Why I Cloth Diaper by Britanie

March 25, 2011

Why Choose Cloth Diapers

Why I Cloth Diaper

by Britanie Myers

Before I became a mom I never thought I would have a passion for diapers. The thought had never even crossed my mind but it has been nearly 9 months since my son was born and I am in LOVE with cloth diapers.

I started doing some research and looking into cloth diapers when I was about 6 months pregnant. I had no idea how far cloth diapers had come since I was a baby and I was amazed. The more I read the more I started thinking “I think I could really do this.” Finally I told my husband that I was thinking of cloth diapering. Hearing about the cost benefits, he jumped on it right away and was more than willing to get me that first set of prefolds and covers.

I suppose my husband and I are a little “crunchy” because my mom is constantly accusing me of being a hippie. I think my mom is a little extreme in that view point. We aren’t the kind of people who have to have everything organic. I’d like to have everything organic but, honestly, I just can’t afford it and I’m ok with that for now. We are, however, the kind of people who make an effort to recycle in an area where recycling isn’t really convenient.  In order to recycle here you have to sort ALL of your recycling, load it up in your vehicle, and take it to the recycling center yourself. It isn’t that awful but it certainly isn’t super easy. We are also the kind of people who are into natural, organic, and environmentally friendly things as much as possible. Cloth diapers were something we could do to help “save the Earth” without killing ourselves financially and I really liked that.

The biggest factor in my choosing to use cloth diapers was the cost of disposables. You see my husband is amazing. He usually works 60 or more hours per week, goes to school, is very active in church, and somehow still finds time to spend with his family. I don’t know how he does it. Even though he works such long hours we still don’t have much money. We have enough to meet our needs but not much else.  We are, after all, very young and my husband is still a college student. After all the work he does I couldn’t see (literally) throwing it away on disposable diapers. I love that with cloth diapers we can use them over and over and it is so much less wasteful.

What started out as something I was doing because I couldn’t afford to do otherwise turned into something I absolutely LOVE and when I am able to afford disposable diapers with future children I will probably just spend the money on buying really adorable cloth diapers. It probably seems a little weird for someone to say they LOVE diapers but let me tell you these things are amazing. Since I began using them I have discovered so many more benefits that the environment and cost factors.

First of all, my son has NEVER had diaper rash. I’ve heard some awful things and seen some awful pictures of diaper rash but I have never had to deal with it myself and it is wonderful to not have to worry about that.  Second, I keep hearing horror stories about “blow out” diapers and leaks. I have never experienced either of these problems with cloth. Prefolds are amazing at holding things in! So when non cloth diapering people ask me how I deal with the grossness of cloth diapers I have to wonder how they deal with the grossness of blow out diapers because that sounds about ten times more disgusting than flushing “it” down the toilet. Also because you are flushing the waste down the toilet cloth diapers are way less stinky. You don’t have a nasty diaper pail stinking up your house.  WAY less gross.

I feel like I could go on forever about the benefits of cloth diapers but I really just don’t have that long to talk about it. I really need to go wash my dishes. I kind of wish dishes were as easy and awesome as cloth diapers…

Britanie chose the one size Happy Heiny in owl print from Green Diaper Store as her prize.

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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19 Responses to “Why I Cloth Diaper by Britanie”

  1. Coco of VidaCoco.com Says:

    My cloth diapering journey started because my daughter was prone to bouts of diaper rash. Before I ventured into the world of cloth diapering, I had two children in disposable diapers. The cost alone of buying them was crushing to our household budget and our trashcans were being filled with nothing but diapers.

    I did my homework on cloth diapers and while sifting through all of the information about the Diaper Debate, I came across many disturbing facts about disposable diapers that went beyond their environmental hazards (18 billion of them end up in landfills every year!). What I uncovered through my research, like the fact that they contain toxic substances and have been linked to asthma and birth defects, terrified me- all the more reason to convert to cloth diapers!

    I began with the most simple and economical “stash.” I bought two-dozen pre-folds, three covers, and one Snappi and was set to make the transition! Much to my surprise, it was relatively easy to use cloth diapers. I washed diapers twice a week, so I didn’t use nearly as much water as I expected, and I never had to run to the store to buy diapers. My husband was also very grateful he no longer had to take out the trash multiple times a day.

    After my daughter outgrew the first stash of cloth diapers, I started trying out different types of cloth diapers I never knew existed. I began with the “ease of use” styles. Pocket diapers were my gateway diapers. From there I moved on to All-in-Ones, then to high-end Fitted, and later hand knit luxury wool pants. I will admit I was overwhelmed at first by the hundreds of cloth diaper styles to choose from.

    The best part was, and still is, that I have every diaper I will ever need and don’t have to spend a dime on diapers for the newest addition to our family who we’re expecting in less than two weeks! Cloth diapers have not only saved my family time and money, but have also contributed to my family’s efforts to be green. Their eco-friendly aspect is one of the main reasons why I decided to try using cloth diapers. They’re now a part of my every day life.

    Please see the link below for a guide to cloth diapers on my website, VidaCoco.com:



  2. Jeanette Soroka Says:

    That is a really nice story, thanks for sharing, and for all the sharing in the posts!! I have recently started CD’ing.. I looked into it when i was pregnant with my first baby, and he is four months old now.. But in my small city there are no stores to go to with CD’s, and only recently have i discovered all the wonderful facebook WAHM’s so i was finally able to go see what CD’s are like in person. But from the moment cloth diapering crossed my mind, I have had family, friends and my Fiance telling me that i should not do it, that it was too much work, that it was a bad idea, and that i would never be able to do it. I don’t know anyone who uses CD’s!!! But CD’s were something I wanted to do, and i read so many reviews online and looked into it so thoroughly that I knew that things must have changed from two decades ago. When a mom believes something is truly good for their children-watch out!! So, I went down to a local WAHM’s home store from on Facebook and purchased my first CD -5 of them. Two brands. I went home, washed them a few times, and tried them out after they dried. Well, naturally, Jackson pee’d and it leaked through, onto my Fiance’s leg, who was just telling me what he thought of CD’s.. So it has been a rough start but I am determined that it is just that i need to find the right diaper for my little guy. We are so tight on money that we can only pay the bills, and buy food. So these diapers replaced the fresh fruit and veggies i planned to buy, thankfully I already had frozen. CD’s are expensive, and I couldn’t seem to “win” any from Facebook, blogs, or anywhere. I had stalked up on disposables when i was still working, and saved money for emergencies. But we went through it all, and a few weeks ago we ran out of diapers.. I had no cab money, barely enough money to buy a small pack of diapers, and it was -40 so i couldn’t walk to get them!! It really was a turning point for me. Cloth Diaper’s won me over, I’m starting to get the hang of how to use them so they don’t leak, and I take a grain of salt with all negative opinions!! Plus, CD’s are so cute!!


  3. Landon Says:

    I too really wanted to use cloth diapers, however, my little one was soooo tiny at birth that nothing fit him, especially the covers for the newborn diapers I rented for 3 months. On top of that he developed a fungal issue (I’m assuming from being wet) that the pediatrician said to stop using cloth diapers. I changed LO religiously, as in every 30 minutes and whenever I heard or smelled anything, but nothing was keeping him dry. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to return to using the cloth diapers now that he’s a little bigger.


    • Carly Says:

      Landon — I had problems with diaper rash and fungal issues in the first few months as well. I’m still not sure what exactly was going on and my pediatrician didn’t have answers. I think she had a very sensitive tush back then — I was using good detergent, changing her frequently, letting her air dry occasionally on a towel. Anyway, I ended up using an anti-fungal cream, which helped clear it up, and then I used Grandma El’s diaper rash remedy at night and Magic Stick during the day after every diaper change for preventative measures. I am not sure exactly why I stopped, but probably around when she was 6 months old I just gave it a try without the ointments and her butt has been perfect since. So if you really want to go back to cloth, you might just try it again. However, you might also consider making a diaper switch (which I know can be costly). I use primarily Fuzzi Bunz, which work well as they have a fleece overlay that keeps the bum dry and an insert beneath that soaks up the urine. I’m not sure if you were having problems with prefolds? You could also purchase fleece liners that you could lay on top of the prefold if you haven’t tried that already. Sorry, I don’t know the specifics about your situation, but I always try to encourage people to stick with cloth so these are just a few ideas. :)


  4. CurlyK Says:

    I can definitely relate to your article, although my first hasn’t been born yet (little over 5 weeks to go now…!!!) . Neither of us is in college anymore, but we’re paying for our first home, and on a tight budget. Cloth diapers just makes sense to us, and the flak that i have received for planning to go that route is shocking. I keep getting condescending remarks about not beating myself up when I change my mind, and regretting it when I see all the laundry I have. But cloth diapers have evolved, and from what I’ve seen they’re going to be as easy as disposables. It amazes me that so many people don’t get what it’s like now, even once I’ve explained.

    Thank you for sharing — I was feeling a little lonely on my chosen path!


    • Alisha Says:

      I’m glad to read your post & the reply. We are having our fist baby in December, and are really excited about cloth diapering. I have honestly tried to be very kind when I explain our choice to other parents, because i don’t want them to feel that their choice (disposables) is “wrong.” Well, I wish I could say they have been as kind…but every single person has such a terrible opinion of our choice, and they have NO problem voicing that to us. It is upsetting to me that they think we are the crazy ones, and that we will change our minds.

      If these people had any idea of the toxic chemicals, prohibitive cost, terrible comfort for baby, etc. associated with disposables, I’m sure they would be horrified….but they don’t even want to hear it. i told one mom how cloth diapers were so much more comfortable for the baby, and she actually said “I don’t want them to be comfortable I want them to be uncomfortable so they want to get potty trained as soon as possible!” What a terrible thing to say!

      Anyway, thanks for speaking up – I feel the same way and it is easy to get frustrated when other people try to push their opinions on us, especially when we are making such a healthy choice for our babies and our planet!


      • Autumn Beck Says:

        Don’t be afraid to educate your parents and allow them to make their own conclusions as to the decisions they made. There are better choices and a mature person will accept that they did the best with the knowledge they had at the time ;)


  5. Angela Says:

    Thank you for sharing :) I really enjoyed reading your story!


  6. Megan Says:

    I also love cloth diapers. I came by them almost accidentally – a friend offered hers up before i was even pregnant. We don’t have tight financial constraints so i find myself with a huge stash (i like cotton for home, micro fibre for away) and constantly “wanting” to buy more – i do now resist. But my favourites are bright bold colours and patterns and i just don’t understand why everyone doesn’t CD! My husband recently did the math and pointed out that we hadn’t saved any money…i promised we would save with #2 (as yet unconceived) but also reassured him how much better it was for our baby! He is a dream who works hard so i won’t have to go back to work and never questions the choices i make for our son.


  7. Kayla Says:

    I would have to say that unless you really know what you are doing, then you can absolutely have blowouts and leaks. We didn’t know that the prefolds we were using were way too small for our newborn, and for 3 days straight we had nothing but leaks every single pee, and blowouts every poop. Luckily we are using a service, and we just needed a bigger size of diaper! Since then everything has been peachy keen!


    • Britanie Myers Says:

      I’m sure it happens but I guess I’m just lucky and I’ve never had a problem with it. Also I’ve always moved him up to the next size when he gets within a few pounds of needing a bigger size.


  8. Christy Carlsen Says:

    Very inspiring, Britanie! I will admit that I was very uneducated on the awesome advancements made in the cloth-diapering industry. I just envisioned a nightmare situation. So, I followed the norms and tried out all the disposables with my 3 children. Since we are now entering the potty-training with our last child, I suppose it’s too late for me to personally try this; but, no question if I had been as inspired and educated much earlier, I would have done it too! I will certainly encourage other mothers and mothers-to-be to look into this option. Awesome pic, by the way:-)


    • Lilian Says:

      It is good to know you are happy and confident with CDs. I have to say that my pathway with CD has been a rough one. I feel I have commited many mistakes, and still have many issues. What worries me most at the moment us that my baby has chunky legs, so I use a size 1 cover, even though she us almost 6 month old only, and it is very bulky in between the legs and loose at the waist, the physiptherapist advised me to put an aid on her legs to keep them closed, but I can’t with such a bulky nappy. I am using s flat folded in origamt with a size one cover. I amlooking at trimmness now, especially in between the legs. And, is trimmness
      attainable at night also? Pls help!


  9. Ann Marie Says:

    Very well said! And your LO is adorable! :)


  10. Marissa Noe Says:

    You’ve sold me on cloth diapers for my next one! Great job Britanie :) You’re SO inspiring and that picture of *your little guy* is precious :)


  11. Debbie Says:

    I love your story Britanie! You’re very inspiring. I also Love cloth diapers for their many benefits! Too bad my baby boy is almost out of diapers :0(


  12. Susan Says:

    Wonderful story and I love the owl print diaper! I might need to get one!


  13. tara Says:

    what a great story! Your DH sounds like an awesome guy!


  14. Britanie Myers Says:

    Thank you so much! I feel so honored to have this posted here. :)


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