Why I Blog About Cloth Diapers

November 9, 2008

Why Choose Cloth Diapers

In 2005, I entered the world of cloth diapering.  I’d love to say it was an easy transition but oh my goodness was I overwhelmed.  I know for a fact that I would have not started cloth diapering at that time if it wasn’t for my wonderful friend Melisa.  She literally took me by the hand and got me started.

My simple, small stash was all I needed to feel the pride of doing something good for the environment, my budget and my son’s health.  But, after a while my son’s needs changed and the system I was using wasn’t cutting it.

I searched the internet for answers but was left more confused than I started.  I didn’t give up though.  I eventually found a system that would work (Happy Heinys) and from there my obsession knowledge grew.

By the time our 3rd child arrived I had actually figured out why in the world someone would use a fitted when you have to cover the darn thing.  But wouldn’t you know the new baby would have sensitivities meaning I had to learn a whole new world of information.

In 2007, my husband had had enough.  He forced me to put all this education to some good.  Okay, not true but it was his encouragement (and idea) for me to save other moms the time and money I had spent digging for answers.

The first step was to write a book.  It’s called Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers.  After the months of writing was completed I realized I didn’t want to stop there.  I wanted a way to constantly update moms on new products, helpful tips and introduce them to great WAHMs.  That is where All About Cloth Diapers comes in.

I can tell you that the first thing I do with my morning computer time is check for emails and blog comments.  I LOVE helping my thousands of readers.  Of course 8 months ago I had no idea it would grow this large!  I have definitely been blessed.

This enormous growth is what prompted the upgrade to All About Cloth Diapers.  It is still a work in progress as I await the completion of my custom logo.  I hope you enjoy the changes and the warm inviting feel.  As always if you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will provide an answer promptly.

Thank you for this awesome opportunity to provide cloth diaper information to your families.


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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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4 Responses to “Why I Blog About Cloth Diapers”

  1. Autumn Beck Says:

    Trish, Bumkins bamboo fitteds are NOT nightworthy. Not even for a light wetter. I like the Bumkins bamboo for trimness and softness but they really only hold one pee. I would recommend Baby Beehinds bamboo fitteds. They are a one size diaper (although not a stretchy diaper so your baby may outgrow them) and SUPER absorbent. Cute, bold colors too.


  2. Crys Says:

    My first experience with cloth diapers involved my oldest daughter, the type of diapers that people give you to use as burb cloths, diaper pins, and a pair of plastic underwear looking things. After 30 minutes, 3 changes of clothes for me and my daughter, and scratching her with a pin, I gave up. Now I have a second child and she is still in diapers. A few months ago I was looking at a site that sells recycled toys and saw an add for a cloth diaper. It was light green and looked like a ‘normal’ diaper. I was intrigued and spent many hours in the following days investigating what I had once given up on. We now only cloth diaper and are loving it. My daughter was once plagued with constant diaper rash, not any more. She used to hide under the table when I told her it was time for a diaper change and squirm during, but now she likes her diapers. I really thought the switch would be a bit of a hassle, but it has actually made our life easier.


  3. Michelle Says:

    Wow your blog looks different -it’s great! I found your Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers to be a life-saver for me when I was starting out. So thank you Autumn for putting your knowledge to use!!


  4. Ranae Kempe Says:

    LOVE the new theme & look – gorgeous! Can’t wait for the new logo :D
    As always, wonderful blog to read – great info, always current & fresh, and best of all, comes from a mom’s point of view! Keep up the great work Autumn – we love ya! R–


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