You Are Going to Love the Tidy Tots All In Two! Review and *Giveaway*


I am so excited for this opportunity to introduce you to Tidy Tots!  When I (Lisa, owner of Little For Now) told Autumn about the brand she asked me to guest write this post to share my passion for this company.

Tidy Tots are a truly unique All-In-Two cloth diaper system.  The one size cover fits babies like no other diaper on the market. Instead of rows of snaps, Tidy Tots has a patented gusset that automatically adjust the size and fit of the diaper as your baby grows. They fasten on the baby with a long lasting high quality hook and loop.


The insert which is called the No Fold Diaper is made from an organic hemp and cotton blend that snaps into the cover.   On the underside of the diaper is a slit so that boosters can be added to customize the absorbency of the diaper.  The boosters will automatically come out during the wash.


A truly unique feature of this diaper is the way they were designed to work with the flushable liners called Flushies.  Flushies are larger than most liners on the market so they cover the entire absorbent diaper and wrap underneath where they are held in place by a small patch of Velcro. The liner does not move around or bunch up while in use so it catches the waste for easy clean up.  Just dump the liner with the poop on it into the toilet and flush away!  Flushies are thin, soft and made from cornstartch.

One of my favorite features of this diaper is they come pre-washed and ready to go.  To get hemp and cotton to their full absorbency it is recommended you wash them 8-10 times.  Tidy Tots has already been prepped for you so you can use them right away!

These diapers are trim, soft, don’t leak and adorable but that is not the best part!  The values and ethics behind this company truly make them stand out.

Tidy TotsMay 23 May 24, 2012Mark McCarty

The way these diapers are manufactured has truly touched me. I am a Mom to three amazing, perfect and wonderful boys.  The older two happen to have high functioning autism and the baby has Down syndrome. Tidy Tots are manufactured in the USA in New York by a facility that hires and support adults with disabilities.  My understanding is most have developmental disabilities.  I have had several conversations both in person and on the phone with the founder, Sandra Beck (No relation to Autumn!).  She is truly passionate about giving back and helping those in need.

Tidy Tots May 23 May 24, 2012 Mark McCarty

Tidy Tots one size system fits most babies from 8lbs-40lbs.  Many special needs children need bigger as they get older and Tidy Tots makes even bigger sizes if you need it!

As a special offer to All About Cloth Diaper Readers I am offering 10% off Tidy Tots products now though September 15th.  Just enter coupon code USAmade at checkout. You can see the selection HERE!


You can also enter to WIN a Tidy Tots Great Start Diaper Set!

This Great Start Cloth Diaper Set contains:

  • 12 No Fold™ Diapers – Organic hemp super absorbent no fuss diapers that snap in with ease.
  • 8 Boosters – Organic hemp triple layer, ready to use, hemp inserts to customize absorbency.
  • 6 cute, comfortable, and No leak cloth diaper covers
  • 1 roll of 100 disposable Flushies® cloth diaper liners protects the hemp diaper from the solids; just flush away the mess.

Giveaway ends at midnight on  May 22, 2014. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below!

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About Autumn Beck

Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at

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416 Responses to “You Are Going to Love the Tidy Tots All In Two! Review and *Giveaway*”

  1. Holley Says:

    I’d try out a Tidy Tots cover and inserts, since we’re mainly an All-in-Two household and choose some Plan Toys to add to our collection.


  2. Kerri Says:

    I would buy one of the diaper packages- though I’m not sure which one!


  3. Kate Record Says:

    Thirsties hemp prefolds, A&A bamboo swaddle! So soft!


  4. erin Says:

    I would buy a few G elemental diapers, and thirsties hemp prefolds


  5. Andrea Says:

    I would buy some Thirsties diaper cream and a variety of cloth diapers such as Flats (that I’ve never tried before) and a Simplex 2.0.


  6. Taylor Says:

    oh and if I had 75$ to spend i would totally get diapers, diapers and more diapers. we are new to cloth diapering and working on our stash.


  7. Taylor Says:

    I would love this set! Always looking to trying new diapers!


  8. Stephanie Marcus Says:

    I would use it towards a Beco carrier and pay the difference. I have been dying for a baby carrier.


  9. Andrea Geuther Says:

    I would definitely get an assortment of cloth diapers w/ organic inserts and maybe some of the cute bamboobies heat shaped nursing pads! Really, that site is great!


  10. Allison Says:

    I would buy a variety of cloth diapers :)


  11. Staci Says:

    I would buy some fitteds and wool covers, don’t have any but would love to try them!


  12. Jenelle Says:

    I’d like the newborn rental package!


  13. Kari Barone Says:

    I would purchase 2 Kiwi Pie Wool covers for my son from Little for Now.


  14. Stacy F. Says:

    Phew, that was almost hard lol

    BG Sassy

    BG Albert

    BG humming bird

    CJ/s Butter Spritz

    Piggy Paint


  15. Lauren Says:

    I would buy the organic diaper sampler package!


  16. katherine Says:

    I’d get The Jane Necklace by Chewbeads, Baby Shampoo and Body Wash – Earth Mama Angel Baby, and Flip Day Pack Stay Dry – 2 Covers + 6 Inserts


  17. Jazz Slater Says:

    I would buy a freehand baby carrier.


  18. Andrea pentell wilkes Says:

    I would love this for my LO due in a week!’


  19. Bethany Burkett Says:

    I would buy diapers to build my stash :)


  20. Maria Says:

    Diapers and detergent!


  21. Elizabeth Borer Says:

    I would get diapers of course!! You can never have too many!


  22. Dawne Says:

    I bought used when I started my stash, but I would love to get some OsoCosy flats and a KiwiPie wool cover with Snappis. I was only able to find AIOs and 2IOs when I bought my used ones and would love to try flats.


  23. Beth Heystek Says:

    These look amazing. I’m having a little one in June and extra gussets would be awesome.


  24. Andrea buretta Says:

    4 thirsties duo wraps
    3 hemp doublers


  25. Devon J Says:

    I would try a sampler package. Cloth diapering intimidated me with my first two… but I am pregnant with my 3rd and would love to make it happen this time around.


  26. Kylie K. Says:

    I’d buy a few cloth diapers! I’m trying to build my stash!


  27. Amy Perez Says:

    diapers, diapers, and more diapers :)


  28. Linda Says:

    I would buy more diapers since two of my children are currently using cloth and I only have 13 diapers and I would also buy a cjs diaper cream.


  29. Melynda Says:

    I would buy the boba Air Baby Carrier!


  30. Christina M Says:

    I’m really interested in baby wearing so I would get a carrier.


  31. Krista B. Says:

    I would buy some BG freetimes and some fitteds


  32. Amanda Temple Says:

    I would buy Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy and a blueberry bamboo pocket!


  33. Rae Says:

    I would probably spend the $75 on some super cute diapers!!


  34. Abbie Says:

    I’d be very interested to try these tidy tots. I haven’t tried an all in 2 yet.


  35. Jillian R. Says:

    I’d get a variety of a few cloth diapers. Buy all the diapers, right? ;)


  36. Fidiya Says:

    I’d get the pail deodorizer and mei tai.


  37. Nicole Bear Says:

    I would get a few AIOs. I have been wanting to try them.


  38. Amy k brown Says:

    Would love to have a real cd system. I’ve been winging it


  39. Kristina Says:

    I would by new Flip covers in girly colors to replace the ones that worked so well for over 2 years on my son. :)


  40. Courtney Says:

    I’d get a Boba carrier :)


  41. Sarah Says:

    I’d buy diaper detergent and some wool… so interested in trying out wool!


  42. kristina Says:

    I would put it towards a boba baby carrier. I could really use one while I volunteer.


  43. Katie Says:

    I am just starting cloth diapering so would get some Bumgenius 4.0 and Freetime to add to my collection.


  44. Rachel Says:

    How great! Two Leslie wetbags, earth mama angel baby butter and a canvas tote for it all! :)


  45. Sandra Ambroise Says:

    I would get a Mei Tai carrier :)


  46. Jennica M Says:

    I would have to get a couple covers, especially the elephants and maybe a newborn diaper or two for baby 2.0 due in January.


  47. Jennifer Says:

    I would get a few more bumGenius 4.0s since they fit my 2 year old perfectly and some more inserts for stuffing them for overnight diapers :)


  48. Lauren Says:

    Oh my goodness it was difficult narrowing down the choices. I could spend a fortune on that site!! Ended up needing to make a wishlist. :) I decided on the flip travel pack, the bluberry wet/dry tote bag, and the super undies pocket training pants currently on clearance. That’s right at $75, so I’ll foot the shipping ;) lol


  49. misa Says:

    Never seen these diapers before – this is a great giveaway!

    From Little for Now – there are some awesome developmental toys. I like Plan Toys and Dandelion.


  50. Kendra Says:

    I would get a Boba carrier. Been drooling over them for so long!


  51. Tamera Westhoff Says:

    A pail liner and a diaper sprayer!


  52. Lauryn Says:

    I would buy cloth diapers to start my stash!


  53. Stormy Reyes Says:

    I would get the organic sampler package. It is totally out of our budget but I still want them for my baby.


  54. Chrissy B. Says:

    I’d buy a pail liner, a wetbag, and some diaper covers.


  55. Shecki @ Greatly Blessed Says:

    A pack of Bambo Nature diapers, since I haven’t tried those, and I’m curious how they stack up against natural brands I’ve used; the Cat in the Hat bib; a flying disc for playing OUTSIDE; and 2 panda GroVia diapers.


  56. Sarah Hayes Says:

    i buy the green toys tea set and pizza parlor


  57. Katie L Says:

    I would get diaper covers, maybe a diaper or two, and an undercover mama nursing tank.


  58. annie reidelbach Says:

    I would put it towards a become carrier… My current carrier isn’t a ceitch dangler, but it is close…


  59. Christine M Says:

    aden and anais Muslin Dream Blanket and sleep sack


  60. Rita Topper Says:

    I would spend the $75 on Applecheeks covers in colours I don’t have yet, and some bamboo inserts.


  61. Delacey Says:

    I would put $75 towards a Boba carrier, or I would get a couple of Blueberry AIO diapers.


  62. Krystle Willmore Says:

    I would get the “Live the earth” canvas tote and some Grovia cloth wipes!


  63. Sierra Santiago Says:

    This would be amazing!


  64. Alanna Lee Says:

    After reading this I would try these diapers! I’d try the essentials package.


  65. Kara m Says:

    I’d get an aden & anais dream blanket!!


  66. Amber Musselman Says:

    I would buy a planet wise extra large hanging wet bag and a flip organic day pack!


  67. Gabrielle Laha Says:

    I would probably by a sprayer and cloth wipes or wetbags. :)


  68. Kera Adams Says:

    I would buy some BG Elementals


  69. michele thrasher Says:

    Some bumgenius cds and earth mama products!


  70. Shannon Ropp Says:

    I need some new inserts for my BG diapers.


  71. Tiffinie Says:

    Would love to try the all in two system, currently have pockets, flats and prefolds.


  72. liz Says:

    I’d buy swaddle blankets, diapers of course, and some teethers


  73. Tressy Says:

    I would get more prefold and AIO dipes :-) and a diaper sprayer.


  74. Jamie Says:

    These diapers look great! What wonderful options!


  75. Mama Rachael Says:

    I’d get water bottles and reusable snack bags. the convertible sippy/straw cup looks like a ton of fun, too!


  76. Colleen Maurina Says:

    I would spend it all on diapers such as Tidy Tots, bumGenius Freetime and GroVia for my new grandson who is due soon. My daughter plans to use only cloth diapers.


  77. Chelsea Says:

    Totally need to try ai2 system instead of just pockets!!


  78. loribeth Says:

    I would buy cloth diapers!


  79. Laura Says:

    As I’m expecting I’d use this to start my stash, I need a sprayer yet and then inserts.


  80. Jennifer Says:

    I’d probably get emab shampoo, an ecoposh wool cover, and a couple kissaluvs hybrid os contour diapers!


  81. Staci Says:

    These look adorable!


  82. Emily H Says:

    I would spend the money on diapers and a diaper sprayer.


  83. Jessica Romito Says:

    Wow! This would be awesome to try out a different system than pockets.


  84. Rachel Says:

    I’d get 3 grovia aios! Pudge, drift, and surf!


  85. Kirsty Says:

    I would use the money to buy as many of the tidy tot nappies I could get and then some!! These nappies look amazing and so well made. I’d wish I had seen these earlier when I first started on cloth!


  86. Christina W Says:

    Those boosters and inserts look incredible!! I’d get a bunch of those!


  87. brandy Anderson Says:

    A flip diaper day pack.


  88. Miranda Welle Says:

    A whole bunch of Rockin Green Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer 30 loads.


  89. Kelly Says:

    Some melissa and Doug toys for sure!


  90. Brenda Abeyta Says:

    Moby wrap uv Sun protection baby carrier…pretty awesome!!!!


  91. Karissa Oien Says:

    Diapers and toys :)


  92. Kara M Says:

    I would love to win these. They sound perfect for my little guy– I am having trouble finding a great fitting cloth diaper!


  93. Maria Babushkina Says:

    These diapers look amazing and I am looking forward to trying them out with my new baby in couple month. Cloth diapering will be a new experience for me, but I think with diapers like Tidy Tots it will be a smooth learning experience.


  94. Bethany Says:

    Rockin’ Green Detergent and Melissa & Doug toys


  95. Megan Says:



  96. abigail morris Says:

    Diaper because my little guy needs some more (his are in pretty bad shape) and some mama pads.


  97. Connie Says:

    I would get the undercover mama nursing tank and a few bum genus 4.0s


  98. Chelsea Says:

    A diaper sprayer for sure!!


  99. Mia h. Says:

    I would get the bravado nursing tank as well as any of the earth mamma angel baby products.


    • Heather Heslep Morrissey Says:

      I would buy a Sampler Package of Happy Heinys and one Thirsties One size Due Wrap.


  100. Julie Says:

    I’d buy some Ruby Moon & Rockin’ Green detergent and whatever wooden toys like Melissa & Doug I can get.



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