Winners of the Thirsties Duo AIO Giveaway and Excellent Info

I am still enjoying the Thirsties Duo AIOs during the day and night. Currently, I am contemplating if I want to add more to my stash or not.  Decisions, decisions.

One decision that was easy for me to make was the winners of the Thirsties Duo AIO giveaway!! All I had to do was push a button twice and out popped 2 names….


I recognize both of these names from past blog and/or Facebook interaction which makes it really neat!

If for some reason one of them chooses not to accept their prize (you never know!) I will pick a new winner.

Another decision that seems easy to make is checking out the Charlie Banana cloth diapers on Zulily tomorrow!  I am a big fan of Charlie Banana.  I find their pocket diapers to be easy to stuff, even for nighttime, love the colors and the fit is great.

As always compare the price to Amazon!  Not everything on Zulily is a great deal especially when you factor in shipping.

I just saw that Rock a Thigh Baby is currently on Zulily.  We have a pair of these and love them.  I think they are 100x better than Babylegs.  You get socks and Babylegs combined.  That’s just my preference and doesn’t mean I don’t have a ridiculous amount of Babylegs!

And one more shopping temptation for you. has a great coupon code out right now. When you redeem it you can save $5 off $25 or more (with standard exclusions bumGenius, Flip, Econobum, Hemp Babies, Thirsties, and GroVia products). This coupon expires on 3/15/12.

Use the code BLOGLOVE.

Not to influence you but the Ones & Twos AIO is a fabulous buy!  I have an article coming out soon on Kelly Wels’ blog about the Ones & Twos and how they can save you money!

Last but not least, well actually it is least in this post, is my increasing interest in Pinterest.  I’ve started some boards about cloth diapers and the usual things like clothes, decorating and kid crafts.  If you aren’t on Pinterest I can send you an invite.  If you are feel free to hook up with my account

That’s all!  Have a fantastic week!!


*affiliate links are included in this post.  i am so grateful for every sale through these links, as every bit goes to support this blog.

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  1. Lori Says:

    Autumn – what do you think of Thirsties velcro? I have one of their Duo pocket dipes which I love, however the velcro is shot. And to be honest, it was in pretty bad shape after only a couple months of use. Has it improved w/ the release of the new AIO dipe?


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