Why I do so many giveaways and a few tips on how to win!

September 23, 2015

Budget, Cloth Diapers

A few weeks ago I sent out an email to my amazing blog sponsors to see if anyone was interested in helping me celebrate 40,000 fans on Facebook. I was simply overwhelmed with the response. My email immediately blew up with the most amazing stuff…Tula, LÍLLÉbaby, Woven Wraps, Cloth Diapers, Gift Certificates, Tie dye, Feeding Pillows…..OMG!! It was honestly grueling getting all that put together. But what a blessing it was. {Make sure you read to the bottom for the how-to win tips.}

I like to mention this occasionally…

These giveaways are not sponsored by big business or corporate America. They are coming from small family owned and run businesses. Hours and hours of time, so much energy and loads of passion are put into these cloth diaper, natural parenting and product stores. It is a BIG deal that they are giving away all this stuff.

Yes, they are doing it in hopes of gaining new customers. I hope that it helps me grow the blog readership and fan base.

But more than that, I take a genuine pleasure in seeing the excitement about the prizes. I read as many of the comments as I can because I love to hear what ya’ll have to say. That’s why you’ll see all my likes on comments. (No, it does not mean those people have a better chance at winning. The winner is still totally random.)

I love contacting the winners to tell them that they won! I often get to know a little bit about them through these interactions. The excitement and gratitude they share with me warms my heart. Prize winners are real people. Some in desperate need of whatever they just won. Some might have been more in need of a pick-me up. Winning is something that brightens their whole week and becomes a story that they may share for years to come.

I am honored and so blessed to be a part of that process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my amazing sponsors. What I do here on the blog and on Facebook in our chat group would not be possible without them. (You should totally make sure you check them out and shop when you can. <3 )

Thank you to all of you who enter and endure each giveaway process. You comment, like, share and whatever else I ask of you. I know it takes time. I appreciate you taking that time and so do the sponsors.

I do all these giveaways because I actually really love bringing them to you. I want to share my love of cloth diapers and babywearing and I want help the community grow in any way I can.

Believe me when I say….the cloth diaper community is really a community.

There is PASSION for the products. A love of what we all do.

There is a genuine feeling of wanting to help others and to make the world a better place.

I LOVE seeing all the real families win these amazing products. Don’t give up entering because you feel like you never win. It often takes more than luck. Time and dedication also play a huge roll.

With that, allow me to present you with a few tips on winning giveaways:

  1. You can’t win if you aren’t entering. You want more of a chance to win? Enter more giveaways.
  2. Make sure you are actually eligible and make sure you follow the directions. It would stink to get disqualified because of a silly mistake.
  3. Complete ALL of the entries, even the optional ones. Each entry is another chance at winning.
  4. If there are daily entries (like tweets or comments) go back each day and do them! Again, each one is another chance to win.
  5. Don’t claim entries that you didn’t do. I check and I’m sure other hosts do as well.
  6. Keep track of what you enter and make sure you check your email or PMs on Facebook (where ever the host said they would notify winners). I’ve had to redraw a winner plenty of times because the person replied back too late or not at all.
  7. Make sure you say thank you if you win. I know that seems like common sense. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve excitedly emailed a winner congratulating them, thanking them and finally asking for their contact info. Then all I get back is the mailing address…and that’s it. Really? I’m not asking for a cartwheel or a handstand (although I do enjoy seeing that kind of excitement). Just a simple thank you will do just fine. <3

I hope you keep loving all the giveaways and keep entering. If you do, I’ll keep bringing them to you.

Remember, you gotta be in it to win it!

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Jenn is a WAHM to two beautiful little girls. Sophia (4.5 years old) and Norah (4 months). She closed her business, Curves, when she found out she was pregnant so she could stay home with her first daughter. Now Jenn spends her time spreading the love of fluff and sharing common sense answers that help to make cloth diapers easy for everyone.

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14 Responses to “Why I do so many giveaways and a few tips on how to win!”

  1. Aba Says:

    Love the giveaways and hope I am doing them right! I’d love to actually win!!!


  2. Jessica W Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work putting together the great giveaways!!!


  3. Holly B Says:

    Enjoyed reading your perspective. Thanks to you and others for great giveaway opportunities!


  4. Rebecca Says:

    I’ve been having so much fun following your giveaways! Love the thought of possibly winning something, it’s fun even without winning :-) Thank you for all you do. I’ve always been curious how a winner is chosen on the Facebook page.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Thank you Rebecca! Glad you love them <3 I use the promotions app from WooBox. It randomly pulls a winner from all the comments and likes on the giveaway post. It allows me to download the post into excel so I confirm the winner. Then I contact the winner via Facebook PM and post the information on the AACD FB page.


  5. Jessica Blankenship Says:

    Love reading this. I love all the giveaways and I know you all put a lot of work into them. Hope these tips help me to win bc this momma stays broke and we are in desperate need of new diapers. Thanks for your blog as ive followed since even before I began using cloth. Keep all the good reads and giveaways coming my way. I know if it’s meant for me to win I will win.


  6. Carrie Barron Says:

    Thanks for this post and for all your giveaways. I don’t think I’ve won any from you (at least I don’t remember), but I have won several. Almost half of the diapers my son is wearing have come from giveaways, and I’ve even been able to pass on some. I’m extremely grateful for what I’ve won, and I’ve found some new favorites, like Thirsties OS AIO. I didn’t think I would like AIO’s until I won one. :) I spend time while my son is napping or after he goes to bed entering. It does take time, and I only win a few of the ones I enter, but when I do win, I’m so excited and thankful. My husband says thanks, too. He realizes how much money we’ve saved by winning diapers.


  7. Barbara Says:

    Thank You so much for doing all of the giveaways that you do. I have not Yet won any of your giveaways. I will continue to try. But Thank you for take the time and giving away so many great and wonderful items!


  8. Desiree Trogdon Says:

    Great read! I often give away things, today for free, to Facebook b/s/t groups. It’s usually stuff that was free to me, and I would rather pas it on than make a buck. But, most people never say thank you. That really hurts.


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