Winners are picked! Did you win?

September 24, 2009

Cloth Diaper Extras, WAHMs

Thank you for all your entries!  I’m not the only one needing a new wet bag for those stinky cloth diapers.

I apologize for being so late in the afternoon to announce the winners.  Today was Homeschool Day at Sea World and despite the chilly, rainy conditions we had FUN!

You want to know what one of the best parts was??  A fellow cloth diaper mama recognized me and introduced herself!  This mama is Diane Turner, owner of Go Baby Go.  Very awesome that she also has 4 children, homeschools and cloth diapers!

Diane has a wide selection of products: cloth diapers, baby carriers, soft soled shoes and more.  In the near future I will introduce you formally to Diane and let her tell us all about Go Baby Go.

Without further ado….

The winners of a Leslie’s Boutique Medium 13 x 15 Designer Wet Bag in their choice of fabric are:

anpnek and alexis !!

Congrats ladies! I’ll be contacting you shortly.

If you didn’t win, go shopping anyways!  Leslie won’t disappoint!


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5 Responses to “Winners are picked! Did you win?”

  1. Leslie Says:

    WOOHOO!! Your bags ship out Monday ladies!!! I would love a diaper pin review when you get a chance. It helps us out so much and we’re moving up in the ranks! Just go to and look under bags and you’ll see us there! ENJOY!


  2. Diane Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Autumn! It was great to meet you in person, too! You have a beautiful family!


  3. Alexis Says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I’ve never won anything before! Thanks Autumn. Love the blog BTW!


  4. anpnek Says:

    Thank you! I will send you my address as soon as I hear from you!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      anpnek, your email bounced back! !try sending it to me in a comment (they’re moderated so no one will see it but me)


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