Wishing You A Happy New Year

January 1, 2009

Cloth Diapers

I pray that this year will bring you much peace and plenty of fluffy-mail ;)

My goals this year for All About Cloth Diapers include expanding the number of cloth diaper reviews.  Not only will this solve many of your cloth diapering frustrations but, it will highlight some amazing WAHMs who have either just started their business or have made it out of the trenches to success.

I  also want to bring more How-To videos to you.  Anytime you have a system, routine, or trick that you feel would help other cloth diaper moms please video it and send it to me.  I’ll share it with the thousands of readers All About Cloth Diapers has…you’ll be famous lol!

My most exciting goal is to share many, many newborn cloth diaper pictures and reviews with you.  Our baby will be arriving in roughly 8 weeks.  I have tons of diapers sitting and waiting to be pooped in :D

I am always eager to hear your wants and needs as well.  Let me know when you have a problem or curiousity.

I want to say thank you for all you have brought to me this past year.  I love all the comments and personal emails I receive.  I am also extremely appreciative of my advertisers and the faith they have put in me and my readers.

I look forward to helping you throughout 2009 with all your cloth diapering needs.


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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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14 Responses to “Wishing You A Happy New Year”

  1. Donna Says:

    the cottonbabies says they have bg’s with snaps but theirs no picture, I hate to order stuff like that because I have been burned a couple of times and that’s super annoying when you think you ordered one item and you receive something different


  2. Morgan Says:

    Very cool that you have cloth reviews on your website!

    Everyone I have met loves Bum Genius one size pockets. I, however, am not a fan. The velcro hasn’t been the best for my girls. However, they’ve worked well for just about everyone else!

    I’ve had a lot of success w/ Happy Heiney’s and Fuzzi Bunz. I like the snaps on the Fuzzi Bunz and the large velcro tabs on Happy Heineys. Both of those brands also have a wider opening for stuffing, which comes in handy when you have to put several of the inserts into one diaper!

    Great to find your blog. : )


  3. Rochelle Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your weblog and your reviews. It’s been very helpful. I’ve also tried 3 products you’ve recommended and like all of them.

    Have you tried cloth mamma/mother culture pads? Although they are not baby-related, I thought since they also show our commitment to cloth and sustainable fabrics. It’s cloth diapering my daughter that has interested me in mamma pads. I’m just testing my new stash now. (-:

    I’ll be reading your reviews of newborn dipes eagerly. Now that our girl will soon be turning 1 (where did the time go?), we’ll be looking into “planning” (ha!) our next one.

    I also second the above poster who suggested waiting a number of weeks (or perhaps even a month) before reviewing a new product. I’ve also found at times to change my views some after using a diaper for a while.

    Have a great 2009, and good luck with the new upcoming bundle of joy!


  4. Tina Says:

    I was wondering if you’ve tried contour diapers….they seem like a trimmer alternative to prefolds/flats and a less expensive alternative to fitteds…Just wondering what your experience was. Thanks!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I used Kissaluvs contours when Paisley was a newborn. I really liked them but they aren’t absorbent at all. I have not tried any other contour but would be open to it.


  5. Crystal Says:

    I’m also eager to read about newborn fluff! Mine will be here in 11 or 12 weeks! :D He will also be our first baby and the first baby I will have ever cd’ed.


  6. Andrea Says:

    I was so hoping that they were on the pocket one size, I didn’t care for the organic due to dry time, but I read somewhere that they will not put them on the pocket one size due to a patent infringement, which I have to say I both admire and hate, because I prefer snaps to velcro 90% of the time. BG Snap one size pockets would be our perfect diaper, oh well I guess. Can’t wait to read about newborn fluff! We started at 6 weeks w/ DD and I’m anxious to read about newborn CDing!


  7. Andrea Says:

    Also, I’d love to know where you saw the BG’s available w/ snaps!


  8. Andrea Says:

    I love to read your reviews of new and different diapers. I only wish I could try all the diapers I read about. However, I was thinking that your reviews would be more helpful to your readers if you could hold off posting until you tried them for a few weeks rather than a few days. I would love to see your initial reaction as well as a longer term reaction when the honeymoon period of the excitement a new diap brings has ended all in one review. Thanks again for taking the time to report on the things you find. Also, Good Luck in the last few weeks before your precious new gift arrives!


  9. kelly Says:

    what are your opinions on BumGenius cloth diapers?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      BumGenius Organic One Size is one of my favorite diapers. I do not love the velcro tabs on bumGenius so I have not tried the other types. However, now that BGs are available in snaps I may give one a try. The bumGenius onesize is a similar construction to many diapers I have tried: sewn in microfiber soaker, pocket for adding absorbency. All of which work great. Suedecloth has a super stay-dry feel to it so babies tend to be able to last longer in a diaper with it as opposed to bamboo, minky or even microfleece. Also BG diapers hold their resale value very well. I don’t think you could go wrong if you chose to use BumGenius diapers.


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