Wordless Wednesday?? On a Cloth Diaper Blog?

I can’t go a whole post without any words so I’ll put the words on the pictures!


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16 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday?? On a Cloth Diaper Blog?”

  1. Crystal Gallagher Says:

    Hi to everyone out there. Its so good to hear that so many people are now choosing cloth daipers over store bought. It is true that there is so much new quality products are available for everyone to buy now. Well that is the reason I’m posting this message. I too have a website that offers many chooses of cloth diapers to choose form. We offer Fuzzibunz, Bumgenis, and many others. We also offer non toxic toys for your little one. And that is not all, we also have maternity and breast feeding products that will help mother and baby. The website is NewBeginningsBaby.com So everyone come out and see what we have to offer you!


  2. Amy Says:

    wow ! I love them.


  3. Elaine Says:

    Hi all. I am new to the site here and saw the comments about the cloth diapers. I too cloth diapered m y daughter and am expecting another bundle here in a couple months. I really LOVED grow baby. However, I am finding that there is so much more out there :) FuzziBunz are another great brand. As far as earth saving, does anyone have any ideas on where good sites are to view additional cloth diapers and that are reasonably priced? I live in Illinois, and any help would be appreciated :) Thanks all!


  4. kambingbujang Says:

    such a nice cloth diaper.


  5. Kim Says:

    Would the one size Bum Genious fit from birth until the baby is out of diapers?

    Thanks! :)


  6. wifeandmom Says:

    Oh, he looks so cute in those diapers! The Magic diaper looks so soft… Makes me so look forward to putting my newborn in cloth when she arrives. :)


  7. Autumn Beck Says:

    Bum Genius organic aio cloth diapers are a ONE SIZE diaper! They are fantastic! If you go back and read through many of my posts in the All-In-One category you will see that this diaper is/has been one of my favorite diapers. Very trim and very absorbent.

    I will be posting my Gro Baby review within the next week. BG organic are trimmer than the Gro Baby ;)

    Sterling was 8lb9oz, 22″ at birth. He is now *almost* 13lbs and is 25″ long. His length is why his legs look so skinny!

    I use an assortment of covers. The ones I use most: thirsties, blueberry minky, woollybottoms interlock, Gro Baby and Softbums shells.


  8. Stephanie Says:

    My 10wk 8Lb preemie boy fits in the BGO. its my favorite.


  9. Alexis Says:

    The BG organic AIO’s are by far the trimmest diaper I have found. I love them! They are perfect for the diaper bag.


  10. Sarah Says:

    Autumn what covers do you like best over fitteds??


  11. Liz Says:

    I love seeing all of the different dipes on the same babe! How big was your LO? My DD is 5 months and I think she is 16 lbs! She is my lightest by far but that’s ok b/c she’s my last so I can enjoy the baby stage longer! Great blog!


  12. Tina Says:

    Thanks for cheating!! ;o)
    That BG organic AIO looks really trim!! what size is it? newborn?


  13. Kristin Says:

    It appears that the Bum Genius is trimmer then the gro baby…is this the case in real life? Can’t wait for your gro baby review.


  14. Jill Says:

    LOVE these pics! I can’t believe your little guy is 13 lbs. already! His legs look so tiny. My little on is 3 months and 11 lbs., but her legs looks chunkier than his. Don’t you just love the BG Organics? They are BY FAR our trimmest diaper!

    Thanks for posting this!


  15. Candace Robinson Says:

    My baby is just about the same size. All those diapers are so cute! I REALLY want a Gro baby! But the BG looks good too… Thanks for the pics!


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