Why You Should Use Wool In The Summer

June 25, 2008


Wool, like bamboo, is a natural fiber that has a tremendous amount of positive qualities especially when used as a diaper cover.

However, if you are not familiar with wool you are probably saying, “Isn’t wool scratchy?” or “There’s no way I could use wool in the Texas summer.”

But, you would be wrong.

Prior to being properly washed and prepped, wool can be a bit scratchy. Washing and prepping wool is a fairly simple task. The only tools you’ll need are mild liquid soap (preferably a natural baby wash without any chemicals or fragrances) and a tube of Lansinoh Lanolin.

To briefly summarize: fill sink with room temp water, add soap, add melted lanolin, mix well. Place wool items in water, gently agitate, let sit 15 minutes. Carefully rinse items and place on a towel. Roll up wool in towel to remove excess water. Lay flat to dry. I have a much more detailed instruction in my book The Ultimate Guide To Cloth Diapers.

It is only necessary to wash and lanolize your wool every couple of weeks (I go a month). The same cover can be reused over and over. When it gets wet, lay it flat to dry. If it gets soiled, wash that one spot off with a sprayer or under the faucet and let dry.

Wool is also a natural body temperature regulator, which means no matter where you live your little one can use wool year-round.

Wool is the only fiber that can absorb 1/3 of its weight in liquid, and do so without feeling wet on the outside. The moisture immediately starts evaporating into the air. This function operates similar to an air conditioner, keeping the skin cool.

Wool has other benefits as well. It is very easy to care for…that is as long as you don’t throw it in the dryer! And it retains its shape virtually forever.

These advantages apply to all types of wool covers you may find. Interloak soakers, shorties, or longies; knit or crocheted items; or recycled wool sweaters you repurpose into diaper covers. All have the same function.

Many moms turn away from wool because of the cost. However, I have spent less on my 2 wool covers than other moms have spent on their collection of “cheaper” PUL covers. I only need 2 covers in our rotation and that is enough for us. I use a Luxe interlock wool soaker and a side snap Sugar Peas wool cover.

By using wool I know my baby’s skin is breathing (as opposed to PUL where the moisture is trapped) and I have maintained my goal to only use natural fibers on my little one.

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4 Responses to “Why You Should Use Wool In The Summer”

  1. Julie Holland Says:

    We have great success with a bamboo prefold “newspaper fold” to get the most absorbency in the middle. My prefolds have a fold down attached soaker, so I fold that to go right where baby pees. Then I place a hemp doubler on top with a fleece liner. Snappi the whole thing on her. Sheepish Grins one size wool cover on top. Dry bed, happy baby, mama gets to sleep!


  2. Awesome Mom Says:

    I used a fitted with one doubler and was able to go for awhile with out worrying about wetness. You don’t have to wash or clean unless they get dirty. I knit my own so I changed my wool cover every time I changed a diaper, that let my lanolin last a really long time. I only had to lanolize my covers every few months.


  3. Autumn Beck Says:

    Alysha, I added some information about washing wool to the post. As far as nighttime diapering goes, I always use a doubler or two in the diaper with a wool cover on top. I like the Goodmama super doublers (can’t think of their official name) because they are absorbent and trim.


  4. Awesome Mom Says:

    I never rinsed my wool after soaking it, I didn’t want to loose any of the lanolin.


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