ‘sposies. My mom did this with me too.


  39. Paula Says:

    I fluctuate between disposable wipes, “pre-moistened” cloth wipes, and “spray-as-you-go” cloth wipes. The convenience of disposables is the easiest and what my MIL prefers to use. I use Lusa Organics baby wipe juice- they recommend 1-3 tsp per cup, I usually use 1 tsp for about 3 cups to make it last longer. When I remember, I try to premoisten my wipes (I’ve found it is easier to wet them in a big bowl, then I fold them into a disposable wipes container). Often though, life gets busy and I just spray them as I need them. Once I forgot I had a container of pre-moistened wipes upstairs for about a week (maybe more) and they weren’t musty at all- I think the wipe juice helped with that. I use a big heavy-duty spray bottle I found at Target and I only have to refill it every other week or so depending on my current wipes choice. Just keeping trying different methods until you figure out what works best for you. It might be more than one depending on the situation, like me.


  40. Rebekah Says:

    Our changing station is now in our bathroom. I keep the wipes, dry, in a drawer and come changing time I just turn on the warm water in the sink, hold the wipe(s) under it for a few seconds, and squeeze. Voila, warm wipe ready to use! For out and about, I use a little plastic wipes container (meant for disposable wipes) and pre-wet my wipes with plain ol’ water, then fold them in half (I made my own wipes and sized them to fit) in the container. I can fit about 8 in one small container, which is perfect for a day out with 2 kids in diapers. Poopy diapers get the toilet paper treatment first, then the remnants the TP left get cleaned up by the cloth wipe. After almost two years of experimenting, this is the system I’ve liked the best so far.


  41. Kristen Says:

    I am of no help. I have found the disposible wipe love mine is pampers. :( My son is 20 months and I am 35 weeks preggo with #2. I can’t stomach the poo wipes right now for some reason. I am the biggest cloth advocate so, I feel like a huge hipocrit. My son has never worn a disposible and we had until recently only used cloth wipes. (I just use a warmer and wet the wipes with water, really easy. I only put in a couple days worth because of the bacteria issue.) We don’t use paper towels and we have one of those fancy toilets where you don’t need paper, but I just bought a mega box of wipes at BRU. I feel ya! :)


  42. Rachelle S Says:

    I hated figuring out my system, but now it is so easy– now only one stop! The diaper pail!
    I use a standard water bottle with a sports top (that pulls up and down) and about 1 T. wash and 1 T. oil to it (and a drop or two of tea tree oil or witch hazel to keep funk away.). I have to make solution only like every couple weeks and keep it in the kitchen cupboard.
    I keep 2 (Huggies) tubs. As I have clean wipes from laundry, I sh0ve them in one empty (which I store upside down near the clean dipes so I can differentiate). The other tub I keep prepared wipes in. I dump some solution over the wipes, flip the pile, and add more if the new “top” is dry. I use those, and keep shoving dry ones in the other tub. When I run out of prepared wipes, I flip that tub upside down for clean, dry wipe storage and pour solution over the now-full tub of dry wipes.


  43. Laurann Says:

    I have a great and easy system for cloth wipes. Cut up old T-shirts and water. I would actually like to get some more baby wash clothes and use them instead, but I’m really cheap-You can even get the cloths at the dollar store! Anyway, I just through them in the diaper pail and wash and dry them with my diapers-you don’t have to dry them, but it’s just easier that way.

    These are my steps to wet them:
    1. I gather them up in a clump and run water over them to get them wet.
    2. I take one and lay it on the counter.
    3. I take another one and set it on top but only halfway.
    4. I fold the uncovered half of the previous one over top so half of the top one is covered.
    5. Repeat until all cloths are used.
    6. Take out any left over cloths from the reusable wipe container (I started with disposables) and set on top of the newly folded pile.
    7. Pull the top cloth through the opening.

    This isn’t a sure fire way to get the cloths to come up each time, but it does help.


  44. Esley Says:

    I use cloth wipes that I made with old bath towels and flannel scraps even old flannel shirts or sheets. The are about 7×7 inches. I use no solution. I add hot water to a pump thermos I bought at a thrift store for $1.00. The water stays warm for 2 days. You have to pump the water out on the towel side not the flannel side because it will repel. Super soft yet a scrubbie side for stuck on messes. You can make these same clothes in different sizes for cleaning in the kitchen or even your car. They are sturdy and don’t flop around.

    I sometimes use the toss out ones but it seems to take half a pack to get rid of the mess. They drive me crazy. But yet so handy in the car.


  45. Lindsey Says:

    I use cub solution or some retailers have a liquid concentrate, that I put in a spray bottle. I have a growing collection of homemade cloth wipes made from flannel that I think work much better then baby wash clothes and are softer. I have a open top container with a pile of wipes and my spray solution on my changing station. Just spray babies bottom, wipe and toss in diaper pail. I have always washed them together and have never had any problems. I do the same thing on the go, just put the cloth wipes in a travel wipe case.


  46. Rema Says:

    I hate “baby” washcloths and things sold as “cloth wipes”. I much prefer regular Terry or microfiber adult washcloths. I never fold them when I wash, but I throw them in a basket that I keep on a shelf of my changing table. They get baby very clean, with a few spritzes of homemade diaper wipe solution. Even though it has a touch of oil, I launder right along my dipes. No problems. It’s cheap, easy, Cleans better than and better for environment and baby over disposable wipes. I even keep some cloths in the dipe bag and in my car for travel, alongside a spray bottle. Love it!


  47. Emily Says:

    They are so easy for me to use. But I do like disposable wipes around for other times, too. But, I love my set up. I bought this wipes warmer/caddy that I hang over the side of my changing table. http://www.amazon.com/Especially-Baby-Warmer-Diaper-Organizer/dp/B00005QBWZ/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top I store the clean/dry wipes in the caddy (which was intended for disposable diapers, I believe). Then each morning, I grab a handful (enough for the day) and I go in the bathroom, get them wet with hot water, wring them out as much as I can, come back and put them in the warmer to stay nice and wet and warm during the day. They are just folded in half and stacked one on top of the other…not interlocked or anything. At diaper changes I just grab what I need and then toss all together in the diaper pail. If I run out during the day or during a diaper change I have one of my bigger kids help out by getting more wet – which is usually a rare situation. Then, after I wash them, I fold them in half and stack one on top of the other and put them away in the blue caddy, ready for another day. Easy Peasy!

    I have used wipes solutions in the past but have found that I prefer just water since my littles have had sensitive skin with sprays and such.


  48. Singingdoc Says:

    Living in a small apartment has its advantages. No room for a changing table! We put it all on the bathroom counter: the changing pad, the wipes, all conveniently next to the sink. Diapers are stacked nearby on a wall shelf. I keep the wipes (6 thirsties, 6 Kissaluvs, and 24 square cotton flannel wipes) dry and folded and stacked to the right of the Cooshie changing pad. Whenever I need a wipe I just grab one, wet it, and wipe baby, toss it in the diaper pail. He doesn’t mind cold water so it’s easy enough for me. The whole scene is also convenient for practicing elimination communication – if I think he’s about to make “number 2,” I just take him to the toilet, let him work, then wash him up in the sink and plop him back on his changer! But I will readily admit that we have a box of disposable wipes there for those who prefer to use them; me, I prefer the cloth, I feel like it cleans him up so much better.


  49. Heather K Says:

    Just do it!!! We just homemade wipes at our house; they are easy. I just make my own solution (water, olive oil and the babywash of our choice) and put it in a generic spray bottle. I hang the spray bottle over a towel on the changing table and have a basket of baby wash cloths next to it. When I need a wipe I just grap a cloth, spray in in front of the towel and bingo it’s good to go. It usually take two or three cloths per poopy diaper. My husband even uses this system. When done I just throw then in the diaper pail with the cloth diapers and wash them with the diaper load!!! I hope this helps.


  50. Emily Says:

    I totally feel you!!! I bought some cloth wipes and felt like it was more of a hassle then anything. My son has really sensitive skin and I would try making a whip solution or buying on and it would give him a rash or make his rash worse. I didn’t like just using water, I just didn’t feel like it got him clean. I use Huggies for sensitive skin and it gets the job done!!! To be honest I really have been slacking with cloth diapering my son. I’m hoping with our new one I am able to stick with it longer!! I love to cloth diaper!!!


  51. Sarah Says:

    Now I’m concerned… I’ve been using a homemade solution that involves Tea Tree Oil. I always wash my wipes with my diapers, and I sometimes add TTO directly to the hot wash with my diapers. Am I harming them…? I had read that TTO helps to kill bacteria and that it was good for cloth diapers. Should I not be doing this…?


  52. Katherine Says:

    I use cloth wipes still on my potty trained 2 year old, just to make sure she’s clean after she wipes up. We use cut up flat diapers and receiving blankets, and make them pretty big (like 9×9 I guess). For on-the-go we bought a Planet Wise wipe holder/pouch (came with wipes, too!), it’s waterproof and zips closed! We only used disposable wipes for the first few weeks, then we felt so dumb for ever using them when we switched to cloth ones… We always wet with just water and only had about 10 at a time pre- moistened.


  53. cristy Says:

    We use cloth wipes! Most of ours I made myself from fabric scraps after making cloth diapers for the kiddos. I did have a pack of those dollar store baby wipes things but they are SO inferior to decent wipes out of a good fabric that I threw them all away.

    My husbands favorite “wipe” to use is actually his old socks. Dont laugh! He takes his old holy socks and cuts them up the back and throws them into the wipe drawer. The are big (for his rather large hands he likes big wipes) and they are GREAT at wiping poo.

    We use just plain old water for the wipes. They are stored dry in a drawer on our makeshift changing table (an old section of kitchen counter-2drawers and 2 doors with a counter on top-works GREAT!) That is in our little bedroom (used to be the nursery but we had more kids then parents so we gave them our room) which opens right into the bathroom. We can reach our hand around the corner and get the wipe wet straight from the faucet. They then get chucked into the tub with the dirty diaper for me to rinse off and put in the wet bag for washing.

    We even use our cloth wipes when we use disposable diapers. We are still having trouble finding a good (and low cost) diapering solution for night time. I sit there and look at the disposable diaper in one hand and the cloth wipe in the other and shake my head.


  54. Katie Santiago Says:

    I just go for the fleece wipes (from Fuzzi Bunz) that I get wet before each use (my bathroom is really close to the changing table) and travel with a bunch of them pre-wetted in a Ziploc bag. So far the system has worked great and the best part is that I don’t have to retrieve dirty wipes out of diapers when I have been out and about.


  55. Chanda Says:

    I alternate between cloth wipes and disposable. Cloth wipes for home and disposable for on the go. I make my own cloth wipe solution out of different essential oils and mild 18-in -1 hemp wash by Dr Bronner…sometimes I use the lavender or tea tree oil wash as well. Any of them work well with whatever combination of essential oils you choose to use. I use Prince Lionhearts Wipes Warmer which I love. It has an anti-microbial pillow which I moisten and put at the bottom with the wipes on top after I’ve soaked them. It keeps them from drying out or smelling. I drop them in the diaper bucket that I soak the diapers in and wash them together. I haven’t encountered any issues with oil build up on the diapers. So in all I prefer cloth wipes over disposable wipes.


  56. Shiree Says:

    I fold wipes using this method


    then wet them, and wring them out and put them in an old pop-up wipes container. Then I make a wipes solution to go in a spray bottle and store it in a basket in the bathroom with diapers and wipes. I only use the solution when I need it . I just spray it directly on the cute baby bum. Most of the time, I just use the wet wipe. My wipes have never gotten moldy when I use only water. This has been super easy for me.


  57. Adrian Post Says:

    I used cloth wipes when I had a baby in diapers. I actually get a small break from diapers between the last baby and this one growing inside. But I had a Glad container with wipes already moist with a wipe solution so they were ready to go when I needed them. It held around 15 wipes in it. Enough to last a few days. ( I don’t have big poopers at my house so I didn’t need a lot of them prepped). When I had a dirty diaper that needed wipes I’d just spray the wipes off with my sprayer like I did my diaper and in the diaper pail it went. It was easy and just required a few extra minutes to prep the next batch. I did however use disposable wipes when I was out of the house. My system worked great for me and if a kiddo was needing a clean up other than diaper clean up, those prepped wipes were great at cleaning off faces and dirty hands. And the wipe solution smelled so good. I used Clean B solution but it’s hard to come by these days. Luckily I have three bottles of the concentrated solution.. hopefully they don’t go bad..


  58. Amanda Says:

    Oh but I never even thought about my wipes solution having oil in it and have always washed them with my diapers. I will have to look into that so thanks!


  59. jill Says:

    Well, I have about 50 and there have been times when I’ve run out, or very close before they got out of my dryer (newborn). I have back up pack of disposable wipes, and they have stayed wet for more than a year, probably more than 2 years. Just goes to show, they last forever, right? Right now I either wet as I go (plain water) or use a spray bottle of pre mixed solution (won in a giveaway) and just spray with the solution and use a dry wipe. Also, I’ve grabbed a small container recently (think one that ‘lunchmeat’ might come in) and use warm water first thing in the morning on 2 or 3 wipes, lay the lid on top and just refill throughout the day. I’m usually walking through that area anyway, so I may as well just do it really quick. That way, they don’t sit there too long!


  60. Amanda Says:

    This is funny, because I hate disposable wipes! I never understood why someone using cloth diapers would want to use them, simply because I seem incapable of not throwing them in the diaper bin with my diapers and they end up going in the wash. I love throwing the wipes in with the diapers. I personally use kissaluvs wipes solution, I have one bottle that isn’t even half empty I have used for the 7 months of my daughters life. I use and empty disposable wipes container and keep them moist. I wash it out from time to time, but I go through them so quick I don’t think there is much time for them to get too nasty. Interesting to hear other ways of doing it though, and hear why people might not use them!


  61. judi Says:

    My wipes are a bunch of the cheap washcloths from Walmart (the adult size ones) and some cut up hooded towels that we’re developing small holes. I keep them in a hanging organizer above my changing table. Since my changing table is in the bathroom I just wet one in the sink before I put my little one down on the changing table. If I’m still diapering when we move (we’re renters so a move is going to be in our future eventually) and the changing table isn’t in the bathroom I will have to come up with a new system. I use disposable wipes for a lot of other things and I keep them on hand. I also use them when we go out. I will probably still be buying disposable wipes when my last children are teens. Not for wiping bottoms but for other handy purposes when we’re out and about.


  62. Stephanie Says:

    I use cloth wipes. I store them dry, and wet them with water from the sink when I change diapers. I toss it all in my wet bag and wash together. Super simple. I do tend to use disposables sometimes when on the go. Most of the time, I can use cloth, because I usually change diapers in the bathroom, and there’s always a sink close by to wet the wipe down.


  63. Jan Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    I’m about to be a first-time mommy, so I feel I have an advantage of sorts. I don’t know what it is to rely upon disposable wipes! Shoot, I don’t know nuthin. Okay, I know this – having been an aunt for 16 years, I am the world’s WORST diaper-changer. It takes me about 5-6 wipes to clean poo…and as much gets on me as on the wipes. So, my starting point is pretty dismal. Due to this, I’m thinking, “what have I got to lose?” I’m going with cloth wipes. I’ll let you know how it goes!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yeah!!! I started using them this morning and I really do feel dumb for not using them all along. I used the peri bottle and squirted it on the cloth. You’ll get yourself a nice little peri bottle when baby is born…it’ll be your best friend for the first week or 2 :)


      • Rachel Zylstra Says:

        I too used my peri bottle. I had a basket of wipes and my bottle with just water. I tried oils and soaps and such and settle on just water! When we went out I threw some wipes and the bottle in my bag.
        No peri bottle? and empty dish soap bottle works just as well!


        • Renae Says:

          I can’t find my peri bottle! and this (iroically before I read your recent posts about cloth wipes) I had decided to switch to cloth wipes. I am so fed up with disposables and the fact that my lil’ boy seems to leave a streak in every cloth diaper! Does anyone know where I can find a peri. bottle to purchase? wally world did not have a squirt bottle in travel section so I bought a two pack of squirt bottles used to make candy. So, for now I will try that bottle to see how it works. I’m super excited for cloth wipes. Thanks for posting this and encouraging me to go for it!


      • Lori Says:

        Peri bottle with water next to a flat stack of BabyKicks wipes in a basket – looks like a stack of tortillas. I squirt the top wipe until it is wet and then wipe up. I found I like these wipes better than washclothes and the round shape seems to make it easier for me to wipe, for some reason. Have been doing this almost two years with my daughter and have a 5 week old with the same routine as well.

        This is actually the first time I have posted, but your blog was a big part of my research a few years ago when we decided to make the plunge before my daughter was born – since then I got my brother and his wife hooked on cloth diapers as well as a number of other people living here in Manhattan. Thanks!


        • Sherry Says:

          Jan, I remember using several disposable wipes before cloth diapering but cloth wipes have a way of cleaning up the mess with one wipe. Plus if you need more than one cloth wipe it won’t cost you to use them!


  64. Alicia Says:

    I just use plain, jane water in my wipe warmer. Before cloth dipes/wipes, I used to use a homemade solution on a paper towel roll to make my own wipes. I had trouble with mold in the container eventually. So, I just use water. I have only had to clean out the warmer one time in the year that we have cloth diapered. It cleans just as well without any chance for rashes or cloth diaper washing issues.

    When we are out and about, I just wet wipes in a ziplock bag and go. I have kept them in that bag for a couple weeks without any issues (I keep my diaper bag in the car until it is used). It isn’t a perfect system, but it works wonderfully for us and loads cheaper!


  65. Julie D. Says:

    I just keep about forty baby washcloths (I have 2 in cloth) in a gladware container and keep them wet. I’ve never done a solution because I was afraid what adding things might do to cause buildup in my diapers, but I do love that disposable wipes “glide” so easily as opposed to my wet washcloths. Still, I think I’ve seen a difference in quality of cloth wipes when using just water for them. My eight Goodmama wipes are so much better than my cheapie baby washcloths at cleaning up the mess without having to scrub my little guys’ bottoms. :)


  66. Lynn Wilson Says:

    I actually have a basket of dry wipes near the diapers and keep a bottle handy to squirt and use. I find it the best way. I have 3 bottles throughout the house and in the diaper bag as well. Sometimes I use just water… other times I love LuSa’s booty wash!


  67. Carmen Says:

    I found it’s more user friendly to have a pre-made wipes solution that you just pour on your cloth wipes in your wipes container, and when you run out of wipes grab a new batch of wipes and pour your ready to go solution on it again until you run out. You make it once a week and done. Happy Cloth Wiping!


  68. Rachael Says:

    I have a basket of cut-up-tee-shirt wipes by the changing pad. I have an old cleaned-out salsa jar of water nearby (wide mouth jar). I dip cloth, and wipe. It goes in the pail with the diapers. They get washed with the diapers. Once dry, they are tossed into the basket. I add or change water every few days as needed. As its cooled off, Peanut laughs like it tickles when I wipe him down in the mornings. I think its the cold water. I’m gonna have to think about how to do it when its really chilly in the house.


  69. Eileen Says:

    Well, I keep a pretty simple wipes routine. I have a Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer, with a ‘pillow’, and I use that to stash the wipes. I simply wet the wipes and put them in the warmer. I have not had any problems with mold/fungus growing my warmer. It works great for me, and I have never felt the need for a wipes solution. I have had 4 doz wipes of different brands/materials that I have been using for 2 years now. They are great, and continue to hold up well!


  70. Heather Says:

    My cloth wipes are made from two receiving blankets cut up and sewn together. I place them in a basket next to the changing table along with a water bottle (with just plain ol’ water). I simply spray baby’s bum and wipe it off. Done. Simple. Not sure why anyone would do anything different? For travel I throw some wipes and a travel-size squirt bottle in the diaper bag.


  71. Ashley Says:

    I make my own solution and it has always worked great. I fill up a clean disposable wipes container with folded cloth wipes. Then I fill a 20 oz water bottle with hot water, dissolve 1 tbsp coconut oil, add 10 drops lavender tree tea oil blend, and then add 2 squirts of California Baby wash. Mix it all up and pour over wipes. When they cool squeeze out extra solution. I’ve never had any problems with them getting nasty or drying out!


  72. Heidi Says:

    Cloth wipes have become our favorite part of the whole diapering system! We used the sensitve skin type of disposable wipes at first, but he still developed a rash. As soon as we switched to cloth it cleared up.

    We keep a couple dozen baby washcloths at the changing table and a travel mug full of warm water. Just dip it in to get it wet and wipe. They work so much better than disposables. I no longer go thru 3-4 wipes each diaper change. (Sometimes that was just because with one tug I would get that many wipes from the container. So frustrating.) I use one wipe to wash him off and another to dry. I also have California Baby Diaper Wash, but I don’t use it that often. Water works just as well.


  73. Wendy Says:

    Ya well, I hate disposable wipes :P It always seems to take at least 4 or 5 disposable wipes to clean up the same nasty mess that ONE cloth wipe takes care of.

    I *used* to fold all the cloths in half when they came out of the dryer and store them in a couple of plastic reusable disposable wipe boxes. Now I’m back at work and barely have time to DO the laundry, forget about folding a hundred little cloths. So now I jam them all into the box, unfolded and my system still works fine.

    I always have 2 boxes full of cloths, one pre-moistened with homemade wipe solution (make sure it includes apple cider vinegar to avoid mould). I fill a 2L pop bottle with undiluted solution and keep it in the bathroom, then when I need to moisten a box of wipes, I squirt them with some of the solution and then just add enough water from the tap to make them as wet as I like. It’s easy, the 2L bottle of solution lasts about 3 months before I have to make more, and the cloths don’t get gross even though they’re premoistened.

    Hope that helps you feel less scared of cloth wipe committment :)


  74. Kristin Says:

    I use Gerber washcloths. I keep them next to the sink in the bathroom and in my diaper bag. I just get them wet before I change her. Plain water and one little wipe is all I need, even for the messiest diaper. I like that they have texture on one side to clean the mess but they are smooth on the other side. They work well for little noses too! And they are super cheap!


  75. jenna Says:

    I started out using disposables but found it to ne a hassle. I would throw my diaper in the wetbag and be holding on to nasty dirty wipes that I had to get rid of. Sooo much easier once I switched. now it all just goes in the wetbag.


  76. Melissa Says:

    We use cloth wipes. BUT as a small business owner I decided that the whole wipe situation in our house needed a change. I created a Bottom Bath in a spray bottle. Before even attempting to wipe the poop off I spray and saturate the bottom with my wash spray and then with a dry wipe I wipe it off. Not only does the Bottom Bath help break up the poop it also leaves a clean bottom behind, not one that just smells clean (though mine smells yummy from the essential oil combo I use to soothe that bottom once the poop is gone.). Everyone in my house is excited about diaper changes now because there is no 10 wipe diaper changes anymore. Hubby and my mom especially like it because it works so well, and the boys don’t mind having their bottom sprayed. Poop is then shaken off of the wipes and they go into the wet bag w/ the diapers. Easy peasy. So, shameless plug for myself. Check out http://www.guavasandbananas.etsy.com to see what I’m talking about.


  77. Lara Says:

    That surprises me! Cloth wipes are insanely easy, and i’m lazy! I have a stack of wipes – no folding – and a spray bottle. When the time comes, I spray her butt and wipe off. I’ve found that a lot easier than spraying the wipes. And it’s just as fast as opening a container to get out premoistened ones. And no folding time! Diaper bag, I stick the spray bottle and a handful of wipes. We are still EBFing so the wipes just go straight to the wet bag.


  78. Melissa L Says:

    Oh and I use the the same system on the go.


  79. Melissa L Says:

    I LOVE cloth wipes! We have one of those large reusable Ziploc containers on the counter next to the changing table, fold wipes in half & keep them dry stacked in the container. We use Blissful Booty wipes water in one of their 4 oz spray bottles & either spray the wipe or spray right on his bottom & wipe with a dry cloth. For poop, we use flushable liners (Bummis or tweedlebugs are our faves) instead of cloth, so the whole mess can be flushed.


  80. Kristy Schafer Says:

    I have a very simple system. Mason jar with a little Young Living Gentle Baby EO, some V-6 ( a carrier oil) and a little water. Shake it up before use dip a wipe squeeze it out and you’re all set!


  81. Cindy Says:

    We used mostly disposable wipes the first year and I have no guilt about it. We CD for environmental reasons, so we only purchased wipes that were labelled as biodegradable or flushable. I cannot stand poopy wash water. I don’t care what people say about how you can dunk breastfed poop right into the wash. It is disgusting – nothing is grosser than opening up the wash halfway through and the water is yellow. So I always rinsed the diapers under the tap, and hardly ever used cloth wipes for poops until baby was 12m. That’s when we started teaching her to poop in the toilet, and once that takes, cloth wipes are very doable. As for solutions, we only use plain water, but sometimes you get lint that sticks to the skin, in which case a bit of cloth diaper baby balm can be smeared on and wiped off to slide that lint off. Easy peasy.


    • Emily D Says:

      Now this is something I could do. I totally agree about the poopy wash! I always spray off my dipes, but I can’t imagine doing that with a wipe- where would I hold it? So maybe I will convince myself to start off part-time (pee diapers only) and get her pooping in the potty asap! I keep telling myself I’m going to start ECing with her, so here’s another push!


  82. Heather Says:

    I know this may sound gross but I don’t use wipes at all. I practice EC so normally my 9 month old baby poops over the toilet then I clean him off under the running tap (check the water temp carefully if you try this).
    If we have a “miss” I run him straight to the bathroom sink where I can wash away all that runny BM poo in a matter of seconds! It would take ages to clean all that off his bottom with wipes.
    I do wash the sink out afterwards and spray it with disinfectant, in case anyone was wondering.
    We will probably need a different system though when he starts eating more solids and the poo isn’t so runny, I’ve enjoyed reading all the suggestions.


  83. Kathy Townsend Says:

    Here is how I manage my cloth wipes. After they are washed and dried, I fold them pop up style. I use the thirsties fab wipes and love them. I pre-moisten about 6-8 each time I do diaper laundry (every other day). I use an empty huggies pop up wipes box. I lay them folded into the wipes container and fill it will warm water to moisten the wipes. I then take the wipes out (keeping them folded) and squeeze out the water. I add warm water to the wipes box and add a few squirts of wipe solution concentrate (kissaluvs or homestead baby), stir it around then put my wipes in and squeeze them and turn them around a few times. Then I take them out and squeeze out the excess water, dump the water out of the wipes box, and put the wipes in. They are ready to use. Whatever didn’t get used up by the next diaper laundry night I dump out and wash, and make up a new batch. This system works great for us. When out of the house I carry disposable wipes in the diaper baby (rarely have to use them), and have dry wipes and a spray bottle of wipe solution for diaper changes in the car.


  84. Julia Says:

    I keep all my wipes in an old disposable wipes box and than i use a spray bottle to squirt them with water when I need them. I just use water which seems to work best because my son has really sensitive skin. I was worried about it at first till I remembered that no one really uses soap for that and anyway it got rid of his rash. I use disposable wipes for the diaper bag because they keep forever and don’t dry out very fast. Those always end up in the wash too:). If you do use a solution I guess you have to watch out for oils because they go in the wash with the diapers and can build up on them. Best of luck!!


  85. Darcy Says:

    I use cloth wipes with warm tap water when at home and disposable wipes on the go that I just stuff into the dirty diaper and then remove and put in the trash once we are at home when emptying my wet bag. I have a basket full of cloth wipes next to the sink in the bathroom where I change diapers (lucky to have a huge bathroom with room to do this on the counter), so I can just reach over and wet a wipe, clean a baby bum, toss the wipe into my pail, then spray the diaper in the toilet and toss that in the pail too. I have never used cloth wipes outside of our house, though.


  86. Lexie Says:

    I use a disposable container (some of them are just to cute) and fill it with a mixture of water, my baby’s bath soap, and a few drops of teatree oil, and place my cloth wipes in it. As I go through the wipes I place the washed ones underneath the ones I haven’t gotten to yet replenishing my stash. This usually lasts me about a week. When we go out I use a disposable travel case and wring out a handfull of wipes to put in it to bring with me. I find it easier with cloth diapers because I can throw it all in the wash together, I don’t have to worry about where to dispose of my wipes, it’s all in the wet bag. Also I find them way easier to clean his bum with, what takes me 6 disposies takes me 2-3 cloth ones.


  87. Michelle Says:

    Yes. I think you should try using cloth wipes too. Although, I have had an issue with using them as well. You have encouraged me to take another stab at it. Since my little one was a newborn I have been using dry disposable wipes (purchased on Amazon) and adding my own wipe solution. I had an issue with putting the abundant newborn poo on the cloth wipes in the washer and I didn’t want to diaper spray them in addition to the diaper. Now however, my son is almost 5 months and ECing (and there’s much less poo to wipe (although still BFing so it’s still frequent) so why not try the cloth wipes again? The disposable wipes that I purchase are so durable that they can be washed and reused a time or two but I can still save money by using cloth wipes. Anyhow, I will join you in using cloth wipes again! As a side note and a bit off topic, I want to say how Elimination Communication has transformed my (cloth) diapering experience along with my bond with my baby. I absolutely love it. Thought it was weird when I first heard about it but after the first day of success we haven’t looked back :) I would love for others to experience this too :)


    • Emily D Says:

      I would love to know, how did you get started? I would like to try but I’m just afraid to start! Did you find a specific book or site that helped?


      • Michelle Says:

        Hi Emily!
        How did I get started with ECing? Well, I kept bumping into references to it when I was researching cloth diapers. I kept overlooking them. Then as I was having difficulties with my 3 year wanting to use the potty, I was researching online one morning and stumbled upon a EC video on youtube. This time I was more open to it because potty training my 3 year old was so challenging. I saw one mom say that her 19 month old son was already potty trained. I was sold right then and there. That morning, when my then 2 1/2 month old son woke up I held him over the potty and he poo’d right away. I was extatic to say the least! We haven’t looked back. I have to change/spray about 1-3 poo diapers a week. And some weeks I change zero poo diapers! He still likes to pee in his diapers when he’s asleep but a lot of the times his diapers are dry between potty times. I love ECing because it causes you to pay more attention to your little one’s needs. I am more aware of his poop patterns, whats normal what isn’t for him, and how and what I am eating is affecting him, etc… I haven’t read much on it although I want to. I’ve just been going off of instinct. I litterally have just seen about 2 youtube videos seconds long. My son is almost 5 mos. and has responded wonderfully to ECing. I’m tempted to think he already prefers to go poo in the potty instead of his diaper. Sorry for the long response… Feel free to email me if you’d like to talk more about it :)


  88. Angie Says:

    I have a basket at my changing station with wipes, lotions, ointments, snappis, etc. in it. There is also a spray bottle with just water in there. When I need a wet wipe I just spray the wipe. I love my kissaluv wipes, by the way. The looped terry side helps clean up most of the mess, and the other side of the wipe is not looped and is good for the final wipedown. I have been using this system for about 2 years now after trying a few other ways of using cloth wipes and this just seems the most simple to me.


  89. Jennifer Gardner Says:

    I actually prefer cloth wipes. We use the kissaluvs terry wipes. They fit (folded in half) in the Prince Lionheart Wipes warmer box and I have to say that has been a godsend for CD’ing twins in the chilly Northeast. They are 10 wks old right now and we go through a LOT of diaper changes. A single terry wipe works great for poop cleanup whereas with the disposables I end up using like 3-4 per bum. I usually just wet the wipes with warm water before i add them to the box or i use Baby Bum Drops ( 1 cube plus 1 cup water heated through my Keurig melts the cube quickly and is warm already to add to the warner box). I have noticed occasionally that the warmer box gets a tad musty about every 2 months so at that point i collect all the wipes i can and launder them with a mild bleach solution and wipe out and dry out the warmer box to reduce the musty smell. Works for us at home now. When we travel, i just use the 7th gen bleach-free wipes and don’t both with the cloth wipes.


  90. Sarah Says:

    I cut up some old receiving blankets and pre-moisten them in a disposable wipes container with a dab of baby wash and a dab of baby oil. It works so well, and is so cheap—I’m never looking back:) I throw them right in the diaper pail with the rest of it.


  91. Rani Charny Says:

    I am loving using cloth wipes, almost more than using cloth diapers. For changes I place the wipe just under my sons bottom, spray his bottom with a fine mist so even though it is cold to him he doesnt mind the solution being sprayed directly one him, use the corners to clean the front, and then wipe his bottom with the middle of the part not under him and last pull the part out from under his bottom while wiping him clean. My spray bottle is a cheap one from Walmart that holds 8oz of liquid, so nothing fancy. I think I like the wipes so much because I have a system, my husband had issues with them at first but now does what I do and likes it much better.


  92. Cindi Says:

    many years ago…I used a warm washcloth on miss Autumn’s little bum. Didn’t know about wipes. you guys have is made :)


  93. Morgan Says:

    We cloth diaper but… we use disposable wipes. I opt for Pamper’s Kandoo flushable wipes because they break down just like toilet paper and don’t have to be thrown in the trash (especially nice if it’s a poop filled wipe). They’re not as big and strong as other disposable wipes but they’re flushable so that makes sense!


    • judi Says:

      Just an fyi, we had a plumber tell us that the “flushable” wipes aren’t really flushable and that only tp and waste should be flushed for the sake of your plumbing.


  94. Lena Says:

    My son has eczema so we can only use water and cloth wipes. It’s actually really simple! I made the cloth wipes with some micro fleece (recycled from some extra Charlie Banana Diaper inserts). I wet the amount of wipes I project I’ll use during the day and put them in a small stainless steel container (made by LunchBots – it’s the kind you pack a sandwich in). I put them straight into my wet pail (or if I’m out, in my wet bag) along with the dirty cloth diapers once they’ve been used. And when it is time to wash them, I separate them into a mesh laundry bag because they are so thin and small, they sometimes get caught in the door of my front loader during the spin cycles, but they get washed in the same load as my diapers. It works well for me. And my baby seems happy with the system.


  95. Bel Says:

    YES! Try the cloth wipes again! I have found that the simplest system you can deal with, the easier it is to keep up with. I make it really easy – just add water & go. At the beginning of each day I run a handful of wipes under the faucet, wring them out, and then stash them in a disposable wipes travel container (oddly enough, it’s a Huggies one!). If I’m running out, I just grab that container & I’m ready to go too. If I see that I’m low on the wet ones I preemptively wet some more, but only whatever will get me through the day. Any left I will carry into the next day, but no more than that or else they can get that wonderful wet sponge smell. I tried a bunch of different solutions, but I never kept up with it and I have found that it really doesn’t make much of a difference. Good luck & I hope you can find something that works for you!


  96. Izya Says:

    I use cloth wipes at home. Like others, I use spray bottle and fill it up with tap water. Never bothered to add in essential oil whatsoever! I admit that adding those cubes and oils will make the smell heavenly, but I do not want to add another job specs of cloth diapering. When it comes to poops, in Malaysia where the weather is all the year warm, I just bring my kids to the bathroom and wash their bums in the sink. Old fashion, I might say :D. Nowadays, I use Grovia wipes during outings. Hubby doesn’t like it because it is costly, but hey, we saved a lot on the CD’s itself.


  97. Krystal Says:

    I use the peri bottle with water and kissaluvs diaper lotion potion. I love it. I also use disposable wipes when it’s a big mess, and my husband complains about my cloth wipes. I am currently making terry cloth/flannel wipes for big messes and then just a flannel wipe for pee diapers. I actually prefer a two flannel wipes together but not sewn together.

    As for storage I keep a little bedside tray that college students use for bunk beds clipped on my changing table and a travel container for when I am out and about. I store the dirty ones in the same wet bag I use when I go out so I don’t forget them.

    I just hate spending the money for disposable.


  98. Amanda Says:

    Cloth Wipes are so easy, I love mine. I will admit to using disposables in my diaper bag but I only do that out of convenience and I don’t like them at all nor does my baby.

    Easy peasy. I keep my wipes premositened. I’ve tried spray solutions, but they can actually make messy cleanup messier, IMO and wetting for each change is a little too much for me (you never know when you are going to be surprised by a diaper and you don’t want to be caught empty handed).

    First, I have a wipe warmer. Wet wipes can get too cold and make changes very unpleasant. I’ve used a warmer without issue for almost 2 years. Disinfect it once in a while and keep your wipes wet and turning over and it shouldn’t be a problem.

    I’ve tried different solutions, but the easiest thing for me and the best thing for his bum has to been to just use baby wash and olive oil. Fill a disposable wipe container with as much water as you desire. Put a dollop of baby wash (your choice, but I don’t recommend dr. bonners, it’s way too harsh for my kid’s skin (even the baby mild kind)). Then drizzle in some oil (I pre-mix EO in with my oil because I like the sent, but I really don’t think this is necessary). Mix it up quickly with your finger (or whatever). Press a stack of wipes in there to absorb the water. Take the wet wipes and put them in your warmer. The end.

    I make about 15 wipes at a time. This lasts me about 2 days, but my kid poops at least 4x per day (still). I make them when I’m running low and have a couple of minutes. I just keep my stuff in the bathroom and take the wipes in the nursery after I make them. It really is easy if you don’t over think it and just do the simplest thing that works.

    I also keep a stack of dry wipes to dry my baby’s bum after I’m done. I’ve found this does wonders for rash prevention.

    Give it another try, you won’t go back to those huggies.


    • Rosalie Danek Says:

      I did the same thing! Bought a wipes warmer, added my own homemade baby shampoo and some Calendula & Lavender Oil to some boiling water and viola!


      • Tanya Says:

        I also did he same thing. Someone had given me a wipe warmer, so I put my bamboo and flannel wipes in the wipe warmer. I then mixed my solution with 24 oz of water, usually a dime size amount of baby wash (california baby or something like that) and a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil all in a container with a lid and gently mixed. I would then pour the solution over my wipes in the wipe warmer and voila. I have done this for over two years now with two babies and I love it.


  99. Kirstin Says:

    Honestly, I think putting wipes in a bin pre – moistened is a pain in the rear. I find it much easier to put my solution in a spray bottle, spray the little one’s tush, and wipe with a dry cloth. It seems to actually make it so that I can clean more effectively with less wipes (i.e. only the very nastiest poop-ocalypse needs 2 wipes). Also, I don’t have to spend much time preparing wipes – I refill my spray bottle maybe once a month. When I first decided to cloth diaper, I swore up and down that I wouldn’t use cloth wipes, that they were too much of a pain. But now I actually find them easier – I don’t need a separate trash can by my diaper pail, and I don’t have to worry about where to throw a wipe away when we’re changing a diaper in the car. Once I took the plunge, I wondered what took me so long to try it.


  100. Kristine Says:

    Seriously? Come now… Disposable wipes smell just as bad as they are! Spray a little Homestead or California Baby Diaper Wash on the bum and wipe it clean with the super soft BumGenius flannel wipes. Wash ’em with the diaper stash (rinse first if necessary). Great on the go too. Just throw them in the wet bag. Disposable wipes are just as bad and unnecessary as disposable diapers. I use a Tupperware container at home to place dirty cloth wipes n diapers before rinsing and putting in the wash or wet bag. Happy mommy, happy baby (now toddler), happy environment!


  101. Joanna Says:

    If you like to pre-wet your wipes, just make sure to add any left overs to your diaper load when you wash, and make up a new batch. Then you can develope a routine that will keep baby AND wipes fresh. For diaper bag use, I prefer dry wipes and a small spray bottle of water to wet them as needed. Then I don’t get mildewy wipes in my bag, because I WOULD forget.


  102. Lauren Says:

    I purchased a huge piece of terry cloth from a local fabric shop for a dollar. Cut them into squares the same size as the 4 pack you can get at Wal-mart that are really cheap,and I fold them into a wipes warmer with water every couple of days or so. I wash the warmer every week to keep bacteria down. Being able to toss them in with the diapers is great and for me, the less laundry loads the better :-)


  103. Mrs. Smitty Says:

    Personally I loath disposable wipes. I hate how they smell, their cost and how they seem to give my kids sore bottoms. I hate having to take them to a trash (since we don’t need a trashcan anywhere near the changing table). I hate how they don’t seem to get poop anywhere near as well as a cloth wipe can. It seems I hate everything about them.

    I’ve never had a problem with the small amount of oil I put in our wipe solution. I use a spray bottle and dry wipes. No problems with that system at all. For poop, I spray, let it soak in a few seconds and use 2 wipes max to wipe it away. I’ve also tried Ruby Moon bits (they’re the add water type) and Thirsties Booty Luster and love both. And the best part about it is that my daughters’ bums don’t react to the solution I choose, unlike every formula of disposable wipes out there (including anything labeled ‘hypoallergenic’. What a commercialistic load of crap).

    I wish you luck on your cloth wipe endeavor! Hope you find a system that works for you!


  104. Lauren Says:

    I have to squirt bottles, one in my diaper bag and one in the bathroom (and to be honest normally travels around the house) and then a old bulk laundry detergent container that has the spigot on it. (that was very well washed and rinsed out like 4 times before i used it-didnt want any residue to make it into my diapers lol) I make a ton of my own wipe solution that is safe to wash with my diapers and keeps well. (haven’t had any issues yet and been doing it for about 3 months this way) I fill the detergent container, and then use it to fill my bottles. You can keep it where ever you have room, in your diaper changing area, bathroom, or laundry room. I have on occasion just wet my cloth diapers from it but mostly use my squirt bottle. I definitely prefer the squirt bottle over spray bottles. I also had a love hate relationship with cloth wipes til this system. I could make my own solution in bulk once and have it last without making new every other day to once a week. But whats in my aresnal that i truly made me LOVE using cloth wipes even on the go,Its my cloth wipe dispenser. Its a product made by thirty-one called the fold-n-go. Its actually made for notepads but it works fabulously for cloth wipes ! You can just slide one wipe and the solution bottle out the top while its still rolled up and keeps everything handy and together. I have a picture of it from when i submitted it to thirty one for an unusual ideas for their products campaign not long ago. I can email it to you if you’d like. the company that sells it is at http://www.thirtyonegifts.com


  105. tarin Says:

    I use the prince lionheart wipes warmer with their antibacterial everfresh pads. The nice thing is that my wipes are always on my changing table moist and ready to use and my baba loves the warm wipe compared to a nasty cold one. I do use disposable wipes as well, mostly for big runny poop explosions. My wipes are just too pretty to wipe up that mess with!!! Its convenient to be able to just throw them away, and its not that often. My wipes warmer is fantastic though. We just soak our wipes for a few minutes in warm water with some elizabeth annes non-foaming baby shampoo then wring them out and place in the container. That way they’re always ready to go.


  106. JulieK Says:

    I don’t hate cloth wipes. But I do have a split personality about them! :) I use disposables in my diaper bag, but cloth at the changing table. I found that trying to travel with the wipes led to either a) mildew from them sitting in the bag too long before I used them (some days I don’t leave the house) or b) dried up wipes at a really really bad time!
    So. My compromise is to use cloth at home and disposable on the road.
    As far as solution? I just do a squirt of baby shampoo/soap and a drop or two of oil. I wash my wipes with my dipes, and never seem to have any problems with buildup. I don’t use a lot of oil just a drop or two per box… so I think it’s not really causing a problem…


  107. Theresa Says:

    I just wet mine with water when I need them. I have cubes for making wipes solution but I don’t like to make it ahead of time. I use an old Huggies tub to store them. When we do use sposie wipes, I do agree that Huggies work better than the others.


  108. Marisa Says:

    I use home-made solution (water, tiny squeeze of baby wash and 1/2 tsp oil) in a spray bottle with flannels as the wipes – works great and I also just throw them in with my nappies.


  109. Shannon Says:

    We’ve used a squirt bottle with wipe solution kept next to a pile of dry wipes for several years now, and I think it works better than when I’m using disposables when I’m out. The solution is a friend’s recipe – similar to the California Baby stuff – but even though it has jojoba oil in it I’ve never washed the wipes separately & I haven’t had problems with wicking. And with the jojoba oil it makes everything slide off so nicely – even those first black, tarry stools!


  110. Karissa Says:

    I LOVE cloth wipes. Mine are the Thirsties Fab Wipes. I keep them pre-moistened in a Huggies tub. I make my own solution of water, coconut oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil. The tea tree oil stops them going nasty. In my opinion, cloth wipes do a way better job of wiping bums than disposable ones do. They are so nice and thick and I don’t have to worry about getting poo on my hand!!


  111. Peyton Says:

    I love cloth wipes, and when I used disposables after using cloth on a regular basis, I felt like I had to use a ton to get the job done (although, if you are using disposables, Huggies ARE the best ones ;-). The system that worked best for me was to keep solution in a spray bottle or squeeze bottle (travel section at Target). I like the squeeze bottle better, but it doesn’t really matter. Fill it up with water and then add a tiny amount of baby wash (I used California Baby Super Sensitive), then shake it up. That baby wash worked best–I used Dr. Bronner’s castile soap and had some repelling issues (esp. with our hard, hard water). When we left the house, I just wet several wipes under the water faucet and then folded them in half into one of those hard wipes cases you typically use for disposable wipes.


  112. Chana Putnam Says:

    I’ve only been using cloth wipes for two days but I LOVE them wayyyyyy better than the disposables. I use a wipe warmer and plain water. I just plop 5 or 6 wipes in the warmer and it usually only takes one wipe per change. When I use the last wipe I re-load the warmer with the next batch. It works well for us. As for travel … right now I’m using disposable wipes. I keep a couple cloth ones in there too in case that might be easier for certain occasions.


  113. DeLise Says:

    Hi Autumn! You are so funny :) LOL I knew you didn’t HATE them :) I use the California Baby Wipe Solution and just squirt it on a dry wipe, put the wipe in the diaper, and keep moving. I bought one of those 3oz travel squirt bottles for my “diaper bag” (bookbag) and just refill it with the same California Baby solution. I thought about making my own but tried it once and it caused a rash.


  114. Emmy Says:

    We use a peri bottle with a solution of California Baby Calendula soap, water an olive oil. We have double ply flannel wipes. Works great for us :-)


  115. Britanie Myers Says:

    I just keep mine already wet in a wipes warmer and I wet fresh ones every day so they don’t get musty. It really doesn’t take long. I didn’t know the thing about washing the wipes separately if you use oil. I’ve never washed them separately. Maybe I should stoop using oil? But I haven’t had a problem yet and I don’t use much.


  116. Tonya Carroll Says:

    I don’t like wipes, cloth or otherwise. They are a hassle. My little one loves to sit in the sink while I wash her down. My hand and some baby soap are all we need. I make sure to wash my hands and sink well afterward. This is just for poop, but it works really well for us.


  117. Tara Says:

    Two words: Peri bottle.
    Love it! It is so easy to squirt water onto a wipe while out and about. I either use a solution (Bee Green Naturals, plain water, or I make my own with essential oils). I used to do a warmer, until I read how it is just a trap for bacteria. And if I just put moistened wipes in a container, they get stinky even after a day and a half (plus I NEVER got around to refilling it).


  118. Heather H Says:

    I just used small baby wash cloths and a squirt bottle with water only in it. I keep the wipes in a tub by the changing table and the squirt bottle is kept right next to it. When I need to change a diaper, I spray a wipe and then use it. I love this system. It works really well for us.


  119. Megan Says:

    I make up batches with water and just a tiny squirt of baby wash and put the wipes in a wipe warmer. They get him so much cleaner and the benefits of not having the dirty wipes go somewhere different than the diaper pail is a huge win. I hate using disposable because I find them so inconvenient. I use babykicks wipes, fwiw.


  120. Crystal Says:

    I made my own solution using a reciepe I found online and kept it in a travel sized spray bottle (the rest was stored in a clean laundry soap bottle). I just wet a few wipes with warm water when I grabbed a diaper and sprayed the solution directly on the mess. I tried keeping wipes ready in a wipe warmer already moistened in the solution and they started to smell musty after just a couple of days. There were also a few times that I skipped wetting the wipes altogether and just sprayed the solution directly on the mess and wiped it up with the dry wipes.


  121. Thyme Says:

    I think it also helps to figure out what type of fabric you like. Disposable wipes are nice because they are prewet, but I hate throwing them in the garbage or fishing them out of diapers.

    Originally I bought a bunch of cute flannel and sewed them into rectangles. This quickly stopped working, because they stopped being soft, quick, and I required more spray to keep them moist.

    So for the past year I’ve used cut up flannel that I bought at JoAnns. For the past year it’s kept it softness, and it doesn’t require too much moistness. I spray the bum with our wipe solution (I’ve done homemade, and a reader just sent me some, that is my new favorite, and I’ve also just done water) and then use the flannel wipe to wipe her bum. So easy, and it works great!

    Good luck with your cloth wipe journey!! :) I think the most important part is soft wipes, I feel badly when the wipes are too rough on my baby’s bum, OW!


  122. Courtney Says:

    We’ve tried cloth wipes twice and our son always ends up not quite clean enough – he gets a bit of a rash, and he NEVER has a rash otherwise. We’ve used CJ’s Carcass Cleaner, and I wonder if that’s the problem?

    I would really like to use cloth wipes again because of the cost savings and, like you, Autumn, I hate having poopy wipes to throw away!


  123. Julie Says:

    I definitely think you should try using cloth wipes again. Just keep trying different types of solution until you find the one that works best for you. I’m a huge fan of the pre-made solution lately.


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