Winners Announced! Are You One of Them?

December 28, 2012

Cloth Diapers

The 2nd annual My Favorite Things event was a smooth success!

I am very humbled by my sponsors this year and I pray you have been blessed with these giveaways.

These giveaways have brought many new readers to All About Cloth Diapers.  WELCOME!  If you are new to cloth diapering I invite you to check out New To Cloth Diapers?  and My Recommendations.

I am always here to help you with any cloth diaper problems that arise…sometimes there is a delay in my response but I will reply!  With #6 soon to arrive life can be busy but my desire is to make cloth diapering as easy as I can for you.

Thank you..

Now, the winners!!

Day 1: 3 winners were chosen

  1. Orange Diaper Co. + Sweet Pea Diaper cover: Amy Sanford
  2. Pooters fitteds + Sweet Pea Diaper cover + Diaper Daisy: Kayla Dusseau
  3. Pooters OS Hybrid system + Balm! Baby/ THinc: Sus Vandil

Day 2: 2 winners were chosen

  1. Sbish fitted + Hiney Honey + Monkey Foot Designs: Sherri Fetzer
  2. Thirsties Duo AIOs + Monkey Foot Designs: Claudia Neal

Day 3:

  1. Softbums GoodToGo pack + Rockin Green 45/90 detergent: Anne Perry

Day 4:

  1. $30 Chelory Gift Certificate + Peachy Green diapers + Balm/THinc kit: Mary D. (clarkie in email addy)
  2. $30 Chelory Gift Certificate: Tara Alderman

Day 5:

  1. Clover diapers + Sweet Pea cover + Molly’s Bottoms semi-custom + Rumparooz wet bag: Jenny Laux

Day 6:

  1. Diaper Rite pockets + Ragababe AIO + Ragababe laundry bag: Jessica Young

Day 7:

  1. Thirsties DUO AIOs + Charlie Banana pocket + CJ’s pack: Stacy Wojcikiewicz

Day 8:

  1. Boba Air + BumWare + Little Fancy Pants: Lindsay Olenslager

Day 9:

  1. HUGE SweetBottoms Baby package! Kasie Adams

All the winners and sponsors will be emailed shortly! Please respond within 48 hours or new winners will be chosen.


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21 Responses to “Winners Announced! Are You One of Them?”

  1. Claudia Neal Says:

    I still haven’t heard from Kelly Wels. I emailed you earlier about this. I did already receive my Monkey Foot bag and LOVE it!


  2. Kasie Says:

    I still haven’t heard from SweetBottoms. Is that normal?


  3. Anne Perry Says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! I just opened my Softbums!! Going to prep them now!!


  4. Brittany Says:

    Congrats winners!!


  5. Jessica Young Says:

    YAY! I won day 6! :) Thank you! I emailed back.


  6. Violeta Says:

    Congrats winners! I guess I will try again next year!!


  7. Kasie Says:

    Thank you!! I’m so excited!!


  8. Jessica Stratton Says:

    Congrats winners! I guess I will try again next year!! I have fun anyway.


  9. Amber Says:

    Congrats everyone!


  10. Vanessa Says:

    I thought sure I would win one. ;) Congrats winners!! :)


  11. Amy Sanford Says:

    Thank youuuuu!


  12. Amelia Says:

    Congratulations!!!! But I am secretly hoping for some redraws! :)


    • Jenny Says:

      haha…I was happy for the winners but also hoping for some miracle redraw to happen and I win something instead! :) HAHA…congrats to you all though!


  13. Joanna Says:



  14. Amanda Says:

    Congrats, winners! Thanks Autumn for the giveaway!


  15. jessica long Says:

    I saw Jessica Young’s Name and got real excited them I put my glasses on… Better luck to me next time… Congrats winners!


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