Win a Boba Air, Bum Ware AIOs and Little Fancy Pants!

December 19, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012


Day 8 is more than GREAT!

I am so excited to share the big prizes we have today.

Let’s get this party started!


Jack Be Natural is the boutique for all your natural living product needs. Stacy and her husband are health nuts and entrepreneurs…combine the two and you have the perfect combination for success in the cloth diaper/natural parenting industry!

Jack Be Natural has been so kind as to donate a Boba Air for one winner today!!! Babywearing is an easy way to bond with your child, comfort your child and keep your child close.

I’m not a militant babywearer. I’m a stroller mom with a soft-structured carrier that I do love. I wouldn’t want to do without either.

The Boba Air is the sister to the Boba 3G, which many parents rave about!

Looking for an affordable, lightweight and perfect “on the go” carrier? The Boba Air is the answer! With its ultra lightweight and ergonomic design it is simple to use and just an unbeatable value for a carrier you could put in your purse or diaper bag (yes that’s right in your purse or diaper bag) for when the need arises. It folds neatly in a small zip bag that will take about as much space as your wallet.

The Boba Air is also a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) much like the 3G carrier line and is ideal for children between 15-45lbs.

The Boba Air is very compact and only weighs an astonishing 0.7lbs! As mentioned above it folds up into itself for easy storage in any purse, small bag or diaper bag, or the convenient zipper pouch it comes with when you purchase it.

Like our 3G line of carriers it can be use as a Front or Back carry.

The Boba Air carrier is made with durable Nylon material, making it extremely durable and easy to clean, so that it can be used safely on children 15-45lbs.

The Boba Air also includes a sleeping hood and a large pocket to store your hood in when not in use. Much like our other carriers, the Boba Air is designed to fit parents of all shapes and sizes without the use of added accessories.

All straps are fully adjustable, and elastic bands are provided so you can comfortably tuck the straps away once you have the carrier adjusted for you and your child.

Try this Boba Air and you will wonder how you got by without it for so long.

Once again this carrier is ideal for on the go situations and it is not meant to replace the 3G carrier which is more appropriate for longer periods of wearing.

Bum-Ware cloth diapers is a company I’ve had a long standing relationship with.

I love that Bum-Ware are Made in the USA, uber trim, absorbent, easy peasy to use (amazing daycare/babysitter/dad/grandma diapers!) and can be embroidered!

Many of the moms I communicate with on Facebook use Bum-Ware Extreme AIOs as their stash-filler.

From the Bum-Ware website:

These cloth diapers are designed to be easy to use
Hook and loop closures for effortless diaper changes and a great fit
Hidden elastic around the legs to keep everything in
Suedecloth inner layer to help keep the baby’s bum dry
Waterproof polyurethane laminate (PUL) outer
Super-absorbent microfiber sewn-in soaker
Fold back laundry tabs to prevent diaper chains in the wash
Fully washer and dryer safe
Fleece topped flannel or hemp doubler may be purchased separately if you find that your child needs additional absorbency.

Little Fancy Pants are MY NEWEST, GREATEST ADDITION TO MY CLOTH DIAPER STASH! Oops. Sorry for yelling.

I’m just a bit obsessed with Little Fancy Pants hybrid fitteds. A bit.

The fit is just perfect on Camden and how can you beat the gentleness of natural fibers hugging those precious thighs?!

If you are wondering what is a hybrid fitted click the link for a full description. Basically, it’s a fitted (needs a cover to be fully waterproof) but has a hidden polyfleece layer.

The WAHM behind LFP is a ridiculous workaholic…she’s got to be to crank out the number of diapers she does. And on top of that she actually interacts with customers on Facebook daily.

Her popularity has certainly grown over the last couple of months so they are harder to get. But, people are *always* selling new ones on her FB page.

No need to stalk or hunt or buy today though! One winner will receive a Little Fancy Pants of their own. You’ll love it. And if you don’t give it to me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget that all giveaways are open until December 28th!

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290 Responses to “Win a Boba Air, Bum Ware AIOs and Little Fancy Pants!”

  1. karissa Says:

    aio w/ additional snap in liners


  2. sara russell Says:

    pockets for daytime and hyprid for nights


  3. Danielle Says:

    I prefer all in twos.


  4. Hannah Says:

    Prefolds and covers. They never fail.


  5. Katie Fender Says:

    I like fitteds for the night since he’s a heavy nighttime wetter.
    Prefer AIOs for right when he wakes up because he has a decently heavy wet.
    Hybrids and pockets during the day.


  6. Ashleigh Says:

    Haven’t had the chance to try any out on my baby yet (still baking!) but I love the idea of AIO. I am hoping to get a variety before she gets here and settle on what we both like best when we’ve had the opportunity to try them out. =)


  7. Candace T Says:

    I have no idea what my favorite system is right now. My baby is due in March & I’m just excited to try some new things and figure out what works best for us. :)


  8. Amanda Says:

    LOVE a good AIO!


  9. Bekah Kuczenski Says:

    Pockets and AIOs are my favorites for daytime and Fitteds with covers are my favorite for night :)


  10. Betsy Says:

    Depends on the day! I may have an AIO day, then a prefold under fleece pants day, and then a fitteds day. Normally there is no rhyme or reason…but I do generally stay with one type all day :)


  11. Kerrigan Says:

    AIO’s mostly for my husband, but I like AI2’s


  12. Lucy L Says:

    No question about it: AIO


  13. Shaunie Says:

    I don’t know because I have not yet cloth diapered. No baby yet!


  14. Lori Says:

    Currently, I love pockets.I also really like prefolds with a cover for night time.


  15. Janice K. Says:

    I mostly use fitteds and prefolds & covers. Also have some Grovia with snap in soakers that I like for a trim fit, and some BG 4.0’s for babysitters/grandma. :)


  16. Faith Says:

    AI2 and AIOs


  17. Heather Heslep Morrissey Says:

    Prefolds for regular use, pockets for night time.


  18. TaraLucida Says:

    I love fitteds, but also like AIO or snap in one for daycare. We also have plenty of pockets!


  19. Lois C Says:

    Its so very hard to choose a favorite system!! I think I would have to go with AIO because I love my simplex, followed closely by fitteds with a wool cover.


  20. helen Says:

    I love the idea of the boba air and already own their 3g


  21. tracy montgomery Says:

    my fav for the day are the softbums ai2 system. for night it’s definitely sbish fitteds with wool (loving shorties right now).


  22. Candace Says:

    AI2s because they’re pretty quick and easy. Although I just love fitteds because they’re so much prettier.


  23. ALena M Says:

    depends on the situation, but probably AIOs…


  24. Christine M Says:

    love pockets the most


  25. Faith Halverson Says:

    I’m currently loving AIO’s.


  26. Julie Says:

    I think if I had a chance to try more of a variety my answer might change. I like the idea of AIOs but they take longer to dry and so far I’ve only tried one brand. Otherwise I like pockets because once they’re stuffed they’re easier to put on. I might gravitate toward hybrid fitteds in the summer though.


  27. Kelly Says:

    My favs are AIOs with fold out inserts.


  28. Mandy Foster Says:

    Overall I like pockets!. I like AI2s, but when there is a messy, they sure are messy…everywhere!


  29. Lisa Says:

    AIOs are my favorites but I have all different types in my stash. I could never have just one type.


  30. Cecilia Hernandez Says:

    i loev aio/ai2 and want to try some hybrid fitteds :)


  31. KD Says:

    Fitteds… more breathable!


  32. Caitlin M. Says:

    I won’t start using cloth diapers til March but I’m trying to get a few of each kind to start with.


  33. Felicia Says:

    So far, my absolute favorite cloth diaper is a OS pocket diaper, Pre-folds with covers are nice, but i just have not found a cover i like yet, but i do love pre-folds too!


  34. Jessica O Says:

    My favorite are pockets. I am trying to love prefolds and covers but keep going back to pockets!


  35. Alli Says:



  36. sarahf Says:



  37. shannon Says:

    Im new to all of this but so far what i have got is the pockets but would like to try AI2


  38. Michelle Says:

    I had never heard of Jack Be Natural Before. They have some great items and I also liked the nice selection of amber & nursing necklaces too.


  39. Amy Says:

    I have always been a fan of AIO pockets, but I should step out of the box and try the many org CD’s out there.


  40. Shani Says:

    Pockets mostly!


  41. Emily Says:

    Pockets…. right now! Poops are MUCH easier to clean off with pockets!


  42. Patricia Says:

    It’s so hard! But I really love the fitted+cover combo. Never had a leak with that.


  43. Julie Says:

    I’d heard of Jack Be Natural Before but didn’t realize what a selection they have. Can I like it all? ;) Okay, I guess I’ll say Eco Posh fitteds since those are the item they carry that I’d really like to try.


  44. Janel Says:

    I have a hard time saying which I love best. We have mostly pocket diapers and love those… but I love AIO’s for travel.


  45. Kristen F Says:

    So far pocket diapers have worked well for us. I’d like to try more natural fabrics though and use fitted and wool covers.


  46. Kelli Darter Says:

    AIOs, easy for everyone involved


  47. Liesal Says:



  48. Samantha Says:

    totaly a pocket mama


  49. Jen Lindsay Says:

    Love pockets and fitteds.


  50. Stephanie Says:

    Applecheeks are all we use


  51. Olivia L Says:

    I mostly use pockets, but I like fitteds for overnights.


  52. Robyn Says:

    Same boat as Devon but i do love my flip covers


  53. Kristi Cartwright Says:

    To be determined…my little bundle is due in 6 weeks. :) I am leaning towards pockets but we will see what I like MOST once he’s here and we’re using them daily! :)


  54. Sarah Says:

    I really like pockets.


  55. Laura Says:

    I like pockets and hybrids equally. My favorite diaper ever is a Thirsties duo hemp prefold in a Flip. So easy to wash, so absorbent.


  56. Joan Says:

    I like all in ones!


  57. Krista C. Says:

    Right now my husband and I both like the pockets. They’re just so simple and comfy! Hybrids are a good option for travel because you can use the same cover a few times.


  58. Jessica Says:

    I love them all! I have a couple AIO’s, about a dozen pockets, and 1/2 dozen covers that I use with prefolds or flats. Right now my favorite is a flat (flour sack towel from Target) with a Thirsties Duo Wrap :)


  59. Claire Smith Says:

    We’re mostly a pocket family. We have some hybrids and aios in our stash too though.


  60. Lacey J Says:

    Pockets are my favorite


  61. Monique Eckert Says:

    I love Thirstied Duo AIO! We stuff with a BlueBerry birds eye flat or Smart Bottoms Hemp prefold!


  62. Anna P Says:



  63. Michelle Says:

    All in 2 (hybrid)! less to wash!


  64. Amanda Alvarado Says:

    I like AI2s and fitteds w/ a wool cover


  65. Amy Says:

    I love fitteds and pockets!


  66. Devon Says:

    Right now, all I’ve ever used is pre-folds with covers… but I would love to try AIO’s or anything else! I just don’t have the money to buy a bunch of new stuff!


  67. Kristi Says:

    All-in-twos are my favorites but my hubby loves pockets.


  68. Michelle J. Says:

    Hybrid fitteds followed by AIOs.


  69. April Lamm Says:

    Love the pocket diapers~


  70. Ashley Says:

    Hooray for give aways!


  71. Amy Says:

    Well, my little girl hasn’t arrived yet, but I am planning to start off with pockets and covers/prefolds and see how it goes! I am super excited!


  72. stephanie m Says:

    We love fitteds, AIO and AI2’s


  73. Jen Says:

    I like using fitteds, prefolds, or flats (depending on size of baby) with a diaper cover.


  74. Stephanie Says:

    All in ones


  75. Jenna Says:

    I like a mix of different things, I like pockets or hybrid fitteds with a cover for night and prefolds and covers during the day. Occasionally I use AIO’s when I go out :)


  76. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    We like different diapers for different situations.


  77. Tosia Drew Says:

    We really like the ease of pockets but for over night we use a fitted and cover.


  78. Erica M. Says:

    Prefolds & covers! Love the price & very easy to wash!


  79. Melissa Says:

    Hybrid Fitted’s


  80. Janet Benthin Says:

    AIO…they are so handy!


  81. Patty Comparan Says:

    I llove AIO, so easy so simple. Plus I’m loving fitteds


  82. Melissa E Says:

    We use fitteds at home and pockets the rest of the time. I love fitteds, but pockets seem to be easier.


  83. Krista Says:

    I have pocket and AI2s, the pockets are always used up first. If I had AI1s they would for sure be a favorite!


  84. Kelly Says:

    I am new to this. I am still learning the systems but I believe I like the all-in-ones the best!


  85. Eunice Says:

    I love pockets, i think it makes it easy for me to use!


  86. Brandi Powell Says:

    I can’t say I have a favorite system, as I have a few that work well for different times! I love pockets, AI2s, prefolds, and fitteds with wool for night time. The only ones I don’t enjoy are AI1s.


  87. Julie Says:

    hybrid fitteds :)


  88. Hannah Avery Says:

    Probably a mix! I like pockets, prefolds w/covers, and fitteds and wool for at night!


  89. Renae Says:

    I love pocket diapers but have a soft spot for prefolds since that is how I started cloth diapering and love the price.


  90. lindsay Says:

    All in ones! with velcro- and a pod, so easy!


  91. Rachel Says:

    I love pockets, but we haven’t tried anything else.


  92. Melinda Says:

    Well, I’ve only used prefolds as the ol’ budget is tight but I would love to get a few AIO’s to help out my hubby (he doesn’t like ‘assembly required’!) and my hesitant sitter :)


  93. Aubree Faunce Says:

    AIO’S for daytime and pockets at night


  94. Emily Says:

    I absolutely love fitteds, and LFPs for that matter. I wish I could have my son in them all the time, but daycare requires PUL :( soo we use pockets and AIOs for them. The second he is home, he’s into a fitted :)


  95. Elizabeth C Says:



  96. Kristin Says:

    Pockets are easiest, but I have a cover/flat combo that I really like and is very trustworthy!


  97. Crystal Says:

    I love hybrid fitteds and prefolds in covers :)



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