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December 5, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012

facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail is run by the uber entrepreneurial business woman, Kelly Wels.  Kelly has donated 2 Thirsties Duo AIOs!  The Duo AIO is on my favorites list for several reasons.

  1. Disposable diaper simplicity. Perfect for dads, babysitters, daycares, or parents with arthritis making diaper changes difficult.
  2. Trim.
  3. Absorbent.
  4. Sleeve pocket allowing easy addition of extra absorbency and no need to remove before laundering.
  6. Family owned and operated–by a great family!

Dearest Diapers has really burst onto the cloth diaper boutique scene this year.  It seems like everywhere I turn Rana Cox is there!  Dearest Diapers is a breath of fresh air to visit because it meets all my store preferences: clean, easy to navigate, big selection, frequent sales/promotions and customer incentives.

Dearest Diapers has donated a Sustainablebabyish (Sbish) bamboo fitted diaper and a tin of Scarlet’s Naturals Hiney Honey Creme.

Sbish Bamboo Fitteds have been on my favorite list since Paisley was a baby 6 years ago.  Not only are they the only fitted diaper that lasts most of the night on a newborn (I’m not a fan of changing diapers in the middle of the night.) but they are the only successful nighttime solution for hundreds of cloth diaper families out there.

When you are desperate to find a nighttime solution for your child and you finally find it, then you will understand why it’s called the “Magic Diaper”.

New to my favorites list in 2012 is Scarlet’s Naturals Hiney Honey Creme.  I love the consistency of this rash cream and the fact that it is made from beeswax from their own bees!

Another loooong time favorite of mine is Monkey Foot Designs. Absolutely no better wet bag. Trust ME! Fantastically made, far superior than other brands.  No leaking smells or wetness.  Plus, they are made with gorgeous fabrics.  They’re so good even NASA trusts and uses them.  ‘Nuf said. (my gushing raves and here)

There will be 2 winners chosen from today’s giveaway:

  • Sbish fitted + Hiney Honey + Monkey Foot Designs
  • 2 Thirsties Duo AIOs + Monkey Foot Designs

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341 Responses to “Win Monkey Foot Designs, Thirsties, and Sbish!”

  1. Kora Moore Says:

    Christmas is over now but I’m happy to say all my Christmas shopping and sewing was fine several days in advance! I’m usually putting the finishing touches on some home made gift well into the night before Christmas.


  2. Tiffany Cardenas Says:

    Yes, all done :)


  3. Haily Says:

    Yes, since it’s already over :P


  4. Katrina Smith Says:

    Yes since it is already past :)


  5. Megan Borkowski Says:

    I finnished my shopping about a week before Christmas!! I usually have it all done by the end of October but not this year!


  6. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    Well, now considering it is AFTER Christmas, yes. =)


  7. Nicole Guterman Says:

    Christmas is over, so yup my shopping is done


  8. Melissa Says:

    no xmas shopping for me :-)


  9. Carrie C Says:

    We finished on the 22nd!


  10. oksana Says:

    all done sense christmas pasted allready


  11. Lydia Says:

    I’m a little late writing this comment. I finished my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.


  12. Desirea Says:

    Yes, Christmas is over. :(


  13. Sara Rodriguez Says:

    Since it’s after Christmas, yes, I’m done :)


  14. Kari Says:

    I appreciate your blog–have learned a lot!


  15. Laura Says:

    All done


  16. Vasudha Prabhala Says:

    Sbish fitted diapers please!


  17. Maria D. Says:

    Well, even though it’s the 26th, I’m not done with presents. :-P I decided to handmake most of them this year, and I fell behind. Good thing my kids are too young to care!


  18. Melissa Wagner Says:

    I had everything we needed the week before Christmas. I bought it all and had it under the tree.


  19. Bonnie Says:

    All done w/ Christmas shopping. Finished in November.


  20. Anne W. Says:

    I am done :)


  21. Chantal Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! :)


  22. Ashley LIndberg Says:

    Finished shopping early this year and managed to not spend a fortune!


  23. Eleanora Says:



  24. Julie Says:

    just finished =)


  25. Vanessa Yvonne Says:

    I’ve made some things for some important people :-)


  26. Annie Barber Says:

    Almost done!


  27. Kayla Says:

    I think I’m done


  28. Catherine W Says:

    Nope not yet



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